WFILTU Chapter 137 – Prize VIII

Almost from the moment when they won the prize, there was immediately news in the staff group message of Qizhong, which was sent by the headteacher.

Yin Fang’s son was about to take the middle school entrance examination on the third day of this year. She was currently tutoring her son’s homework at this time.

“Mom, I’ll take a break.”


“Rest what? Do you have time to rest? Son, mother is telling you, learning is a matter of pressing ahead. You should put all your heart into learning, and firmly study! Nothing should divide your attention!”

Her son rolled his eyes and continued reading lazily.

Yin Fang is suddenly a little distracted.

Today is the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month. She doesn’t know how Gu Xuejiao fared on the exam?

“Really, why is she doing all those things that waste time?”

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

A student, especially hardworking. She originally did not study seriously, but she is now full of energy, and uses her spirit to the max. She obtained the first rank in the grade in one go!”

“Mom, how many times have you said that?” Her son gave her another eyeroll.

Yin Fang continued: “But this girl is too stubborn. She doesn’t study hard during such a long holiday, but instead, she goes to participate in the math contest. Her basics aren’t good enough. Wasn’t it a waste of time to take part in the contest?”

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She just finished saying this when her phone vibrated. She took it out to take a look. It turned out that many people in her staff group chat were crazily @ing her. Yin Fang frowned.

What is going on?

She opened her phone to take a look. Then her eyes went wide, and her mouth opened into an o shape!

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Her son worriedly questioned.

Yin Fang stood up excitedly: “She actually received the first prize!”

“Holy sh**!”


After the first prizes were awarded, the organizer then wrapped up the event, provided some encouragement, and ended the winter camp.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze walked out of the auditorium, and she took out her mobile phone——

[Lin Zhihua! I won the first prize!! ]

The other party responded quickly——

[Congratulations! ]

[I should be thanking you instead! Thank you! ]

The interface showed typing for a long time but there was no response for a long time. Xue Jiao was puzzled.


Lin Zhihua smiled bitterly. Xue Jiao has never thought of meeting him……

The training camp will be closed, so all the students have to leave today and will have to go home. After all, the new year is coming soon……

He drove outside the training site several times without telling her.

He raised his hand slightly and touched his heart.

It turns out that this thing will not only jump madly, but it will also……hurt?

Lin Zhihua couldn’t explain how he felt. He just felt uncomfortable and discomfited.

Slowly rising, sour.

A moment later, he replied——

[Are you going back later? ]

Xue Jiao replied very quickly——

No, I’ll go back tomorrow. ]

Lin Zhihua raised his brows, tomorrow’s ticket?

Another message came from the other end——

[I haven’t even seen you yet. How can I go back today!]


The author has something to say:

Cheng Mingze: I was the first to hold Xue Jiao’s hand! The first to hug her!

Yi Tianyu: Lin Zhihua! Do we attack together or separately!

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  2. First, his heart hurts. Then, it was filled with sweetness XD

  3. “Cheng Mingze:I was the first one to hold Xue’s hand! The first to hug her!

    Yin Tianyu: Lin Zhihua!Do we attack together or seperately!”

    Lin Zhihua:………..Both of you!Roll!Xue is mine!(me:hahahahahha😂)

  4. Hahaha! I can’t see how step brother counts as a ML for her. ML’s love stems from life saving grace, 2nd ML is classmate/friend who grows to like her, big bro is just there. I don’t see how he will be in love with her later

    ML @ all other love interests: Get lost! Scram!

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