WFILTU Chapter 141 – Meal IV

Lin Zhihua did not speak, only reached for her bowl and scooped soup for her.

“Don’t pay attention to her and eat something first. Although the woman has a strange temper, her craftsmanship was inherited from the imperial chefs.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes widened and she drank the soup quickly.

Super delicious!!

Xue Jiao has never had such a delicious soup in her life!

Cheng Shuo is very good to them. From time to time, he will take them to those high end restaurants to eat, but Xue Jiao has never tasted something so delicious!

“She’s so young, yet her craftsmanship is already so good!” Xue Jiao marveled.

Lin Zhihua is still clipping dishes for her. When he heard her, he raised his brows: “Young?”

“En……she’s not?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Lin Zhihua had a slight smile: “She’s already more than 40 years old, and has been a cook for nearly 40 years.”

Xue Jiao: “……” !!!

Xue Jiao was shocked to the extreme. If she thought that someone who was thirty was around twenty years of age, that’s nothing, but she thought a forty-year-old was a twenty-year-old?!

That’s impossible, right?!

“Hurry and eat.” Lin Zhihua saw her doubts and explained to her, “Her age is real, it’s just this person’s mentality is very good, and she pays a lot of attention to her face. Hence, she seems younger.”

Xue Jiao still looked shocked, but as soon as the food was fed into her mouth, she had no time to think about it anymore.

It’s too delicious!

How can it be so delicious!!

She did not know how the fish was cooked. Once it entered the mouth, it melted, leaving only a mouthful of its fragrance in her mouth, which made her reluctant to open her mouth.

The other dishes are also all kinds of exquisite dishes, as well as exquisite plates and shapes. They are extremely beautiful combined with the blue and white porcelain sets.

Xue Jiao buried her head to eat bitterly.

Lin Zhihua’s mouth carried a smile, while he clipped dishes for her, and said: “You should eat more, you are too thin.”

Xue Jiao continued to bury her head and nodded. As soon as Lin Zhihua saw that her bowl did not have dishes, he would clip food for her. Once the food is done, he would pour a bowl of soup and once the soup is done, he continues to clip food for her.

It can be said that she did not take the whole process, Lin Zhihua raised his mouth and gave her a clip like this, a clip like that.

This meal made Xue Jiao feel a little suspicious of her life.

However, the most important aspect is that she is now bloated.

She was half-paralyzed without an image, and her face was full of satisfaction.

Lin Zhihua felt it was a little funny and asked her, “Was it delicious?”

Xue Jiao’s head nodded continuously, her mouth matching: “Very delicious! !”

Lin Zhihua pretended to be totally unconcerned and said: “If you win the prize this time, then you are guaranteed a spot. No matter whether you are guaranteed a spot or you are taking the college entrance examination, you can choose a school in Beijing, and you will have the opportunity to eat here in the future.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes brightened and she murmured: “It was originally Beijing……”

Lin Zhihua’s smile grew stronger.

“It tasted so good! But I’m very bloated.” She looked at her phone again. “It’s almost time.”

“You want to head back?”

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“En, my brother set a time for me.”


Lin Zhihua’s heart is clear, but he did not say this, shifting a topic: “Let’s head around, to digest some food, and then we can take the car to send you back.”

Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed: “It was said that I would invite you, but in the end, I have wasted so much of your time!”

Lin Zhihua shook his head, thinking, how is this wasting, this is——what I cannot beg for.

“Let’s go, head around.”

Xue Jiao stood up, taking a sip of tea on the way, and then asked, “What kind of tea is this? It’s so delicious!”

“Longjing from before the Ming Dynasty.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She looked at the teapot which was placed casually on the side, and the bland teapot. Then she poured herself another cup in silence, drinking it in one gulp.

The cost of this meal……she may not even be able to afford it……

The corners of Lin Zhihua’s mouth that raised never declined and he asked her with a light smile: “Do you like it? Should I get you a box? “

Xue Jiao’s two hands did not stop waving, her face unwilling.

Then she choked out a sentence: “Cattle chewing on peony.*”

*Idiom – Not being able to appreciate beautiful things

Lin Zhihua’s mouth became even more curved to the point that his eyes narrowed together.

The corners of his mouth did not come down during his stay with her.

After walking for a while, they went out. The landlady seemed to know that they were finished eating and stood in the corridor waiting for them.

“Sister, I want to pay, thank you.” Xue Jiao is a little embarrassed, but she said that she will invite Lin Zhihua. In addition, she ate most of the food today, so no matter what, she had to pay for it.

“Your little mouth is so sweet.” The woman seemed very happy. It’s true, she’s in her forties, letting a teenager called sister, is truly a happy event!

Xue Jiao blushes a little, peeping at the woman’s face.

Lin Zhihua noticed her sight and coughed unhappily.

The boss lady pursed her mouth and continued to look at Xue Jiao, while saying with a smile “A total of 888.”

“So little? !” Xue Jiao was shocked, “This wouldn’t even be enough for the tea right?”

The woman was happy, “This little girl is quite funny. Didn’t Zhihua tell you that he was the one to place the tea here?”

Xue Jiao is even more surprised and thought, no wonder Lin Zhihua asked her whether she wanted to take a box with her.

“But……it wouldn’t be enough for the other costs either, right……”

Xue Jiao is telling the truth. She really doesn’t think it was enough. Although she didn’t have much insight in her last life, it didn’t mean that she doesn’t have a brain.

“The soup is free for you. The others are all planted and raised by ourselves. There is no problem with the price. What do you worry about, sister is a businessman, so how would I let myself lose money?” The woman raised her brows.

She suddenly became strong. Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly took out her purse.

“Ai yah yah, you are such a young lady, why are you so out of fashion? Pay by mobile phone. Come on, add a WeChat.” She took out her phone, and Xue Jiao also busied away to take out her own. She added the other as a friend then transferred the money over.

After paying, Lin Zhihua left with Xue Jiao.

Xiao Wang came over and said with a tangled expression, “Boss……this is too much of a loss. These are all our famous dishes. 888 isn’t even enough to enter the door……” These materials are all expensive. The ingredients are indeed planted and grown on our own, but it is all transported by plane every day!!!

The boss glared at her: “Xiao Wang, when I work, you don’t have to worry about it.”

She suffered a loss here, but Lin Zhihua will naturally make up for her loss in other places.

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