SOOEW Chapter 104 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXVII

The man raised his head, it is her stepson in name, Shao Yifeng.

In seven years, many things had gone beyond Wen Ying’s plans and expectations. Seven years ago, she had completed the task already. Over such a long period of time, if there is no empathy, then it is enough to let men’s emotions ferment to the point of breaking out of the cage.

Wen Ying is really dedicated to performing, to the point that she even indulges herself in her feelings for the role, so she will not repel him step by step like before. She also needs to maintain this relationship.


“Truly stingy.” Shao Yifeng slowly buttoned her up for her, raised her face, equal with her forehead. The strong emotions in his eyes seemed to want to gush out, “You’re so gentle and considerate to that boy, yet you are so stingy to me. I was also rained on, yet why don’t you help me wipe off the rain?”

“If you really want me to wipe it for you, you should obediently act as my son, and don’t do anything out of place.”

Wen Ying breathed lightly, glancing at him with slight anger. Her skin was as white as jade. At this moment, her cheeks were tinged with the color of rosy clouds. Her Phoenix shaped eyes were closed charmingly, which really moved people’s hearts.

He could not help but rub her neck, and in a low voice, he breathed, “Baby is so beautiful, how can I bear it.”

He had long ago since stopped calling her “mother” in private, but it was the first time that he called her like this.

“Don’t call me by these dubious names.” She frowned, like a rigid old lady, “Which cabaret did you learn this from? Don’t stain my ears.”

But he liked her appearance like this very much. This showed that she was only his personal treasure.

“Ok ok ok, I know. There will be no next.” He immediately surrendered with a smile.

Wen Ying didn’t pay attention to his cynical manner. She was already thinking about something else. She began tentatively, “The Young Miss Kong that the commander mentioned……”

“What about it?”

“You actually have reached the age to get married……”

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In the middle of her speech, the smile on his face obviously cooled down. “Do you want me to marry her?”

Wen Ying hesitated, “Xiao Hu is still young, and he doesn’t like the young lady of the Kong family.”

Shao Yifeng’s eyes suddenly darkened, and he stared at her, as if she said one more word, he would do something that even he could not even imagine.

“So? Do you want me to sacrifice for your “actual son”? ” There was a sharp stab in his words,

She paused for a moment, softened her eyebrows, raised her hand and stroked his face, “You ah, just have a too impatient manner.”

Her gesture is very rare. Even if she really wants him to marry the so-called Young Miss Kong, he doesn’t want to calculate it anymore.

“Don’t worry, your “actual son” is not as simple as you think. If he doesn’t want to marry, no one would dare to marry.” Finally, he held her hand and gave it a kiss on the back, “The same goes for me.”


The reason why Wen Ying mentions Young Miss Kong is not to let Shao Yifeng marry the other. After all, he currently places his heart on her, and she still can’t do anything like push another girl into the fire pit.

She just wanted to pour cold water on him for a while. She was always worried that more unexpected things would happen if she stayed like this.

Returning back to the bedroom, she pressed the light switch, and the room “pa” and brightened.

Turning around, she was startled by the figure sitting on the window sill!

“Xiao Hu?” When she saw the person clearly, she asked, “How did you come to my room……did you crawl in through the window?”

Shao Tingyu is assembling a gun in his hand. Even if there is no light, just by feeling, he can quickly and flexibly place all the parts back to their original position. His knuckled fingers shuttled between them. The fast rhythm seemed to contain a wonderful rhythm.

He shook his legs and, as he had been when he was a young man, without raising his head, he cried, “mother, come.”

“Aish, really……” Wen Ying can’t handle him. Remembering that he didn’t eat more than a couple of mouthfuls at night, she took a biscuit from the dresser and fed it to his mouth.

His eyes were still fixated on the gun in his hand, but he bit the biscuit out of habit.

Wen Ying saw that he was about to finish eating, and just as she wanted to take out her hand back, her fingertip was caught off guard and licked.

Her heart suddenly jumped and she looked over. Shao Tingyu was still absorbed in playing with the gun in his hand, as if he had just bitten by habit.

Because she was attracted by the rhythmic and aesthetic movements in his hands, Wen Ying didn’t notice that the roots behind his ears were slightly red.

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