SOOEW Chapter 109 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXII

He carefully lifted a corner of the quilt, “I killed someone so I can’t sleep. Can I sleep with mother tonight?”

Full of irony.

Wen Ying couldn’t help laughing and answered with a “ok”, letting him crawl into the bed.

The feeling of having another person beside her is obviously different. The breath from him kept coming, which made her relax and close her eyes. The appearance of the assassin being shot in the forehead, and then blankly falling to the ground stopped appearing again and again in her mind.

She was ready to go to sleep but listening to the restless movements from the person next to her.

She patted him across the quilt. “Quickly go to sleep.”

“……where’s my goodnight kiss? ” He suddenly asked.

Wen Ying used to always give a kiss on his forehead, all the way until they split rooms to sleep. It was the best tool to pacify him when he was a child. Kissing can convey a lot of emotions. Even though he didn’t know anything before, but no matter how much irritation he had, he would be calmed down by the kiss.

Wen Ying has not yet regained consciousness, when she found that the person around her had sat up, and then leaned over, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. The movement was very slow, very gentle, and his clean breath also passed along.

“I’m already grown, it’s better for me to kiss mother.”

He monologued, and then laid back again, on his side, just like when she coaxed him to sleep, and then patted her quilt, “Sleep.”

Wen Ying was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, but also felt a strange peace of mind, and under his cyclical pacification, she fell asleep.


The struggle can be placed on the side, but before the explosion, Wen Ying still kept in her mind the scene that she saw in the coffee shop.

She asked Shao Tingyu to explore in this direction and found that Mi Xi had a close relationship with Fang Tongkai, the leader of the gang.

In fact, before this, she had wondered whether Mi Xi had hidden the number one key figure that made her unable to complete the task. As for why the light source diagram does not display it……assuming that the other party can also get all kinds of rewards after the completion of a task, then there should be a reward that can achieve the hidden effect, and the problem can be easily solved.

She suspects that Fang Tongkai is the key figure.

Generally speaking, in addition to the light source map, she will have a subtle sense of traction when she is close to the characters with high brightness. If she could meet the other face to face, she may be able to further her confirmation.

She let the small wolf dog pay attention for her, but did not explain the reasoning behind it. He also did not ask, and started to collect the information and bring it before her.

Until one random day, when she confirmed that the other party had frankly and righteously gone to the Paramount, Wen Ying pondered over and over again and had entreated that Shao Yifeng brings her instead.

Compared with Shao Tingyu, Shao Yifeng, who haunts such places all year round, is obviously more suitable to be the leader.

If he wasn’t leading the army, he may have become an excellent diplomat. When dealing with all parties, it is natural to make an appointment in the lively singing and dancing hall and other such places.

People in this era do not avoid discussing business affairs, instead, it was a trend.

Shao Yifeng conducted a very western etiquette, and in a very gentlemanly way, said: “I’m willing to serve mother.” Wen Ying rolled her eyes at him.

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He was not surprised that Wen Ying would suddenly have this idea. He always felt that his stepmother was a very strange woman. She is familiar with women’s rules and regulations. She seems to be very strict, but she knows how to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and was able to raise Shao Tingyu into success.

Her thirst for knowledge can be revealed by many small things. She did not object to their free love and even yearned for it. She would not be surprised to receive a gift that was a gun. After experiencing such a dangerous situation, the gun never left her hand, and she even hired someone to teach her how to use it.

Compared with the real weak and conservative woman who needs to be protected, her every move is more like a modern independent woman. She knows that everything depends on her own truth.

Her rules and stereotypes are the result of the family environment. Sometimes when he glanced at her gorgeous and simple dress, it was just like a heavy shackle, which was worn on her, imprisoning her yearning for the new world.

But he also believes that when the shackles will eventually be removed, there will be nothing to stop her understanding and expectation of new things.

However, they had just arrived at the gate of the song and dance hall where people were coming and going. They had yet to enter the door when they met Fang Tongkai outside.


This time, the other party wore a black suit, wrapping a body full of explosive strength. His entire person seemed to exude a gentle and refined aura, and he politely greeted Shao Yifeng.

On the surface, they haven’t torn their faces yet.

Shao Yifeng raised his brows, half smiling, “I haven’t thanked Boss Fang for your care of my mother.”

Fang Tongkai then cast his eyes on Wen Ying. Somehow, he saw the undercurrent hidden in her colorful and gorgeous clothes. It was because the breath was too similar that he could not help but think of himself and smile.

If she were not Shao Getian’s wife, it wouldn’t have been too bad to lure her as a confidant.

Wen Ying and him nodded towards each other, seemingly calm, but in her heart she had a big sigh of relief.

At the moment when they were close to each other, she had only one thought, it truly was him.

Just as the two sides were about to clash, a man like an assistant said a few words in Fang Tongkai’s ear.

Fang Tongkai looked at Wen Ying again, offered his hand to Shao Yifeng and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect that the young commander would become a beauty when he was angry. It was I who was reckless.”

Shao Yifeng was secretly surprised, but his face remained blank. It was only after he bade the other farewell that a person came to whisper some words to him.

“What?” Wen Ying saw that his footsteps paused, and couldn’t help asking.

Shao Yifeng gave her a vague look and laughed, “He is indeed the mother’s “own son”. That kid ruined one of Fang Tongkai’s old nest, and then chopped off the hands of Fang Tongkai’s deputy. Mother, take a guess, what happened next?”

Under the cover of her wide sleeves, she twisted his arm, “Stop wiggling about, speak quickly!”

“He actually sent these hands over to the Kong family and opened the lid in front of the fourth miss of the Kong family. It was said that Miss Kong was scared to death and her face became deathly pale. He only said that it was an apology for the surprise the other party received last time.”

Wen Ying gasped.

Shao Yifeng clapped his hands and winked at her, “Killing two birds with one stone. What did I say before? No one would dare to force your son to marry someone if he doesn’t want to marry. “

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