WFILTU Chapter 127 – Bookworm I

Xue Jiao approached. Yin Fang isn’t tall, so she pasted the rankings quite low. Xue Jiao and them were in the back and couldn’t see the results at all.

She approached, on tiptoes, but she still couldn’t see the results.

Suddenly, she was lifted by something up——

“Ah——” Xue Jiao was startled and exclaimed.

Yi Tianyu, who raised her up, said anxiously, “Quickly look, take a look, and help me see too!”

Xue Jiao glanced at it and could only see part of it.

Name: Gu Xuejiao, Score 730, Rank 1

Name: Chu Sheng, Score 728, Rank 2

Name: Shang Zhiyuan, Score 715, Rank 3

Name: Gu Shiyun, Score 714, Rank 4



She continued down, and then helplessly said: “I still can’t see it.”

Yi Tianyu placed her down in despair, and is about to squeeze himself up, when he hears a voice from behind: “The results are in my hands!”

It was Xi Junyang.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes brightened, and he turned and ran over, not forgetting to drag Xue Jiao.

“Come, this is Jiao Jiao’s! Student God is amazing, amazing! Sitting tight as first place!” He handed the first one to Gu Xuejiao.

Xue Jiao received it and asked, “Where is Yi Tianyu’s?”

Xi Junyang quickly responded, “Oh oh oh, I’ll look for it now.”

As he said this, he turned straight for the last four, but then……there was none.

“Yi?” He exclaimed, and then he turned from the last towards the front, and then he saw Yi Tianyu’s name.

Xi Junyang’s eyes widened. His eyeballs were about to break through his eyes and ran out. His mouth was opened wide as he received an extreme shock. It took him a long time to exclaim——

“Damn! F***!”

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Yi Tianyu, who originally didn’t want to look at it himself, couldn’t wait any longer. He took it out and glanced at it.

Name: Yi Tianyu, Score 623, Rank 99

“Ha Ha Ha Ha ! ! !” Yi Tianyu grinned and stretched out his hand to hug over Xue Jiao.

The petite Xue Jiao was pulled over by him. The other party used some more strength again, placing Xue Jiao under his arm and ran outside.

“Ah——” Xue Jiao screamed with fright.

She is very light, Yi Tianyu can run while jumping and cheering.

“Ha ha ha! Nerd, how are you so strong! We can be table-mates once again! Oh, yeah——”

“Yi Tianyu! Let me down, you madman! ! !” Xue Jiao was so scared that her voice turned numb and she hammered him with the report.

Yi Tianyu did not let go, running to the school gate in one breath before stopping, and placed the person down. Xue Jiao was nearly paralyzed.

He bent down and looked straight at her: “Nerd, thank you.”

In response to him is Gu Xuejiao’s fist that was neither heavy nor light——



Today’s task is to receive the report. Once they receive the report, they can typically all leave. Cheng Mingze left early, and was already waiting.

“All right, I’m leaving. You should go home and celebrate.” Xue Jiao said to Yi Tianyu.

“Oh……see you next year. “

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes: “According to the Gregorian calendar, see you at the beginning of school, Tingyu.”

After she finished speaking, she left.

Cheng Mingze looked at them from afar, his eyes deep and dark.

When Xue Jiao approached, he opened the door and asked casually, “Who was that just now?”

“My tablemate.”

“Oh……the one from the Yi family? “


Cheng Mingze’s eyebrow scrunched up invisibly, and he did not speak.

Yi Tianyu is a little depressed now. According to the lunar calendar, they won’t be able to meet until next year?

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