SOOEW Chapter 99 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXII

Shao Yifeng returned to the commander’s mansion, took off his gloves and threw them to the servant. Seeing the dim house that was usually brightly lit, yet there was still light in the hall, he casually asked the servant, “Is mother sleeping?”

The servant respectfully took the gloves and replied, “Yes, Madam returned to her room to rest, but she specially ordered us to leave a light for you.”

“……I see. ” He drooped his eyelids and said only two words, which seemed to contain infinite meaning. She is the only one in the family who is trying to maintain and take care of everyone.

Thinking of this, he suddenly asked, “Where’s father? Did he go to Miss Mi’s again today? “

“The commander is back today. He just came back. He drank some wine, and seems to have gone to Madam’s room.”

“What?” Shao Yifeng suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him in astonishment. Even he, himself, did not find that, for the moment, his features had sharpened and were full of aggressiveness.

The servant shrunk back for a moment and repeated for unknown reasons, “The commander is currently in the Madam’s room.”


Although they all feel this is an event like red rain falling from the sky, but after all, they are a true couple, so it’s not impossible for the commander to suddenly change his mind. Isn’t the young commander’s performance too exaggerated……

After Shao Yifeng’s original consternation, he forced himself to calm down.

He also thought of this. They were a legal couple. There was nothing wrong with his father heading to her room.

Although it is said like this, he found that his heart was still trembling faintly, swept by an unexplained panic. He clenched his fist swiftly.

Due to his panic of feeling like he was about to lose something, it let him unknowingly head to the corridor hosting Wen Ying’s room. He knew that every time his father came back, she would avoid him by living in another bedroom, which meant that either she had been deeply hurt by his father, or that she did not like him at all.

He had not yet been able to clarify the origin of these ideas, and suddenly heard a short cry from the bedroom, full of panic.

It’s her voice!

Shao Yifeng stepped in front of the room but was stopped by Ying Cao.

“Eldest young master, you* have returned?”

*you- formal

“I just heard a voice inside.”

“Ah, are you* saying this voice, this……Madam has already rested, and the commander is also here……” She implicitly reminded him, but there was only one word left until she finished speaking, yet she was impatiently waved aside.

*formal form of you

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Shao Yifeng once again heard an unusual sound coming out of the room. He similarly entered, and as soon as he heard it, he knew it was not the sound ordinary couples would make when they were happy.

As soon as this idea emerged in his head, all the blood in his body seemed to be frozen.

At this moment, reason was completely thrown aside. He didn’t believe his father would do this to her, but he didn’t dare to have a moment’s hesitation.

Wen Ying only really relaxed after Shao Yifeng broke the door and appeared in the room.

However, at this time, Shao Getian was drunk and his consciousness was unclear. He placed the loud noise behind him and wanted the women under him to submit to himself!

When he bent down to kiss Wen Ying’s neck, he was suddenly grabbed by his son and lifted from the woman!

“Dad, what are you being crazy about?” Shao Yifeng’s eyes were red, and he angrily questioned his father.

Shao Ge Tian faintly seemed to have heard his son’s voice, but was unsure, “Yifeng?”

Just when he was dazed, he heard Wen Ying covering her lapels and sat up while trembling all over. Then she gathered all her strength and slapped Shao Getian!


For the moment, the house was quiet.

Then, while her hands were still shaking, she backhanded him again!

“Asshole……” Her eyes were reddened, and she cursed in a trembling voice. Her voice was soft, sad, and humiliated.

Shao Yifeng was slightly shocked.

This is what she once scolded himself. Her scolding words were always pathetically short yet lovely, but now, when he heard them, his heart suddenly broke.

Fortunately, at that time, it was only a counterattack in rage, and not a real violation. Hence, she only alienated him.

Yet now, he saw with his own eyes the deep hatred in her eyes, so much so that it was not just a deep hatred, but rather, the disgust towards all the scum in the society.

If this was said outside, who would believe that Commander Shao, the commander of boundless armies will be treated with such disgust.

However, Shao Yifeng had no sympathy for his father, only acquiescing to her in venting.

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  2. I’m very happy about this since I hate her husband. He’s such a fool.
    He’s a failure of a father, but just as much of a husband.
    He forced her to marry him bc he wanted a scholar wife.
    Once married, he changed his mind, scholars are boring.
    He left the young woman alone in his house and went to play with mistresses.
    He dumped his mentally retarded kid from a one-night-stand unto her.
    He believed his one-night-stand over her and questioned how she was taking care of the son he neglected.
    Once his son became a proper human being, he boasted that his blood was truly good.
    He still played with mistresses and discarded her.
    His favorite mistress told him to get along with his wife so he went home and proceeded to rape her.
    He deserves all the hate, clearly.
    Thank you for the chapter!

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