SOOEW Chapter 103 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXVI

“Deputy Luo came……” Wen Ying had just exposed a smile when she saw that the other party’s expression wasn’t too well.

Luo Cheng, Shao Yifeng’s deputy, came in a hurry, thanked the servant for the water cup, and respectfully said to Wen Ying: “The young commander ordered me to tell Madam that the commander will come back to have dinner today, and asked <adam to avoid temporarily.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s not too big of a deal.” Luo Cheng paused for a second and then continued, “The young marshal had a disagreement with Deputy Commander Shao, and almost opened fire, which made the commander furious, and is afraid that this would affect Madam.”

Deputy Commander Shao refers to Shao Tingyu. Seven years is enough to make him become a fish in the water in the army. He led the army at the age of 13. His style is savage and forceful. As long as it is the target he aims at, a piece of meat will be torn off. In recent years, Shao Getian has been very fond of him, and he has been praised by the army’s tycoons. His limelight has even surpassed that of Shao Yifeng’s.

Because of the threat Shao Tingyu has brought to Shao Yifeng, although the two of them act like brothers in front of Wen Ying, they are in constant friction otherwise.

This time he was stabbed in front of Shao Getian, so it probably was not a general skirmish.


Wen Ying didn’t listen to Shao Yifeng’s warning to avoid, instead commanding the kitchen to prepare a table of dishes, waiting for the father and sons to come back.

Although Shao Getian was middle-aged, he did not become decrepit and muddleheaded. However, he was valiant and powerful in the past so he gradually became more selfish. As he often mixed up with Mi Xi, he even gave Mi Xi a position as an adviser in the army. Even if it was only a trophy position and had no real power, it still caused a lot of disputes.

He arrived first. He sat at the head position, and nodded towards Wen Ying. Every time he saw his wife at home, he always felt scared. This was even worse after the absurdity of that year, so they communicated even less in the past two years.

Shao Yifeng then arrived, took off his military coat and only wore the military shirt inside. He became more and more heroic and radiant in recent years. The bloody atmosphere on the battlefield was completely unheard of, as if he was still a young commander singing and dancing in the scene of prosperity.

Seeing that Wen Ying didn’t avoid the view, surprise flashed across his eyes. He seemed to have no way to deal with her. He laughed and shook his head.


Wen Ying was currently setting the bowls and chopsticks when she heard the low voice of a teenager.

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She turned around and saw that the shoulder of the visitor was drenched from the rain. She quickly took a handkerchief to wipe the rainwater off for him. “You’re already an adult, don’t you know how to avoid the rain?”

Shao Tingyu just lowered his head, looked at her with dark eyes, and listened to her rambling concern.

Shao Tingyu is now 18 years old, and his once tender face has completely faded. His thick eyebrows are pressing on his prominent eyebrow bones. At a glance, the cruelty and ferocity contained in his eyes can frighten the enemy’s legs and stomach into trembling. He was not like Shao Yifeng who had studied in the military academy. This was the momentum he had gained when he has accepted bloodshed at the tender age of 10 years.

There were no regulations for eating or sleeping in the Marshal’s mansion. The father and the sons did not have even temperaments, and they quarreled with each other the more they talked.

Wen Ying only knew now that the two men were not at odds with each other due to fighting, but were pushing for each other, in order to refuse their own marriage.

During this period, Commander Shao was angered into pounding the table: “In what aspect does the Kong family’s daughter not satisfy your needs? How can you pick and choose, and even expose a face of unwillingness! “

Of course, even if two wanted to marry, they wouldn’t choose the same person. There are many young ladies in the Kong family. They just have to choose one of the same age.

Shao Tingyu responded calmly: “Elder brother’s age is approaching marriage. I am a younger brother. How can I get ahead more and marry first?”


Shao Yifeng’s answer is even more scoundrel, “Girls who are raised by the stink of profit-seeking spirits do not suit my taste. If I were to marry, I should also marry a daughter of a scholarly family like my mother. Mother, don’t you agree?”

Wen Ying did not answer, and only greeted them by telling them to eat more dishes. The three people gave her some face by all picking up some food. Then their faces became bitter.

They looked at the table and only noticed now that the table was full of bitter gourd dishes. Even the soup was a bitter gourd soup.

Wen Ying held her chopsticks and placed some food in each bowl and then slowly opened her mouth to say: “This is for you guys to lower your fires, eat more.”

The three people were all silent, staring grudgingly at the table full of bitter dishes, but none of them dared to get angry with her.

After dinner, Shao Getian called on his two sons to discuss in the study. Wen Ying watched the servant clean up the things, and then got ready to head upstairs.

She walked through the small living room and suddenly a hand reached out and pulled her in.

She was pressed against the wall. The man bent down slightly, exposing a strong body underneath his shirt as his masculine breath flowed over. He pressed a kiss on her head, and immediately went to kiss her face. He was avoided by her as she turned her head. He chuckled, “still so biased.”

She asked: “Where is the bias?” She turned her head around in doubt, was kissed head on by him.

He only nibbled at her lips and rubbed them together. He was very indulgent, but his hands on her waist were possessive, pressing her to himself and exchanging his hot breath with hers. As she struggled a little, he had unbuttoned a button at her collar, his lips fell, and bit her snow-white neck.

Wen Ying thumped his shoulder, “Shao Yifeng!” Her voice contained subdued anger.

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    The young commander ordered me to tell Madam that the commander will come back to have dinner today, and asked <adam to avoid temporarily.”

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