SOOEW Chapter 110 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXIII

Despite hearing the shocking news, but at the end, all the things were settled and the mission had some progress. It was the first time Wen Ying had gone to a dance hall, so she wanted to enrich her knowledge.

Speaking of this, she felt that, with the small wolf dog’s temper, if it were not for the person he liked, it was instead the girl’s luck to get rid of the mess first.

She thinks it was the act of the fourth miss of the Kong family pulling her to block for the gun that infuriated him. Although she lost her favor for the other in an instant, it was not a big mistake. It was just too selfish and self-centered.

When the night fell, the top of the steel tower of the Paramount was shining with light. The jazz band played romantic dance music for people on the big dance floor to swing their bodies, shuffle, and dance, showing their amorous feelings and extravagance.

This kind of intoxication and enjoyment of slow drops has infectivity. Wen Ying didn’t dare to go out of line when she was in the Paramount. After returning to the room, she played a dance song on the gramophone, tentatively swaying lightly on the wooden floor, and from time to time, she would point her toes and twist, dancing.

Her thoughts floated to her eyes.

She thought of Mi Xi. She was not at the Paramount today. She doesn’t know whether she went to Fang Tongkai’s place or mingled with Shao Getian.

With the other party’s means, it has become unrealistic for her to win over Fang Tongkai again. Besides this, there is only one way. That is for Fang Tongkai to disappear from the light source map. Ergo, death……

Thinking up to this, she had just shivered, when her hand was pulled over, and then pulled into a familiar embrace.

Shao Yifeng led her, swaying with the rhythm of the dance music. He bowed his head and chuckled, “your dancing is really beautiful.”

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Wen Ying did not speak, and he also did not speak. The two people danced a song, and then he asked: “Do you want to try something else?”

“En?” She raised her head in a questioning voice.

He brought the gift box before her. She opened it and saw it was a qipao made of brocade, and silk that ended in a phoenix tail. It was gorgeous and elegant.

She looked at him hesitantly. The smile in his eyes was encouraging. She nodded once.

After a while, she came out of the bathroom.

She has always been conservative with her dress, which extended to every inch of her skin, and cherished them affectionately while hiding it.

For the first time, she showed her bare and snow-white instep. Her arms stretched out from her short sleeves, lustrous, and white. There was a pink lotus color on her neck. Just looking at it, she gave people a great spiritual impact and enjoyment.

Even though Shao Yifeng has imagined her skin countless times, it is not as beautiful as this moment, which gave him a shocking feeling.

His dark eyes darkened. He took out the high-heeled shoes from the other box. He bent his knees on one leg willingly, grabbed her feet, and placed them on for her.

Then he made an invitation to dance.

She placed her hand in his.

However, she hasn’t worn high-heeled shoes for a long time. When she walked around, she suddenly twisted her ankles and fell into his arms.

Shao Yifeng seemed to be unable to endure it any longer. He held her by the waist and placed her on the bed.

“You said you didn’t like any messy nicknames, so I asked your maid.” He then bent down, and approached her in a low voice, with a slightly hot breath, “Your nickname is Suo’er, isn’t it?”

Wen Ying scratched his shirt and nodded.

“Suo’er……” He chuckled hoarsely, and gave a kiss on the tip of her nose, “let me open you.”

*Suo=lock so you know what this means (wink)

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