WFILTU Chapter 124 – Final Exam I

Lin Zhihua didn’t directly say how to deal with it. Instead, he gave her an analysis first——

【Liu Yazhen is both vicious and cruel. What she said today completely grasped Li Shu’s mind. Behind her back, she will certainly instill in Li Shu the benefits of letting her son learn from you. Li Shu loves her son so much that she can’t give up if she doesn’t know if it’s useful or useless. If you want your Cheng family not to offend them at all, you can’t refuse her son’s request to move in.】

【Ah? So he really would live with us? There won’t be any bad effects?】

Lin Zhihua knocked his finger against the table. In fact, this matter is very easy to solve. He puts a little pressure on the Bai family, or shows his kindness to the Cheng family. Even if they refuse, the Bai family would dare not make trouble.

But……Xue Jiao is not willing. Obviously, the solution that she needs is one that she can solve by herself.

Hence, Lin Zhihua replied——

【There definitely would be. Liu Yazhen will use her ability to calculate means that it will certainly have a great influence. And obviously, Bai Hongyi is not someone that Li Shu can’t manage, but rather, she’s unwilling to manage him. He’s lawless. You can’t live with him. ]

Xue Jiao is completely dumbfounded. So they can’t refuse yet they also can’t live together?

Then, Lin Zhihua sent a message over. Xue Jiao took a glance at it and immediately laughed.

That’s right oh! How could she forget this stubble!


The next morning, Xue Jiao went downstairs.

While yawning, Li Sitong heads to the kitchen to serve breakfast for them.

“Hurry up and eat. You guys are a little late today.”

Cheng Shuo also came out of his room at this time, and said, “Jiao Jiao and Mingze should eat first. After eating, you should head to school quickly. I will be heading out late today.”

“Ok.” Cheng Mingze nods.

Xue Jiao quickly finishes her breakfast and looks at Li Sitong.

“Mom, don’t refuse Aunt Li Shu.”

“Ah?” Li Sitong is stunned.

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Cheng Shuo, who was washing his hands, rushed out and said anxiously, “don’t worry about this Jiao Jiao. Your uncle and your mother will solve it.”

Cheng Shuo thought that Xue Jiao wanted to aggrieve herself in order to preserve the relationship between the two families.

Even Cheng Mingze said with disapproval: “That’s right, leave this situation up to dad and Aunt Li to solve.”

“That’s not it.” Xue Jiao shook her head. “I’ll let him move in because my brother and I won’t live at home during winter vacation.”


Xue Jiao looked at Cheng Mingze and said with a smile, “Can you pass the first round of the math contest?”

Cheng Mingze was stunned for a moment, and immediately understood: “That’s right, Xue Jiao and I are going to participate in the winter camp!”


Li Sitong blinked and then said, “Then I’ll tell her you’re going to the winter camp? This way, she can’t do anything either! “

Yet Xue Jiao shook her head thinking in her heart how could this situation be so simple.

Hence, she relayed what Lin Zhihua told her: “It’s not such a simple thing. If we tell her this, she will surely think about sending her son here in the future. If we don’t extinguish her idea, it will happen again sooner or later.”

“Then what should we do?” Li Sitong asked.

Xue Jiao chuckled: “then let’s let him move in after my brother and I head out. We won’t meet him. You guys should watch him strictly to make sure he doesn’t want to come over again. Aunt Li Shu can’t send him here by force!”

“I think this can be done!” Li Sitong’s eyes brightened.

Even Cheng Shuo nodded: “This idea can be done, but can you guys guarantee your entrance into the winter camp?”

Cheng Mingze nodded: “I have no problem.”

Xue Jiao swallowed the last bite of bread: “I also have no problem.”

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