WFILTU Chapter 134 – Prize V

Bai Hongyi is too resistant to Gu Xuejiao, and even more resistant towards going to the Cheng family. They had no way to deal with it. Boss Bai and Li Shu can only bring a lot of gifts to their door, and thank Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong appropriately, and to apologize.

Compared with Li Sitong’s joy of solving everything thoroughly, Liu Yazhen is about to die of anger.

Li Shu did what she said she would do, but she was not in a hurry to challenge Liu Yazhen.

But in the days after that, every time someone made an appointment to play mahjong, and offered or mentioned Liu Yazhen——

Li Shu would disdain to say: “I don’t like this person. She’s insincere, lies through her mouth, and loves to calculate behind others’ backs.”

Hence, Liu Yazhen lost all her popularity in the Madame circle of W City. She was so resentful that she let loose a torrent of abuse.



“The situation at home is finally settled.” Cheng Shuo* came over and said to Xue Jiao.

*Cheng Shuo in the original text, but I think the author meant to say Mingze

They are all high school students. The competition is not divided into groups, so they all study together.

Their province came with a lot of people, including Chu Sheng, Gu Xuejiao, Cheng Mingze, Li Lei, Pang Ming, and the person who was taken away by the police for investigation, with several other schools. Li Lei’s previous competition was completed with full marks.

Yin Fang has mentioned before that this person has been consistently preparing for the competition and is following the route of competition.

There’s a lot of pressure to get good grades.

“That’s good then.” Xue Jiao exhaled.

Cheng Mingze nodded and gently rubbed her hair: “Good luck[Jiayou] at tomorrow’s training session!”

“Ok, you too.”

The mathematics competition they took part in is different from the Olympic mathematics they participated in before. The current mathematics competition winter camp is more like a training camp. Many teachers will teach some knowledge in the history of mathematics and will test them using various exams.

The training lasted until December 24th. The exam lasted until December 25th and the 26th is the closing ceremony.

During this period, the training pressure is great, and there is no time to think about other things.

As the exam gets closer, more and more problems will be exposed.

The more pressure Xue Jiao received, the more she doesn’t look at her cell phone at night, but she still looks at Lin Zhihua’s message from time to time.

This man is also in Beijing, but they haven’t had a chance to meet yet……

Lin Zhihua knows that she is in training, and will not affect her. He only talks to her when her mental pressure is too great and discusses the math competition.

On the day of the twenty-fifth.

Xue Jiao wrapped herself into a dumpling. Lin Zhihua reminded her that there was no heating in the classroom for the second round of examination, only air conditioning.

Furthermore, because the door won’t close, the indoor temperature can’t rise, so they have to wear a thicker layer themselves.

Xue Jiao gave a reminder, and most of the people she knew wore a lot of thick clothes.

Usually, the classroom for intensive training can be closed. The temperature is much higher. The classroom with the door open is definitely another temperature.

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Sure enough, even if the location of Xue Jiao’s seat is good, there is still no impulse to take off her down jacket.

The students by the back door are from another province. They sneeze several times. It can be seen how cold it was.

In the whole examination room, only she and Chu Sheng were from one school.

Chu Sheng is close to the front door. He wore many more layers today compared to before. However, it is snowing heavily in Beijing today, so the southerners who have not been here before could not bear it.

Very soon, as soon as the test questions were sent out, Xue Jiao had no time to worry about others.

The number of questions on the competition is not large, but each one is very difficult and the type of question is novel.

This time, even if Lin Zhihua did not analyze it in advance, Xue Jiao was still very careful of all the pitfalls.

In particular, she was very careful of the last inductive question. The competition will frequently test on inductive questions. They have done numerous related exercises before.

Xue Jiao meticulously thought about it. It was a little difficult, but it was not without a solution.

She drew it carefully on the paper, deduced it step by step, tried both the traditional method and the new method mentioned by the teacher during the training, and received the same K value. Then she deduced the same answer, and only copied it over on the paper at this point.

This is one of the most important questions, Xue Jiao transcribed half, and suddenly thought of Lin Zhihua’s words from a few days ago——

【Sometimes the contest questions are very logical, but sometimes……you have to be careful, the logical reasoning is not necessarily right. The original conditions are the key.】

Xue Jiao was stunned.


It shouldn’t be like this!

The K value is contradictory!

Xue Jiao thought like this, quickly turned the answer sheet to the bottom, and then took out the drafting paper, and deduced backward.

The snow was blowing outside, numbing the student’s legs from the cold. Some could not endure it and handed in the exam. They were led out by the workers.

Xue Jiao was sweating and calculating again and again.

This is not right!

This is also incorrect!

Still wrong!



Xue Jiao looked at it over and over again, sweating with anxiety.

At this time, Chu Sheng, who was close to the front door, also left. He walked a little shakily and looked pale.

Xue Jiao looked around again. There were not many people left. The weather was too cold. As long as they finished, they would almost all leave.

Feeling the invigilator’s sight moving over, Xue Jiao takes back her sight and breathes deeply.

Lin Zhihua’s words rang out again in her mind——

【When you encounter a problem that you think is very difficult, simplify it and take it apart. The competition problem is difficult, but it is still only a mathematical problem.】

Her fingers trembled slightly. It was time to hand in the exam.

At this time, there are only four people left in the examination room.

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