WFILTU Chapter 122 – Rejection II

Li Shu still tightly held her hand, tearfully crying: “Xue Jiao needs to study hard. If you are worried, then I’ll send the child over during winter vacation. You have two excellent children in your house, and you and Cheng Shuo also really know how to teach. At that time, you can personally take care of Xue Jiao every day, so Hongyi will definitely be unable to change Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze for the worst!”

Li Sitong still hesitated, as she always felt that there was something wrong.

“Sitong, just take it as Sister begging you. If you are afraid of difficulties, then he can live at your place during winter vacation for a few days. If you are unhappy, you can solve it with one phone call, and I will immediately bring Hongyi away! You can treat him as a regular family relatives child who is staying over for a few days!”

Li Shu has good reasoning. Li Sitong opens up her mouth and doesn’t know what to say.

Madam Chang sighed: “Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard. Sitong, you should just bring Hongyi over. At that time, you will be home every day to watch. Nothing will happen. If Hongyi doesn’t sheath his sword at your place, you can just send him back.”

“That’s right, sister-in-law. You wouldn’t not want to help Sister Li right? I remember that your home is pretty big. You can’t even house a child?” Liu Yazhen said with a smile in a meaningful tone.

Li Sitong opened her mouth. It was probably Li Shu’s helpless act that touched her. She said, “Then ok.”


“I don’t agree!” Li Sitong didn’t expect that when she finished talking about what happened today, the first person who disagreed was Cheng Shuo.

On the contrary, Xue Jiao only frowned and did not speak.

“I also don’t agree.” Cheng Mingze also had a serious attitude.

Li Sitong opened her mouth, a little bit inexplicable: “He will only live here during the winter holidays. The nanny and I will also be home every day. There are no worries, right? He won’t turn the children for the worst, right?”

“Muddle headed!”

It was rare that Cheng Shuo was angry with Li Sitong.

“What?” Li Sitong looks at a loss.

“You don’t think anything’s going to happen at home, so nothing really happens?” Cheng Shuo’s face was flushed with anger. “Their ages are similar. Bai Hongyi is an adult. Xue Jiao is outstanding. Bai Hongyi is not a good guy! It’s impossible to learn anything! “

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“I will be at home everyday to watch, and won’t let Xue Jiao leave my sight……” Li Sitong continued to say, still at a loss. She could not imagine why everyone is so opposed to Bai Hongyi living over for a few days.

“Not afraid of thieves, but afraid of thieves’ thinking.” Cheng Mingze suddenly frowned and said, looking at Li Sitong, with a face full of disapproval.

“Yes, this is the logic! If you let Bai Hongyi live in, what if people like him affect Xue Jiao? Or what if he remembers our Jiao Jiao. You can watch for the winter holidays, but can you watch out for a lifetime?! ” Cheng Shuo pulled at his tie.

Cheng Mingze also nodded: “I also know Bai Hongyi this person. He is not the same type of person as Xue Jiao. It’s better if they don’t know each other.”

“But……I have already promised……” Hearing the analysis, Li Sitong was frightened and regret flashed in her eyes.


“Why did you not think about it more today? How can you casually agree to it? Our family has one who is about to take the college entrance examination, and the other is a beautiful young girl. How can you agree to let that kind of person live here? !” Cheng Shuo is a little frustrated.

Li Sitong was aggrieved, and her voice became lower: “Li Shu has been continuously begging me. I see her helplessness and pain are almost the same as mine at the beginning, so I couldn’t endure, and my heart softened. Their family really can’t teach children……”

“Even so, they don’t require our family to teach.” Cheng Mingze faintly said, “We are now in a complicated situation. These two years are all important days.”

It was impossible for him to agree to let such a trash looking man live in his house, and then approach his obedient and cute…… sister.

Xue Jiao didn’t speak during the whole process. The two men had already blocked back and explained the key point to Li Sitong.

To be honest, her stepfather……really is like a father.

Brother…… is also really like a brother today……

“Then how should I refuse her now? I already agreed……” Li Sitong understood the inconvenience now and regretted that she had agreed arbitrarily today, but what she felt worse about now was how to refuse in the end?

“You can just say that the children have school during winter vacation. It’s not very convenient for Hongyi to move in and he also won’t be able to learn anything..” Cheng Shuo frowned and said it like so.

“Will we offend Li Shu? You still need to work together with Boss Bai? ” Li Sitong looked worried. Boss Bai is Cheng Shuo’s first party this time. If this matter is not handled properly, Cheng Shuo will be in trouble.

Cheng Shuo sighed: “There’s no trouble. The doors are open to doing business. They can’t just affect business due to personal affairs.”

His mouth comforts everyone’s heart, but it’s also his real thoughts that his own daughter requires their own affections. No matter how important business is, can it be as important as his own daughter?*

*wow, this line, this line is everything

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  1. XJ’s mother is so weak
    instead of trying to mend their already broken relationship, she only thinks what other would think about her, muddle-headed

    • I really hated her. My mother also a strict one and loved reputation. But she isn’t as crazy as her that will put hands and invited strange boy into her home that had teenage daughter. My mom loved reputation of good parents that can teach good child (me) and good parents with good gene for beautiful child (my sister). But when someone said “huh, what use is good brain but no beauty” or “what use is beauty but no brain” to either of us, she won’t even had time to “feel ashamed” as she will roll her sleeve and start firing others’ children shortcoming. She won’t ever let us be slighted by others. People that put emphasis on reputation usually pays heaps of attention to others’ home situation, but Li Sitong did not! Usually like Liu Yazhen. I really can’t understand the way this Li Sitong’s brain works.

