WFILTU Chapter 128 – Bookworm II

Next year……

It’s so f****** far away.

But at least, they can meet, right?

He looked at the back of the car, and his expression was not good.

At this time, a familiar car stopped in front of him, and the window opened. Yi Dafa’s face was exposed, and the co-pilot sat Mother Yi.

“Son? Your expression looks so ugly. Did you do poorly on the exam? ” Yi Dafa asked tentatively.

They were very busy at the end of the year, but they still took the time to pick up their son today and prepared to go out for a meal to celebrate.

Yi Tianyu did not speak.

Mother Yi was startled and said, “It’s ok, don’t worry. If you don’t do well, you don’t do well on the exam. It’s only for a short while. It’s still worth celebrating. After all, we can all see my son’s efforts this month.”

“Yes, that’s right. We don’t care.” Yi Dafa quickly followed up.

They are careful, for fear that it will hit Yi Tianyu’s enthusiasm. After all, he has really studied hard this month.

Yi Tianyu is speechless. He rolls his eyes and throws the report in from the window. Then he goes to the back and opens the back door before sitting.

Yi Dafa was at a loss for a moment, then his hands were busy trying to open it.

When the report was all exposed, Yi Dafa’s eyes became bigger and bigger, and then he shook as if he was blown by the wind. After a brief moment——

“Ah, ah, ah!!! Ninety-nine!!!”


“What? There are more than 90 people just alone in my son’s class?! ” Mother Yi exclaimed.

“He’s ranked 99 in the grade!” Yi Dafa roared over.

“Ah ah ah ah ah——really?! Son!!! My son!!!” Mother Yi shouts with excitement and surprise.

Yi Tianyu covered both his ears: “Lower your voice……”

Yi Dafa was still excited: “Son, son, you are too good! What do you want! You say, you say! What do you want? Dad will buy it for you! Do you want Lamborghini? “

“You can forget about it. I don’t want it.” Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes and thought, would that nerd accept new year’s gifts or not?

What would be better as a gift?

What do little girls like?

“Good, good, good! Will give it all as money to you! Give you lucky money!”

Yi Dafa patted his head: “Give all the teachers a bonus! Big red envelope!”

Yi Tianyu continued to roll his eyes: “You can give it up. Me receiving this score is not based on their credit.”

“Then, whose is it? Gu Xuejiao? ” Yi Dafa turned around.

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Yi Tianyu is a little embarrassed.

“I know, I know. Son had been sending wechats everyday to report the situation on your reviews. The other party also provides tasks. His desk is also covered with notes that are written in a feminine handwriting. These should all be provided by Gu Xuejiao for our son!” Mother Yi smiled.

Yi Tianyu became angry: “Mom! You actually looked through my things!”

Mother Yi shrank her neck: “……” she was exposed.


After the two children left, the Cheng family seemed a little quiet. Li Sitong glanced at the time and continued to be bored while waiting.

Half an hour later, a phone call came.

“Wei! Sister Li? You’re here? Ah, then I’ll come pick you up now!”

With that, she left in a hurry.

After a while, she brought back Li Shu and a young man with a disheartened face.

Different from Cheng Mingze and Gu Xuejiao’s good looks, Bai Hongyi looked quite ordinary. In addition, he has a long-term irregular pattern of resting and diet, causing him to be a little fat and to have a lot of acne. His eyes are obscene and he doesn’t look very pleasant.

This caused Li Sitong, who is used to seeing the faces of Cheng Mingze and Gu Xuejiao, to feel that this boy……is a little ugly.

Of course, she would not say anything just based on appearance, but after a moment, the other party threw his shoes randomly, and then came in and sat down casually.

“Hongyi! Address others!” Li Shu only chastised him with a word, and even her tone is not fierce.

“Oh, Aunt Li.”

“Ah! Hello, Hongyi!”

Bai Hongyi curled his lips and stopped speaking.

Li Shu laughingly said: “Sitong, I’ve given you trouble! “

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” Li Sitong also smiled politely, “Stay here for longer. It’s best for him to stay until Jiao Jiao and them return for school.”

“Return back when school starts?” Li Shu gave a start, then doubted, “Where did they go?”

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