SOOEW Chapter 101 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXIV

He heard her instructions of “want to drink water” and “want to take a bath”, laughed and willingly did it for her.

His current appearance, notwithstanding that others, haven’t seen it, even Wen Ying hasn’t seen it before. After all, stepmothers and stepsons were born to be unruly. He was cynical to others. When facing her, he was sarcastic, teasing, and joking. He never looked serious.

After all, in people’s eyes, his status is much higher than her. He can do what he wants, but she can’t.

And this time’s situation, as if to give him a great stimulation, Wen Ying did not know what kind of changes and ideas he had. But it is true that until now, he really has the pity and care of women, and sweet retreat.

It was not until he saw his back in the bathroom to let water out. Wen Ying relaxed and began to doubt Mi Xi’s intention.


Before Wen Ying called Mi Xi, a day later, the servant came to report that Miss Mi had called.

She didn’t know how Shao Yifeng dealt with that night. The next day, except for the gauze around Shao Getian’s head, she heard the servant say that he left the house early in the morning. Nothing else changed, as if nothing had happened.

She went downstairs to pick up the phone, going straight to the point and asked, “Mi Xi, what do you want to do in the end?”

“Oh, little Wen Ying is so heartless. When you like me, you call me Mi Jiu, ah Jiu. Now that you

don’t like me, you just call me Mi Xi…….” She complained bitterly.

“Are you crazy? Letting Shao Getian do such a thing?” Wen Ying doesn’t pay any attention to her selling coquettishness.

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Mi Xi surrendered, “Ok, I won’t joke with you. Ai, don’t you feel it yourself? If I don’t give you a hard hand, how can I push you……I heard that the commander’s mansion was very busy that night. Some people heard gunfire. Who fired it, the big one or the small one? “

Wen Ying stopped talking and did not speak again, only hearing the original indulgence of the decadent voice, turning into a scream, and then there was the chaos of smashing.

“It’s amazing……” In a nervous and excited voice, Mi Xi said excitedly, “Someone came to smash the place. Is it our young commander who did it? It is still you who is powerful……ai wait, don’t capture me yet, I’m still talking to your family’s Madam……”

After hanging the phone up, Wen Ying held her forehead.

This woman is just a madman!

However, madmen also have the power of a madman. Mi Xi is not wrong. Shao Yifeng learned that she instigated Shao Getian and immediately called a team of people to clean up the woman.

During the warlord period, army ruffians were everywhere. They were more rogue than rogues and more scoundrels than scoundrels. They were very handy in smashing the court. They soon brought Mi Xi to the commander’s mansion and pressed her down in front of Wen Ying.

Shao Yifeng looked at her coldly. Except for her appearance, which was a rare beauty, he couldn’t see why she could fascinate his father.

Mi Xi’s performance in front of him is still considered normal. Her kneeling posture makes her frown. She laughs at Shao Yifeng and says, “Isn’t it unnecessary to catch me? When your father comes, you’ll still have to let me go. “

“When father arrives, it’s his business to let you go or not.” Shao Yifeng sneered, “Who dares to stop me now?”

As he spoke, he directed someone to whip her in front of the crowd.

Wen Ying stared with cold eyes, and did not prevent it.

No matter how good Mi Xi spoke her words, she would not believe her words completely. In addition, with the fright she experienced that night, she did not want to think about what she would experience if no one found out?

It’s just flogging. She believes that it won’t be too painful for Mi Jiu*, who has experienced many big scenes.

*jiu- written as jiu in the original text. I believe it’s a reference to her number in the flower house



Hasty footsteps approached, and soon, Shao GeTian appeared at the door.

When he looked at Wen Ying, the wound on his forehead hurt faintly, which reminded him of what kind of bastard thing he had done.

If Wen Ying is a newly married wife, then he, as someone who has been a bandit before, will not have any guilt. However, she has spent three years for this family, and brought up his little son well, and even his older son can take her side. It can be seen what she has paid.

Under such circumstances, if he were to do such a thing again, even he, himself, would feel dirty.

But even so, when he saw Mi Xi kneeling on the ground, and his son holding a whip, whipping her mercilessly until blood oozed out of her cheongsam, and she looked at himself with watery eyes, Shao Getian couldn’t help but feel heartache and immediately scolded his son: “What are you currently doing?”

Shao Yifeng did not look at him, but turned to Wen Ying and asked her, “Has mother ever thought about divorcing father?”

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  1. So … it’s ok to rape someone you just married … but … not ok to rape someone who’s raised your kid … this thought process … I can’t even

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