  2. A plus father. He also didn’t judge her during the… OG girl’s phase.
    Many thanks

  3. To be honest, I feel like I can understand her mother a little (she sees the other mother just like she used to be) but I completely agree that she shouldn’t have let the other boy over, she knew that this may cause problems or negatively affect her daughter but was pressured because of face. Thumbs up to step father and bro.

    • I agree. My mom used to tell me about my eldest bro when he was teenager and a young servant girl who work at our house as my mom and dad who are both teachers were busy. Both bro and the girl were like close friends that my dad and mom kept going home to “guard” them even though they are good children 🤣🤣🤣. Thankfully the school was nearby.

  4. god after reading about so many terrible fathers (and seeing sitong being still weak-willed and easily influenced), cheng shuo is like a god among men. seriously, what a great dad! i wonder if it’s because he’s a stepfather, but i feel like he sees and considers XJ’s situation a lot more clearly than sitong. which i’m grateful for, because then there’s at least ONE adult in XJ’s life who is reliable but jeez… it makes sitong look even more disappointing

    thanks for the update!

  5. Thanks for the chapter! I’m a little disappointed with how brainless Li Sitong is… having said that, I suppose the fact she is a person who acts more due to emotion than logic, and that she still feels insecure in her social circle due to her divorce and remarriage can attribute to her poor choices. Thank goodness, the rest of the family are more sensible!

  6. Sometimes I really want to slap that woman
    Come one wake up !!!
    What does others suffering has anything to do with you ??
    It is no wonder that original owner was a rebellious child with a mother like her
    And I guess the only good thing that mother have done I guess it is to marry her stepdad

  7. To be honest, I ubderstand why Li Sitong agrees..but she should have said that she need to consult to her husband and children about it rather than deciding it her self..she become a selfish person in my eyes now..who keeps thinking about herself. A self-centered person who only knows to throw reasons out the window. 🙄

    She is a mother who acts like a stepmother towards Xuejiao…

    How I wish Xuejiao grows old soon so that she can decide what she will do without the hindrance of her so called mother 🤦🏻

    This Li Sitong is soo disappointing..she is just like the homeroom teacher of Xuejiao who knows how to listen to rumor 🙄🤦🏻

    Thanks for the chapter 😘

  8. He’s the best dad. Praise to him!!
    Li Sitong, tell your husband that his sister instigated all of this. You’re hopelessly concerned about face and whatnot, but he’s able to handle his family resolutely. He’s the best help you can get!!
    I would say, if that guy is a problem, add others. Make it a study session with her, the brother, the second male lead and some earnest people. Then he will be intimidated into behaving!
    Thank you for the chapters!!

  9. Good to see they have an actual adult in the house
    Its kinda funny that stepdad has all along been the one treating Xuejiao proper while her mom cant wait to help dig her grave

  10. Honestly, she could have replied that she would ask her daughter first or that she will think about it, and discuss it with the family. I just can’t deal with this spineless lady. But I do like her step father, he really is the best

  11. Li Sitong isn’t a bad person, but she’s definitely a bad mother. She isn’t even the type who does what she thinks is best, even if misguided- she’ll do something that she knows will harm her children so that she doesn’t have to face embarrassment. That’s just really disappointing.

    It really is sad to see that Cheng Shuo treats Xuejiao better than her own mother. I get that Li Sitong has her own insecurities and a weak personality, but I really can’t help but shake my head at her. If one can excuse her actions by saying that she’s in a tenuous position and needs to please others, then Cheng Shuo’s line at the end, where he decisively gives up business opportunities without thinking in order to protect his daughter, really makes him shine all the more. I’m glad she has at least this adult figure in her life.

    • the best thing her mother did as a mother was marry this father

  12. Dump the weak “mother” and keep that stepfather 🤨 He’s the real parent, thinking about the child first and doesn’t care about what outsiders think or feel 🙏

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

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  14. They say once you have a step father you have a step mother too or vice versa. In our girl’s case her mom sucks and her step father and brother are really laying the care on think now especially that she has changed for the better! Get with the program mom your daughter comes before the needs of strangers!!

  15. Sigh.there is so moany things wrong with accepting a stranger’s kid not from your family along with bad reputation like a playboy to live with a weak young girl😥even if not weak,already can see how bad it can get.especially with how dirty minded and not listening to parents.I would rather make a valud excuse than letting my daughter go through that

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  17. Uncle Cheng is the best dad Like guys I am tearing up this is the man that will walk our JiaoJiao down the aisle and He should be blessed with many grandchildrens and as many years as an oak tree yahyah this is true fatherhood T-T he isnt the step dad he is the Dad that Stepped Up

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