WFILTU Chapter 135 – Prize VI

Her finger shook fiercely. Xue Jiao held the pen tightly, one word at a time, and very slowly finished the last question——

Answer: there is no solution.

It seems like she finished jabbing. The handwriting was very obvious and almost cut into the answer sheet.

After writing, her back was actually wet in this cold weather.

In the history of the competition, there have been many different kinds of questions, as well as many extremely novel questions, but there has never been one like the last one. The answer to the question with the most points is actually no solution……

Xue Jiao is very afraid, but she knows that the K value she calculated is not the real K value.

The teacher came down and collected the papers one by one. Xue Jiao was paralyzed for a while in her position. She only left the classroom when she felt cold again.

They were all in one building. If they don’t leave after they finish the exam, they can only wait at the entrance.

When Xue Jiao went out, several people from No.7 Middle School were there.

“Xue Jiao, here!” Cheng Mingze beckoned and Xue Jiao rushed over.

“What did you write on the last question! What is K equal to? ” A senior sister asked.

If they came for the examination, naturally, they would care about the scores on their exam. Obviously, they have just compared their solutions.

“No solution.” After Xue Jiao said these two words, several people’s faces changed.

“I also had no solution.” Cheng Mingze said softly.

“Me too.” Li Lei.

Cheng Mingze and Li Lei are recognized as having strong strength in the competition. Their answers are the same……

“It should be impossible right. It’s not a question of finding a certain value. It’s an inductive problem. How can there be no solution to an inductive problem?” Another year three high school senior sister’s face is white. She spent a lot of thought on this competition. If she was really wrong, it is tantamount to giving up on all her previous achievements.

“Don’t talk about this anymore. Chu Sheng, do you have a cold? You should go get some medicine first. Let’s go eat first. Since we already finished the exam, then don’t think about it anymore. The answer will be known at the closing ceremony tomorrow.” Cheng Mingze is very commanding and everyone listens to him.

Therefore, the party went to the cafeteria.

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Xue Jiao lied on the bed, turned on her phone, and told Lin Zhihua about the strangeness of the last question today.

The response from the opposite side was very fast——

【Lin Zhihua: Do you still remember the question?】

Xue Jiao quickly told him about the question.

After a while, the opposite side replied——

【You are right. No solution.】


Its human nature, Xue Jiao was actually very excited at this moment, but a message rapidly from the other party——

【However, it still mainly depends on the answers from the organizers. No solution is most likely the correct answer. It just depends on whether they need a detailed explanation or not.】

Xue Jiao has just finished reading the text and has yet to reply, but a message has already been sent from the other party——

【You are excellent.】

【Thank you!! It’s all your credit. Thank you for your long hours of tutoring!】

【It’s nothing】

After responding, Lin Zhihua looked forward to her reply, but Xue Jiao only replied good night.

Tomorrow’s closing ceremony……maybe after tomorrow afternoon, Xue Jiao will leave Beijing.

She’s here yet, they haven’t met.

Lin Zhihua waited throughout the entire training period all the way until the closing ceremony was about to begin and she was about to leave……

Therefore……Xue Jiao didn’t want to see him?

Once Lin Zhihua thought like this, his sight was aimlessly placed on the ceiling. He frowned, and the atmosphere became depressing all at once.


December 26, closing ceremony.

First, the organizer would deliver a speech, then several persons who were in charge of the event would present. They did not speak too much.

Then another teacher representative was asked to speak, and finally, the student representative spoke.

The student who was the representative was very strong. He was called Yang Zhan, and his appearance and temperament were both very good. When he spoke, he created a great atmosphere.

He is a student of a very good local school in Beijing. He is also the top student in his grade. He is currently in his third year in high school, and has already won the first place awards for both the physics and chemistry competition. In junior high school, he won the first place prize for the mathematics competition.

After he attended high school, Qing Bei would use a lot of resources to invite him every year. He chose the Chinese Academy of sciences at the beginning of this semester. In his current high school, there is a special chemistry laboratory and a physics laboratory.

These were legends that Xue Jiao heard when she first arrived. Currently, she was a little envious of him after seeing him speak with ease and confidence on the stage.

This is the most godlike man she’s ever seen in both her lives.

Sure enough, the higher a person goes in their life, the more things they will see and the more powerful people they will find.

Then you will know that the top of the mountain you are climbing is not the highest one. On top of this mountain, there are countless mountains.

So for the next step, you will be even more motivated to climb.

This type of climbing up is not a derogatory term, instead it’s a struggle, it’s——

A young person who never loses their ambitions.

After Yang Zhan finished speaking, it was what the students were most afraid of yet also the event they anticipated the most——the award ceremony.

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