WFILTU Chapter 132 – Prize III

Li Shu frowned: “How is it inconvenient?”

“This, Mingjiao and Xue Jiao have a little bit of a conflict. These two children……”

Li Shu smiled: “Hai, I was wondering what you were saying. Xue Jiao is not at home. She won’t be at home this entire winter vacation. That’s why I asked Mingjiao to come and teach.”

“This……” Liu Yazhen was deterred all at once. She muttered and mumbled, “Mingjiao also has something to do. She is going to her grandma’s house soon……”

“She only needs to come over today to teach for a short while!”

“Today……Today, too……”

“Liu Yazhen, I finally understand. You are actually the one who is not sincere. To think that I actually thought that you were sincere in wanting to help Hong Yi. So you only wanted to push Hong Yi to Gu Xuejiao’s family! I’ll tell you, I won’t be calculated by you in vain! ” Li Shu suddenly hung up the phone.

Li’s family background is very good, so Li Shu’s madame circle in C city is very open. Offending Li Shu essentially means that she will be excluded by the whole madame circle!

“Wei? Sister Li! No, it isn’t like this! Sister Li? Sister Li? ” The opposite has already hung up the phone, Liu Yazhen was so angry that she almost cried out.

The mobile phone smashed the floor. She hated and feared——

“Li Sitong! I underestimated you!”

On this side, Li Shu, who hung up the phone, took a deep breath: “Liu Yazhen turned out to be this sort of person. What are you afraid of? Afraid that my son will harm her daughter?”

Her mouth said it with some dislike. In Li  Sitong’s heart, she flattened her mouth. Isn’t that it, aren’t we all scared that your son will ruin our daughters?

But she was really happy now that Li Shu hated Liu Yazhen. She beautifully continued: “You guys leave the child here, and just be rest assured.”

“Ah! Thank you very much indeed!”

“That’s right, then we won’t disturb you anymore. We’ll go first.” They didn’t want to disturb their son at all. They were afraid that their appearance would upset him.

With that, the couple left.

Li Sitong looked at the gifts and said, “These two people are really willing!”


Li Sitong took the milk upstairs and said casually, “Sister Li and they have already left and left a lot of gifts.”

Bai Hongyi, who was half squinting and dozing, suddenly widened his eyes and jumped up: “My mother has been here?”

Li Sitong glanced at Cheng Shuo. Seeing his nod, she said with a smile, “That’s right, they left not soon after.”

She did not say that Li Shu and they had come up before. Bai Hongyi subconsciously thought that they must not have come up!

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Otherwise, how can they leave without any greetings?

F*** your mom! They really threw him to these spicy chickens of a Cheng family!

*spicy chickens- a homonym in Chinese that sounds similar to trash, hence he’s declaring them as trash

Bai Hongyi gasped for breath in anger. He exerted all his strength, and kicked himself onto the chair. He said angrily, “This grandpa is not staying anymore! Get out of this grandpa’s way!”

Cheng Shuo didn’t move for a moment. He said calmly, “It’s time to read the sciences.”


Bai Hongyi is out of breath. In addition, he didn’t sleep much last night. His body is weak. He collapses immediately from the force used by Cheng Shuo.

“Read a book.”


Bai Hongyi was dragged up at six o’clock yet again. Before he could start to become angry, familiar words came again——

“Xue Jiao would get up and recite English and Chinese at this time. You can also learn like this now!”

“Xue Jiao, Xue Jiao! Can you stop saying the name of that nerd in your family? When this grandpa hears it, I want to hit someone!” Bai Hongyi’s small eyes glared. The dark circles under his eyes were blue and purple. Although he stayed up late here, he originally had dark circles around his eyes. However, he didn’t feel grieved like here.

Cheng Shuo is calm: “Read a book. After reading, have a meal”


He withheld like this to the third day, Bai Hongyi felt that he had completely collapsed.

He is so exhausted now that he doesn’t even have the energy to cause trouble. He is only eighteen years old in the end. Without support, he is suddenly “poisoned” by life.

“Husband, are we still keeping him?” Li Sitong offered a cup of tea.

Cheng Shuo received it, took a sip, and then whispered, “It’s almost time, let him out tonight.”

Two in the morning.

The Cheng family is extremely quiet, and there is also no sound from outside. This time is all in the dark.

“Kacha——” the door of the guest room creaked, and then there was no movement.

For the moment, the door moved slowly. First, there was a gap, then the gap became bigger.

All the way until a fat figure squeezed out of the open door, like a thief, and carefully went out.

One step……One step……

“Dong!” A sound of something landing made Bai Hongyi almost collapse to the floor with fright.

After a long time, there was no sound. Bai Hongyi was relieved.

Damn it! What the hell! This grandpa is scared to death!

He got up and cautiously continued down the stairs. Slowly, he came to the door.

He gently applied force.


It opened?!

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