WFILTU Chapter 125 – Final Exam II

After solving Li Sitong’s promise, the time for the final exam is approaching. Xue Jiao’s attention is focused on the final exam and teaching Yi Tianyu.

“Not bad, your math and reasoning are very good. As long as you don’t make too many mistakes, there will be no problem at all.”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes brightened: “liberated? !”

Xue Jiao who was originally staring at the paper, raised her head and glanced at him: “You haven’t even taken the exam yet, what are you liberating for. Today, you will begin to recite Chinese dictation and English fixed sentence patterns! “

“Ah?” As soon as he heard English and Chinese, Yi Tianyu’s head drooped.

Xue Jiao handed him a booklet with a frozen expression, “Start by reciting these. All of it”

Then she opened the book and began to recite.

Even if she is already familiar with it, Xue Jiao still carefully observes each word. The points deducted in Chinese dictation are all points that should not be lost.

Yi Tianyu held the booklet and was stunned.

After a moment, with a wail, he opened the booklet.

The neat handwriting on it is extremely beautiful. Yi Tianyu thought about the fact that the girl next to him wrote down these things conscientiously……

He bowed his head and recited it carefully.


Last night, after reviewing a set of comprehensive problems, Yi Tianyu stares at the booklet, 

and his eyes begin to diverge.

Slowly, his eyelids began to fall.

Then, again, slowly, his head also follows to fall. It seemed as if his head was about to make intimate contact with the tabletop.


Xue Jiao’s Chinese textbooks hit his forehead. Yi Tianyu suddenly looks up and stares at his girl.

Awkwardly, he scratched his head and said with a smile: “Heiheihei…continue to recite, continue to recite!”


At noon, after a math class was the time to eat. Yi Tianyu turned around and wanted to head to the canteen.

From behind came the voice of Xue Jiao: “Yi Tianyu!”

He looked back: “What’s the matter?”

Xue Jiao said: “The reeds are as tough as silk.”

Yi Tianyu subconsciously replied: “While the stone will never move.”

“Alright, go eat.”


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After eating, while preparing for chemistry class.

A voice transmitted from the side: “Yi Tianyu!”

“Arrived!” He subconsciously answered.

“Like pelting rain, the bass strings give a deep and raucous timbre.”

“Like a whisper, the treble strings spring a light and gentle tone。”

As soon as his words landed, the teacher came into the classroom——

“Alright, students, let’s continue to review.”


In the morning, Yi Tianyu just arrived in the classroom.

“For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart.”

He subconsciously opened his mouth: “but we do not check the hearts of the people.”

Xue Jiao’s Chinese text hit his head: “Wrong! Look for me later during self-study to recite the full text again!”

“Ah? This whatever Xi, whatever Fu, is too tongue twisting!”

Yi Tianyu’s face was ugly to the point that it was unsightly, and he howled: “Li Sao, Li Sao! How can you be so coquettish!”

Xue Jiao had no expression: “twice.”


“I’ll recite. I’ll recite!”


Finally, he held out his days like this until the final exam.

Xue Jiao leaned against the back cabinet and took the water that Yi Tianyu poured for her, totally unconcerned.

“Why aren’t you nervous?” Yi Tianyu had a depressed and bitter smile.

If he didn’t work hard, then it’s nothing. Once he worked hard, he’s afraid that his achievements would be unsatisfactory. Then his efforts till now were all a waste!

He had never tried so hard in his life. Just based on tutors, he had invited four alone. Although he felt that no one could teach as well as Xue Jiao, nor did they help him as much as Xue Jiao.

“What is there to be tense about?” Xue Jiao shoots a look at him, “Are you distrusting me?”

Yi Tianyu knocked on the cabinet with his head: “ah, ah, ah, ah! It’s a distrust of myself!”


After a moment, Xue Jiao patted him on the shoulder: “……Work hard.”

Although the hand was only patted on his shoulder, it seemed to inject some strength into him.

Yi Tianyu holds his head high and stepped closer to his own examination room——

Work hard ah, Yi Tianyu!!!

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Father Yi and Mother Yi go inside their son’s bedroom to wake him up only to witness their son reciting poems in his dream. Maybe at that point they would stop Tianyu to study hard or else he would become too crazy 😂

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  2. Espero que Tu Tianyu não sofra demais quando descobrir que não há possibilidade de Xue Jiao ficar com ele

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