SOOEW Chapter 111 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXIV

There was only a light from the bedside table in the room, which reflected the halo of colored glaze through the lampshade. When the light reached the edge of the bed where they were at, it was already dim.

Wen Ying fell on the goose feather soft quilt, her fingers were slippery and soft, and had no grip.

“…… I’m your stepmother. ” Her voice was as light as a feather, and her tone was more like a reminder than a refusal of disgust.

He rubbed her face with his thick fingers and said slowly, “En, my stepmother who is one year younger than me. I often think that if you didn’t marry father, you might be able to marry me.”

“Surely you don’t mean that I have to marry into your Shao family?” She avoided his hand, “Your father forced marriage, then married and lost. You, are coveting your father’s wife, so your character is not much better. I don’t want to marry any of you guys. “

“So you don’t like me?”

He saw that she was angry but still spoke leisurely. He couldn’t help laughing, and bowing his head to kiss her. The moist and hot breath on her lips, cheeks and ears made her soft. He questioned, “You don’t like me kissing you like this?”

“…… I don’t like it. “

“But I love it……” He rubbed her fingers slowly, and saw the firmness in her eyes melt, as if spring had melted away the snow and turned into a pool of spring water. She looked pitifully at himself and he couldn’t help but kiss her eyes. His voice was full of magnetism. “I think about you every night when I sleep, thinking about when I can kiss you, when can I press you on the bed like now, pressing until you can’t fight back, and can only give yourself to my mouth. “

There was too much filth in his words. She only thought about it, and her cheek became scarlet with anger and she rebuked him: “Shao Yifeng!”

“Don’t Suo’er know that I like the way you are when you are angry……”

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She suddenly covered his mouth and glared at him in shame and anger. “There’s no respect in your mouth. Let go of me, and hurry back to your own room to release your craziness.”

He let her soft hand cover his mouth. His peach blossom eyes winked at her, and questioned her as if not understanding: “Since I can be here to direct my craziness at you, why should I go back to my own room to release my craziness while thinking of you?”

“You, you you……” She was caught off guard by this scoundrel. She temporarily forgot, and repeated, “I’m your stepmother!”

Shao Yifeng saw that she has been consistently using this reason as a shield. His eyes finally generated a little serious color. He pecked her palm, and saw that she seemed as if she was electrocuted, so he let go and said, “You used to be my stepmother.” After he said these five words, he saw surprise flash past in her eyes and said with a low smile, “I saw the divorce agreement between you and your father.”

She was stunned, “When was this?”

“Are you sure this is the right situation to talk about this?” He caught her off guard and bit her on the lips. When she breathed a little, he opened her teeth and kissed her deeply.

She was still stunned by his words. She was without a trace of struggle and connived his wanton actions.

His hand gently stroked her waist, his breath spreading from between his lips, all the way down her ticklish neck, and her lustrous white skin stimulated his senses even more. This time, he deliberately and wantonly occupied the land, and this type of thoughts made him feel a hard to express type of excitement.

However, she suddenly returned to her mind, she resisted his invasion and asked persistently, “When was this?”


Shao Yifeng sighed. He couldn’t do anything to her. He brought his head to touch her forehead, protesting, and deliberately said, “It was when you promised to have an ‘affair’ with me……”

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