SOOEW Chapter 105 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXVIII

Shao Tingyu finished assembling the gun and stuffed it into Wen Ying’s arms.

Wen Ying knew that there was no bullet in it, so she fiddled with it for a while. She felt strange and asked him, “Why did you give this to me?”

“This one is the lightest. It is most suitable for mother.”

She helplessly laughed: “But I don’t know how to use a gun.”

“I’ll teach you.”

He jumped down from the window sill, held Wen Ying’s hand from behind, squared their posture, and aimed the gun at themselves in the mirror.


The whole panoramic view clearly showed the scene in front of them. The young and handsome man embraces the person in front of him. The person who once taught him to hold chopsticks with his hand is now quite petite in comparison, and only reaches his shoulder position, as if she were in his arms.

The boy has grown up completely. The boy who survived from a stray dog pile has become a hopeless and disadvantageous soldier on the battlefield under her careful care. Only in front of her, there is still a trace of innocence that remained from when he was young.

Time also treated her very gently, as if she is still the same quiet and determined girl from ten years ago. It only added a bit of calm experience between her eyebrows and eyes.

Just like this, he aimed the gun at his heart in the mirror, pulled the trigger, and made a “bang——” sound effect in his mouth.

Wen Ying only felt as if he was hit, and her heart suddenly missed a beat.

“Xiao Hu!”

“En?” He tilted his head, as if to ask what was wrong, the same as when he was a child.

“Stop creating mischief.” She was flustered for no reason, as if something was beyond her control, so she could only tell him this seriously.

But this sentence also had no origin.

Shao Tingyu looked back at her for a long time and then gently gave a “oh”.

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Wen Ying has been in this world for a long time. Under the stagnation of her task, she doesn’t insist on going through the customs, but adjusts herself to enjoy life in time.

In addition to the entertainment at home, she occasionally heads to the streets to listen to plays and shop. She hasn’t seen many films and has seen the modern color films of the past. At this time, the black-and-white films can’t attract her from the story plot to the quality of the pictures. Instead, she likes the original aria in the opera houses.

On this day, she was heading to the theater as usual. She rose early in the morning, supervised the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

She just sat down at the dining table to eat, when Shao Yifeng headed over. With no one in the dining room, Shao Yifeng placed his arms around her shoulder and gave her a kiss on the top of her head and said, “Good morning.”

Wen Ying clipped with her chopsticks. She has long been aware of the footsteps, but did not expect that he would make such a move.

She only reacted after he fell to his seat with a smile. She stroked the hair that had fallen down and scolded him angrily, “Not one serious aspect!”

He didn’t talk back. He only supported his chin with one hand and looked at her with a smile. The fingers of the other hand crept restlessly onto the back of her hand, fully interpreting “not one serious aspect” to the extreme.


Suddenly, he looked over her shoulder as if he had seen someone.

“Are you eating congee or toast?” Wen Ying didn’t notice the change in his sight. After getting the reply of “congee”, she placed the bowl in front of him.

Shao Yifeng went to clip the shredded potatoes. He only picked up only one or two strands and he tried it two or three times more with the same results.

Wen Ying can’t help laughing, and clamped using her chopsticks to place it in his bowl.

Yet he gained an inch and wanted a foot. “You feed me,” he demanded. His peach blossom eyes blinked at her, wantonly showing their charm.

It turns out that women are also blinded by beauty. In addition, she is familiar with his temper. If she doesn’t feed him, he would dare to continue looking at her without moving. On the contrary, this would create a bigger headache for people.

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