SOOEW Chapter 97 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XX

Although the small wolf dog has been taken to the military camp to fight and fall, he comes back every new year. On his birthday, Wen Ying ordered him to return home, so he returned to the mansion two days earlier than Shao Yifeng.

Ever since he was ten years old, he has not slept in the same bed as Wen Ying. Wen Ying chose another room for him. As he didn’t care, all the decoration placed inside was designed by her. She especially set up a glass cabinet against the wall, which is used to place watches and other equipment for his entertainment. Now there is an extra pistol inside it, Browning / 9mm□□*, which is the gift Commander Shao gave him after he saw his amazing assembling talent.

*□□ – author used □□ in original text

When Wen Ying came to his door to knock, she heard the sound of running water inside, and she opened the door and walked in.

Shao Tingyu was taking a bath. She turned the handle of the bathroom and said, “Did you go to exercise early in the morning?

As soon as the bathroom door was half-opened, the boy had no time to wipe his body, so he crouched down in the corner.

“Mother……don’t come in. ” He opposed.

Wen Ying suddenly realized something, pursed her lips, and chuckled, “Is our Xiao Hu shy?”

He was silent.

Wen Ying considerately retired outside, and waited for him in the room.

After a while, the bathroom door was pushed open.

In the time period of three years, the little boy’s height has reached the same height as Wen Ying. He was in his pajamas, his hair soft and obedient to his head. Because his pupil is darker, it seems bigger than others, quietly watching the appearance of others and paying special attention.

Wen Ying saw that his hair was dripping, so she took the towel in his hand, and wiped his hair for him, “I told you to sleep more. If boys don’t sleep more at this stage, they won’t grow tall, don’t you know?”


Wen Ying helped him dry his hair, and saw that he hasn’t opened his mouth ever since sitting on the chair, so she felt a little strange. She couldn’t help squatting down, “What’s wrong with Xiao Hu today? You don’t want to talk?”

He thought about it for a while and stressed, “……I’m showering, mother shouldn’t enter.”

“Ok, I see.” She endured her smile, and briskly agreed, but saw him still having a sullen appearance, “What else?”


Their lines of sight met, then he tilted his head, and slowly enunciated: “Ugly sounding, don’t want to speak……”

The sound of a juvenile’s voice maturing is hard and hoarse, and is indeed unpleasant sounding.

Wen Ying “Puchi” laughed.

She still remembers that when the small wolf dog began to grow his teeth in, he said “ugly, don’t want to speak”, and persistently did not speak. She had to tease him until he opened his mouth, and then he blocked his mouth with his hand, and spoke at the speed of light, then closed it again.

He is very persistent and persevering in this respect.

“It takes a year to change the voice completely. Is Xiao Hu going to stop speaking to me for a year?” Wen Ying pretended to sigh, “Ai, I’m so sad.”

Shao Tingyu focused his sight on her body, saw her sad appearance, then stretched out his hand, and gently touched her head.

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In the evening, a birthday party was also held. However, because Shao Tingyu’s identity was different from Shao Yifeng, and adding on his own requirements, Commander Shao, who loves his face*, did not hold a big banquet. Instead, he invited his uncles and brothers and other relatives. They did not come here to celebrate, but rather, found a reason to get together and conduct a mutual exchange of necessary products.

*face- reputation

But after all, it’s a banquet for the commander’s family. For Shao Gutian’s face, the people still treated Shao Tingyu, this younger generation very kindly. It is said that he has been training in the army now, and even more, they praise the tiger father for having not begetting a dog son*.

*A brave and outstanding father will not produce a waste of a son

When Shao Yifeng settled in his seat, the praise was like turning the wind direction and rushing towards him again. It seemed more like his birthday party.


Wen Ying originally wanted to comfort the small wolf dog, but when she turned her head, she saw him quietly slurping the noodles she cooked. When he saw her look over, he dubiously tilted his head, then smiled without speaking a word.

The next day, the porter reported that Miss Mi came to visit, and she invited the other to go to the small garden for tea.

That place was open, and there was no place to hide, so it was convenient for them to hold a conversation.

Mi Xi first took out a gift with exquisite packaging and placed it on the small table. “It’s said that it was the birthday of your family’s small one yesterday, so this is for him.”

Wen Ying informed Ying Cao over to collect it, and conveniently brought her away, “What did you come today for?”

Ever since that time where their identity was called out, the other party has to visit every few months. This is a surprise in other people’s eyes. Even Shao Ge Tian is confused. He doesn’t understand how the mistress had the ability to seduce the main wife, but he is happy to see it succeed.

Only the two of them knew what they were doing.

Mi Xi made a deal with her the first time she came to visit. She had done many tasks and also fought with many with the same role as her, the special judge of the fallen envoys. She didn’t say the result, but Wen Ying also guessed that if she lost, how could 21 ask her to come again.

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