SOOEW Chapter 102 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXV

Divorce, this thing, was not widely accepted by other people from this era, especially Commander Shao. Any woman who has been with him, they have to either live as his person or die as his ghost. Divorce is a matter of considerable shame. No matter how much he liked Mi Xi, he never thought of wanting to marry her.

Hence, once Shao Yifeng placed forward this proposal, his eyebrows immediately scrunched together, and he harshly reproached him “Nonsense!”

Shao Yifeng only stared at Wen Ying, but Wen Ying also shook her head.

If they were to divorce, Shao Yifeng is fine, but she won’t have a chance to get in touch with Xiao Hu. Currently, he hasn’t even surpassed his twenties. She is worried about leaving him alone in the commander’s manor. Even if she were to leave soon, the other “her” will still be here.

Hence, it’s not the time to divorce.

When Shao Yifeng proposed this, he had thought about all these obstacles. Sure enough, she was still caught up with worries about Shao Tingyu. He scrunched his brows unhappily.

Fortunately, there is another purpose for him to make this request.

Because he placed the matter of divorce on the table, Shao Getian realized that this time, his son is completely on the side of Wen Ying, which undoubtedly reminds him of the ridiculous things he has done. He had to make a gesture to show the public, so he had to take a step back and let his son “punish” Mi Xi.

It was still considered as helping Wen Ying release her anger.

Only Mi Xi lowered her head while the others were disputing. On her back was the stinging from the whip wound. However, she hooked the corners of her mouth and her thoughts were unclear.


They were not divorced, but the task has almost been carried out. The family and love lines have been finished. Wen Ying also can see from the light source map that Xiao Hu and Shao Yifeng have indeed fallen into her camp with no mistake. Only Shao Getian was in Mi Xi’s rose pattern, and the other light spot was not enough to compete with her own.

But when she tried to return to 123 romance space, she found that the space was not open to her.

For the first two times, as long as she entered an empty closed space after completing the task, she could go back to that place with just a thought in her mind. However, this time, she tried many times and still did not see the familiar data space.

Is it a coincidence with a human task again?

But she remembered that after the mission of the previous world, although she did not experience the space, she also jumped to the next world when she had the thought. Or is this another bug* in the space?

*bug- originally in English in text

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In any case, if the space is not opened to her, she will not be able to leave the world and can only continue to live here.

However, Wen Ying never thought that this wait would be for seven years!

Seven years cannot be said to be long, but it also cannot be said to be short. For children, every day they can discover new things and open the door to a new world. Therefore, it is a long process. But for adults who have no worries about food and clothing, they just go through the same day over and over again. When they look back, they find that it has been a long time already.

Over the past seven years, she has thought a lot about why the space is no longer open to herself.

Later, after various analyses, she remembered that 21 said that the condition for completing the task was that she acquired more power of beliefs than Mi Xi. If she could not return to the space from the result deduction process, then she did not complete the task. That is to say, her belief power was not enough to suppress Mi Xi, or even, it could be said that her belief could not match hers……

Then how should the display on the light source diagram be explained?

Her intuition states that the problem lies in Mi Xi, who is the most difficult to deal with fallen envoy she has ever met. Generally speaking, according to what 21 once told her, the emissary could not go to another world because she arbitrarily withheld the power of belief dedicated to the Lord God and chose to stay in one world. Instead, she will reincarnate in her detained world, just like Song Xi from the previous world.


According to Mi Xi’s narration, she seems to have experienced many different worlds.

If she can break this rule, then it is not impossible to tamper with the light source diagram.

It’s just that there’s no real evidence for this guess, and she couldn’t receive the answer from Mi Xi, so she can only take a step and have a look. During this period, 21 did not appear to solve her puzzles, so she could only use her own inferences and exploration. Fortunately, after two tasks, she had already honed her patience.

On that day, the air was overcast, and it was going to rain. She had just made Ying Cao place away the sun-dried bedding, when she heard a rush of footsteps.

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