WFILTU Chapter 123 – Rejection III

Xue Jiao had a slight understanding of what he thought, and she became soft in her heart.

She opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but Cheng Shuo raised his hand to stop her and gave her a slight smile.

“Ok, that’s it for today. You two should hurry and head to bed. Your mother and I will solve this tomorrow.”

Xue Jiao doesn’t speak anymore. Cheng Shuo’s tone obviously portrays that he made a decision.

“Husband, what to do ah? If I said that our children are making up lessons, she will certainly know that it’s a pretext. Also, what if they want to send Bai Hongyi together to make-up lessons?” Li Sitong looks tangled.

Cheng Shuo opens the quilt and slides in bed with a sigh——

“I don’t plan on doing what you said. According to the condition of their family’s only seedling, Li Shu will definitely depend on Jiao Jiao this time.”

“Ah?” Li Sitong’s face suddenly changed, expressing fear.

“So you can only say that Xue Jiao is young and beautiful. Mingze also needs to take the college entrance exam in the next half of the year, so others can’t live in our house in the meantime.” Cheng Shuo lies down.

“Ah? Isn’t that directly offending others? “

“We can only offend others, otherwise, we won’t be able to prevent future troubles.” Cheng Shuo finished speaking, and then paused for a moment, “What kind of matters are second younger sister-in-law stirring up all day long!”


Li Sitong also harbored resentment: “She definitely doesn’t want to see me or Jiao Jiao live well!”

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong didn’t sleep well tonight, and Gu Xuejiao also couldn’t sleep.

She flipped out her cell phone and then paused again.

She seems to be a little too dependent on Lin Zhihua. Any time she had any troubles, she would immediately look for him……

The man’s thought was particularly outstanding, and his mind seemed to be broad-minded as if there was nothing difficult for him to reach in this world.

Xue Jiao felt that she shouldn’t just ask him everything anymore, hence, she placed down her phone.

At this time, the other head seems to have telepathy, and her phone vibrates slightly——

【Lin Zhihua: good night.jpg】

Xue Jiao looked at the interface for a long time before replying——

【Good night.】

In an instant, a message came——

【What’s the matter? What troubles have you met?】

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Xue Jiao stared with round eyes, her face incredulous——

【How do you know?!】

The other side replied——

【You’ve been typing for a long time, yet you only responded to me with two words.】

Xue Jiao was slightly stunned and was unable to hold back, so she still spilled it——

【There’s something weighing on my mind, but I don’t know if I should ask you or not……】

Lin Zhihua frowned slightly on the other side of the phone. It seems that he is not good enough……

To the point that although Xue Jiao had some difficulties, she didn’t know whether to ask him or not……

【Lin Zhihua: What illusion have I given you that you can’t ask me for help even if you had questions?】

Xuejiao froze again and then laughed.


It seems to be true. He has always treated her very friendly and helped her to solve all her difficulties, and even helped her to outline.

If it was said out loud, people would probably not believe it. In this world, the person she trusts the most is not her birth mom or dad, nor was it her stepfather, who treated her the best. Instead, it was the person on the other side of this phone……

Her fingers typed away, explaining the situation from this evening.

【What should I do? My mother has already agreed. I feel that if they really refuse, agreeing and repenting, may offend the other party. Then Uncle Cheng might lose a lot.】

Although Cheng Shuo didn’t say it, she could see something from Li Sitong’s worried expression.

He doesn’t care, but Xue Jiao does.

For her, her stepfather would give up his own interests, causing her to feel guilty.

Lin Zhihua’s brain has never let her down. After a moment, there was a reply.

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  2. Her birth father gave up her for interest and now her new dad is giving up interest for her T-T I love this uncle

    • Same.

      Also what a Moron Mother. So obvious that they’re scheming against her and her daughter but can’t even say no. In almost every culture, a young girl’s virtue is one of the biggest things you have to protect, and they even suggested sending MC to live with a known hooligan! Jfc

      • I don’t think getting JiaoJiao to go there was the goal. It’s a negotiation tactic you throw something unacceptable out and backtrack to get your actual goal through.

        But yes Sitong is very disappointing – it’s not even necessary to see through all potential problems seeing that her sister-in-law was there should have been enough reason to find an excuse out.

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