SOOEW Chapter 100 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXIII

But even if he had been clamped down, Shao Getian was still a commander who came from the barrage of bullets. Even if he was drunk and dizzy, he knew that he had been slapped. As soon as Commander Shao’s temper rose, he immediately became furious, “You dare to hit your grandfather, I——” he shook away Shao Yifeng’s hand, raised his arm high, and it seemed just like he was about to hit Wen Ying’s face!

At this time, there was a “bang——” gunshot from the room, and the vase on the windowsill hit the ground and broke.

The more important the person, the more they cherish their lives. They are especially sensitive to the sound of a gunshot. Shao Getian paused his actions, and turned around with a tremor in his heart.

But before he could see who was standing at the door from his dim, drunken eyes, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his head, lost his consciousness and fell on the bed.

Shao Tingyu, who has just put down his gun at the door, coldly stares at the figure bleeding from his head. Immediately, his eyes turn to Wen Ying.



Wen Ying was afraid that Shao Getian would see Shao Tingyu firing the gun just now. From the thing that would threaten the safety of Xiao Hu, she also didn’t know where her strength came from. She held up the lamp and smashed it down!

Now that Shao Getian fainted, she also lost strength. Her arm softened, and the lamp fell to the floor. Her body fell backward into Shao Yifeng’s arms.

Just from what his father had just done, he couldn’t feel any pity at the moment.

Shao Yifeng didn’t care for Shao Getian who had fallen. Instead, he embraced Wen Ying horizontally. He looked at the mess on the ground, and commanded Ying Cao, who was frozen white with fear at the door, “Go inform Luo Cheng and ask him to come and clean up.”

Luo Cheng is his deputy. He is loyal and reliable and will make arrangements in his favor.

Shao Tingyu’s sight followed him all the way over as he carried Wen Ying to the door.

The epaulets on the man’s military uniform reflect the cold light under the light. At this time, he was fierce and difficult to get close to, which is quite different from his usual wanton style. The arm that held Wen Ying’s was strong and powerful, and his pace precipitates momentum.

A teenager’s figure is far from as solid as a man’s, but he has a gun in his hand.

This scene seems to be replaced with the scene from three years ago.

But even if he already has a gun, it still can’t pose any threat to him, let alone……

Mother seemed to have lost her strength. The blood color between her lips faded, and she fell into the arms of a man without saying a word. When she saw him, her eyes showed concern, and then she shook her head at him.

Shao Yifeng lowered his head and caught her eyes. He glanced at Shao Tingyu, and said in a light tone: “Go back to sleep, I’ll send mother back to the master bedroom.”

Shao Tingyu does not have any expression. His eyes that gazed at Wen Ying are very focused, all the way until Shao Yifeng’s back was far away.

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Wen Ying suppressed her impulses to nauseate the entire way. The result was, as soon as she returned to the room and was brought by Shao Yifeng to the bed, she was caught off guard, and vomited over his entire body.

She looked like a person who was seriously ill, dizzy, and weak to the point she was sick.

She has seen a lot of such information in news reports, violation/invasion, indecent/obscene, rape/violation, and every word make her feel uncomfortable. It was only when it was her turn that she realized more clearly how strong and profound the shadow this behavior would cause.

It was to the point that even when she had left that environment, and came to her familiar, and safe room, she still felt that greasy and disgusting touch.

At the thought of it, her stomach churned and she vomited again.

“What’s the matter?” Shao Yifeng completely ignored the vomit on his military uniform, and only reached out to pat her on the back, “Are you uncomfortable? I’ll call the doctor at home to come and take a look at you? “

His tone is extremely protective. If you let those women see it, I’m afraid that they will finally understand how the young commander looks when he’s really gentle.

“No need……” She grabbed his sleeve as he tried to leave. “Help me call Ying Cao over.”


Shao Yifeng held her hand that was as cold as if it was blowing in the wind all night. He covered her hand to warm her and said, “Whether there’s something or not, can’t you let me do it?”

“……where’s the honorifics? “

Shao Yifeng paused, and called: “mother.” Then he gave a low smile, “If mother needs something, then you should just tell me. I am your son after all, filial piety is a must.”

Her voice was weak, but she clearly objected to him: “I don’t have a son your age!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He responded with a good temper.

She showed such a clear attitude of disgust that it let him place down his heart instead. From the very beginning, he was vaguely worried that she would alienate him because of his father, and even hate him for this.

If the estrangement from her last time is tolerable, then this time……

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