SOOEW Chapter 108 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXI

In this time of war and chaos, similar gun battles happen from time to time. However, it was rare that people didn’t open their eyes, and would dare to move to Shao Getian’s region.

Pedestrians screamed and fled on the streets. Gunfire was consistently heard, and the surroundings fell into chaos.

Of course, Wen Ying immediately wanted to protect Shao Tingyu. However, her actions were too slow, and instead, she was protected by Shao Tingyu under his body. An adult man has a broad chest and seems to have a reassuring presence with his arms.

She fell into a trance and realized for the first time that he was no longer the little boy she had been protecting behind her.

“Ah——” as the bullet penetrated the glass, the fourth young miss of the Kong family shrieked with fear.

“Don’t be noisy!”

Shao Tingyu protected Wen Ying with one hand, while he held the gun in the other, and stretched his arm out of the glass window. From identifying the direction to firing three shots, Shao Tingyu conducted this in the blink of an eye.

“It’s not safe in the car, mother……”


He paused for a second. After all, in the process of transfer, it is also dangerous in the situation without a bunker.

Wen Ying nodded, and afraid that he wouldn’t take it seriously, she urged repeatedly: “Let someone protect the fourth young miss.”

Simply put, it takes less than three or four seconds to get out of the car and get under the building.

However, the fourth young miss of the Kong family was still a female student. When confronted with such a situation, she was too nervous. Although she was protected on both fronts, when she heard a gunshot, she subconsciously grabbed Wen Ying’s arm, and shrank to her rear.

The protective ring was pulled by her, revealing a gap. They heard a gunshot reverberate, it was aimed in the direction of Wen Ying!

Shao Tingyu’s pupil suddenly shrank. When he regained consciousness, he had already shielded her and a bullet was nailed into his right shoulder.

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Just as he raised his hand to shoot, his arm muscles trembled unnaturally and he missed.

At the critical moment, Wen Ying shot cleanly without hesitation.

This is the lady’s gun that Shao Tingyu gifted her before. She has been holding it in her hand the entire time during the crisis.

Maybe it was that a crisis would really inspire a person’s potential. She almost didn’t even think when she shot, and she really hit the target.

For that moment, she suddenly remembered the balloon shooting game she played as a child. Every time a shot is fired, time seems to go very slowly, just like the slow-motion shot in a movie. The dart flew in the air, embedded in the balloons, and then “bang” burst apart.

Shao Tingyu seized her hand that was as cold as ice and swept the man with a glance, “Not dead.” Then let a person shoot him dead.


It seems that he was using this action to tell her that she did not kill anyone, so she doesn’t need to be afraid.

Wen Ying doesn’t know whether the party actually died or not, but the haze caused by her first murder was brushed away at once. Her small wolf-dog can already protect her.

Besides the surprise attack at the beginning, the people on the other side showed some confusion, and then the well-trained quality of the army was immediately reflected. The assassins either were captured or fled. They fled in great disorder.

The fourth young miss of the Kong family was also sent home safely. After she got home, her lips were still white, as if she wanted to say something to Wen Ying, but she was afraid of Shao Tingyu’s gaze and she could not say a word.

This time, it was more of a probe and a warning than a serious assassination plan.

After returning to the mansion, the commander learned the news and only comforted the hurt Shao Tingyu. He didn’t say much on the rest.

Shao Yifeng learned that Wen Ying was not hurt, and was also too lazy to investigate.

If Shao Tingyu had not been able to protect Wen Ying properly, he would never have let her out in the first place.

Shao Tingyu’s injury was not serious. He came from the barrage of bullets and avoided his vitals when blocking the gun. After treatment, as long as he didn’t move, he would improve as long it’s cared for daily.

It was Wen Ying’s first time experiencing a gunfight. It was as common as a meal for those men, but for her, it was a hair-raising experience.

In the evening, she tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Suddenly someone pushed the door in and out poured out a ray of light.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.” Shao Tingyu’s voice sounded through the darkness. Under the moonlight, Wen Ying saw that he held a pillow in his arms.

She asked: “What’s the matter?”

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