WFILTU Chapter 133 – Prize IV

It’s actually open?! Did they forget to lock it today?!

Bai Hongyi didn’t even bother to think about why they forgot to lock the door. He was like a guy who came out of prison finally, opened the door and ran out.

Ah ah ah ah ah!!! This grandpa is finally free! He doesn’t have to stay at Cheng family anymore.

F*** their mom’s Cheng family!

F*** their mom’s studying!

F*** their mom’s Gu Xuejiao!!!

After Bai Hongyi ran out, the door of the master bedroom opened. Li Sitong yawned: “This guy sure can endure. I’m so sleepy.”

Cheng Shuo nodded and also yawned.

“Why did you drop a book just now?” Li Sitong turned her head, curious.

Just when they were observing Bai Hongyi “sneaking away”, Cheng Shuo suddenly threw a book on the ground.

Cheng Shuo said with a smile: “To frighten him. He is unpleasant to the eye”

Li Sitong glanced at him, and coyly said: “How did you turn so bad?”

Cheng Shuo smiled and shook his head, and then said, “Let’s go, and sleep. There’s still work tomorrow.”

At this time, at the Bai family.

When Bai Hongyi returned home, he was in a terrible state. There were guards all the way. It could be said that he did everything possible to make the whole person in a mess before returning home.

“Ahhhhh——” Bai Hongyi yelled as he kicked his own door, “Mom! Open the door for me!

The Bai couple upstairs were half awake and half asleep. They were rudely shocked awake——

“What is it? !”

“It seems that it’s……our son’s voice? “

“There’s no way! Our son is at the Cheng family! “

Li Shu is still a little uncertain and worried: “Let’s just go down and take a look.”

As the two were talking, they lifted the quilt and walked down.

The closer to the door, the more clear the voice was heard. Li Shu was startled and immediately went to open the door: “It’s really our son!”

The door was opened, and Bai Hongyi’s appearance fell into the eyes of his parents.

His hair was messy, his eyes were in a daze, and he had leaves on his body. He looked embarrassed and frightening.

“Son! What happened to you? ” Li Shu hugged Bai Hongyi and shouted with her heart.

Bai Hongyi let out a sigh. His mother was still his mother, affectionate with him. He would never leave the Bai family, and never go to the Cheng family. It was only for a few days, yet, they almost drove him crazy.

“Mom, I feel terrible. I didn’t have a good time in the Cheng family. I don’t want to go to the Cheng family ever again!” Bai Hongyi cried.

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This guy always knew how to deal with his parents. Tears were pouring down and he looked pitiful and aggrieved.

The tears in the past may have been disguised. This time, he thought about his life at the Cheng family, and he cried until it was pitch-dark.

His tears gave Li Shu’s heartache again. Boss Bai was also distressed. In the end, he asked seriously, “What’s going on? How did they treat you terribly? “

“They forced me to read!” Bai Hongyi became angry again and began to curse. He wished his father would rush to find justice for himself on the spot.

Kill that damn Cheng family!

But parents’ understanding has a generation gap. Boss Bai and Li Shu look at each other.


Then, they think of the scene of “harmony” they saw when they went to visit……

How is that a harm!

That’s absolute sincerity!

Boss Bai began to scold Bai Hongyi: “People letting you read can harm you?! Your Uncle Cheng didn’t go to the company much these two days. He spent all his time educating you, yet you ran away! He is so kind to you. Do you deserve your uncle Cheng? “

Bai Hongyi’s eyes widened.

Good for me?

Bai Hongyi was so angry that he doubted his life.

Boss Bai was also angry. He eased his tone and said, “Go to bed and I’ll bring you back to Uncle Cheng’s tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Bai Hongyi sat down on the ground and began to howl: “If you still send me there! I’ll kill myself! I don’t want to live anymore! “

He howled with his heart and lungs, as if he had collapsed.

“You——” Boss Bai reached out and pointed at him, unable to speak.

Li Shu was distressed when she saw her son howling. After thinking about it, she held down boss Bai: “Don’t be angry. If son doesn’t understand, we have to slowly teach him. If he doesn’t want to go, then he doesn’t need to go. No matter how good it is, we can’t let our son suffer so much. Although he came back alone today and was fine, what if we bring him back, and he runs away next time and meets danger……”

“Oh! How can I have such a son!” Boss Bai sat on the sofa, angry and helpless.

Li Shu was also very sad, but was more distressed for her son. She helped up Bai Hongyi: “If son doesn’t want to go, then don’t go. When Xue Jiao returns, we can invite her over to help tutor you.”

Xue Jiao?!

As soon as the familiar two words came out, Bai Hongyi suddenly went back to the days when he had to get up at six o’clock in the morning, then press his head to read in the morning and then read texts day after day!

——”I don’t want to!! I don’t want to see the bookworm! “

——”I don’t want to see her in this life!”

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