WFILTU Chapter 136 – Prize VII

The organizers rushed out the results last night. They finished making the certificates in the morning and began to give awards in the afternoon.

“First of all, we will be issuing the third prize for the 11th senior high school mathematics competition winter camp!”

As the crowd breathed in together, Xue Jiao also squeezed her fingers tight and looked up at the speaker.

The middle-aged bald person in charge of the event speaks very slowly and his Mandarin has a strong sense of dialect, but everyone only watched nervously.

Cheng Mingze sat next to Xue Jiao. On the other side of her is the senior sister. She held the armrest of the chair with her hand and looked very scared.

Cheng Mingze almost had no expression and appeared very calm.

Xue Jiao felt her heart that was beating because of anxiety, and thought——sure enough, it’s the male lead!

“Chen Xiaoxiao, Wang Xiang, Liu…” There are many who won the third prize, and the senior sister also won the third prize. Obviously, she is a little disappointed.

Only the first prize winners can participate in the final national high school mathematics contest!

It is also the last competition for colleges and universities.

That is to say, only by receiving the first prizes will they be eligible for a secure entry.

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply, closed her eyes slightly and listened with her ears.

“Don’t be nervous.” A sound came from the side.


“En.” Xue Jiao nodded slightly. Calming herself is a sentiment.

“Those who won the second prize are——”

Dong Dong Dong——

There was no sound in the whole auditorium. Xue Jiao seemed to hear countless heartbeats, and did not know whether it was herself or others.

“Chu Sheng, Wen You, Chang……” One name after another.

Those who got the last wrong question in Qi Zhong all received the second prize.

After the second prize was awarded, only Li Lei, Cheng Mingze, and Xue Jiao were left from Qi Zhong. Now, they either receive the first prize or they won’t get any prize!

Xue Jiao, for the first time, felt that people can be nervous to this degree. If it’s not going further, then there’s nothing left.

Suddenly, a warm hand covered her own.

Xue Jiao froze.

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“It’s ok. Don’t be afraid……” Cheng Mingze’s pair of eyes stared at her. This person looks gentle as jade, and his sight that stares at others are particularly soft.

Xue Jiao paused for a long time before remembering to take her hand out.

Cheng Mingze didn’t say anything, only taking back his hand.

After the second prize has taken photos, the first prize will be awarded.

“Finally, the first prize of this competition will be presented——”

Thump, thump, thump——

Xue Jiao’s heart beat like thunder.

“Yang Zhan, Cheng Mingze, Xu Qingsong, Li Lei……Gu Xuejiao……”

Xue Jiao’s eyes widened, and the corner of her mouth could not help rising!

“Congratulations Jiao Jiao!” Cheng Mingze turned his head and his voice was very happy.

Xue Jiao hugged him, her voice was also very happy: “Congratulations to you too, brother.”

One Xue Jiao, and one brother.


The relationship between the two used to be not so friendly, but currently, it seemed as if there was an ice-breaking feeling.

People quickly gave way. Cheng Mingze walked in front, and Xue Jiao followed him, all the way to the stage.

There are nearly 50 people who are in the first prize group. They shook hands one by one to get their certificates, and then take a group photo.

“Quickly line up, line up, look at the front yo students!” The photographer in front waved his hands.

There were not many girls. Xue Jiao squatted in the first row, holding the certificate in her hand.

She was wearing the school uniform of No.7 Middle School, which was required by the headteacher. She said that they must show the school uniform of No.7 Middle School on such a day.

Obviously, others also thought the same way, so almost all the students are wearing uniforms.

“Good! Don’t move. One, two——”

Xue Jiao looked down, her eyes slightly moist.

She has come back to life and made her life more wonderful. She will be even more wonderful in the future.

She is just one of nearly 50 people. Among them are Cheng Mingze, who has been the number one since childhood, nevermind, Yang Zhan who is legendary. There is also Li Lei, who has been preparing for the competition for many years, and many more terrible and powerful people.

Xue Jiao is just one of the ordinary people in this group.

But it doesn’t matter, she’s not discouraged at all, a person’s life——

Recognize the commonness,

But not willing to be ordinary.

Xue Jiao’s moist eyes flashed brightly, firmly looking at the front.



A picture was frozen in the lens of the camera.

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