WFILTU Chapter 121 – Rejection I

No matter how stupid she was, she knew that Xue Jiao could not live together with Li Shu’s son, Hongyi!

Hongyi is such a rascal character. It can’t be that in the end, Hongyi doesn’t learn well, yet Xue Jiao has learned worse!

After all, before, Xue Jiao……

What if Hongyi turns Xue Jiao into her original “taimei” look?


Li Shu is an extremely slick person reader, once she saw her expression, she immediately knew what she was thinking of. She looked at her and said: “Sitong, I think this idea is really good! Even a person like Yi Dafa knows to place his son next to Xue Jiao, it’s probably because your daughter really knows how to carry others!”

Li Sitong smiled strainedly: “How would Xue Jiao understand these. She only knows how to diligently study, reading books mechanically. She does not understand how to teach others at all!”

Li Shu even stopped playing mahjong. She placed the tile she just grabbed aside, and walked gently to Li Sitong, pulling her hand, and whispered——

“Younger sister is better than older sister at teaching children. How do you normally communicate with children? Whenever I talk to Hongyi, he would roll his eyes at me, and then ignore me. His father would beat him instead. However, if a child has a problem, you can’t always use beating him to solve the problem, right? “

“Yes, you can’t often beat children.” Li Sitong’s voice is bitter and astringent. It is because she hit Xue Jiao, so the child is not close to her at all!

Don’t look at how Xue Jiao and her seem to be getting along perfectly fine. In fact, she can clearly feel the alienation and difference radiating off the other.

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“Can you explain clearly to older sister, how do you truly educate a child?” As Li Shu was speaking, the rims of her eyes reddened, “I really don’t have any more ways! I used all the ways already!”

Li Sitong looked at the woman in front of her and felt a little uncomfortable. Her current appearance really seemed like the original her.

Helpless, overwhelmed, suspicious, painful……

“Sister Li, I really don’t know. Xue Jiao seems to have become a changed person after her bet with Mingjiao!” She paused and said, “Her Uncle Cheng said, that you have to place trust in the child, praise the child, and don’t criticize her all the time!”

Li Shu was slightly stunned, and then said, “So it was like this……his father always yells at him, and I will only criticize him……”

She seemed at her wit’s end. Li Sitong seems to see herself from back then. At that time, she also stared at the messy Xue Jiao at her wit’s end.

She couldn’t help patting her: “Change your temperament, and communicate more with your child.”


Li Shu suddenly raised her head: “No! Hongyi already cannot be spoken sense into. His dad can’t even control his behavior anymore, and I can’t control my ramblings to him. Sitong, I really feel very terrible. “

“I understand. I understand. I used to be like this too.” Li Sitong tearfully cried.

“Yes, yes, you understand me. When the child doesn’t listen, even if I guard him every day, I’m unable to guard him!”

Is it not? Wasn’t Xue Jiao like this before too?

She scolded, beaten, and justified. Yet, each time, she only pushed the person farther and farther!

Li Sitong became more and more visibly moved.

Li Shu tugged her hand, carrying some begging, “Sitong, I know you’re worried about placing Xue Jiao at my house. I can’t manage Hongyi, so I will send Hongyi to your house temporarily!”

“Ah?” Li Sitong was stunned.

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  3. I am always surprised by MC’s mother non existent IQ

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  8. She could really just say “I’m sorry but since this involves Xue Jiao, my husband, and (the other kid, I forget his name lol) I have to hear their opinion first. I will get back to you after I know their say on this matter”

    • I think there’s a high chance she would said it. Even if she sympathize with her now and hasn’t thought enough for GXJ so far, she always think enough for her husband and Cheng Mingzhe.

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