WFILTU Chapter 142 – Meal V

She thought this while twisting herself into the first room.

“Kui Ma, have you seen it? You can rest assured about Zhihua right?”

An old lady was sitting by the window. The window was just beside the place they had their conversation. However, it was just closed, so they didn’t know.

The old lady continuously nodded and asked anxiously, “Is it really Zhihua’s sweetheart?”

The woman laughed: “If this wasn’t a sweetheart, my head can be twisted off and be kicked like a ball! Ever since coming in with this girl, the smile from the corners of his mouth has not been suppressed. He even especially greeted me, meaning to lessen the cost. When I asked if it was his niece? His face blackened to the color of carbon! Can it even not be a sweetheart? It’s just that she’s still too young! “

As soon as the old lady heard the truth, her eyes narrowed with laughter.

“It’s a good girl! A good girl”

“Oh, you* can even perceive that she’s good?”

*formal you

The old lady sighed and said, “Zhihua has finally come to the end of his misery.”

The woman nodded when she heard this.

At least he knows how to become happy. He used to be like a humanoid machine.

This person lives a lifetime, and did not even have “joy”. What is the meaning of living?


Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao don’t know what happened later on. Xue Jiao was in a good mood all the way. Thinking about it, it’s natural to be happy. She can give money and eat a delicious meal, she has already experienced maximum happiness.

Lin Zhihua didn’t have those feelings. He just saw Xue Jiao smiling, and he couldn’t help smiling along with her.

But his smile is very shallow, if they were not to carefully observe, they wouldn’t be able to tell!

Xue Jiao has a curfew at eight o’clock. No matter how reluctant he is, the car has to arrive at the door of the hotel at eight o’clock.

Then, Lin Zhihua’s mood became a little low. His original flying heart returned back to its previous silence and even carried some reluctance.

“Then I’ll go first!” Xue Jiao turned her head to greet.

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“En.” Lin Zhihua nodded.

Xue Jiao just opened the door and got off, but Lin Zhihua made a noise——


She turned her head back: “What’s the matter?” she asked suspiciously

“It’s nothing.” Lin Zhihua shook his head, and pulled out a slight smile, “Goodbye, pay attention to your safety, see you next time when there’s a chance.”

“Great! See you next time!” Xue Jiao was smiling with light in her eyes. She only praised the beautiful eyes of the female boss, but she did not know that her own eyes were particularly bright.

Burning with the light of young, hot, and scorching.

It’s like having unlimited expectations, dreams, and pursuits for the future.

Lin Zhihua nodded and stared straightforwardly at her back.

She’s still too small. Besides dreams of the future in the heart, there’s nothing else.

He can only wait patiently, waiting for the bloom.


Xue Jiao returned on time, Cheng Mingze did not say anything, only watched her enter her room, before returning to his room.

They set out on the 27th of December on the lunar calendar and arrived home at noon on the 27th of December.

Li Sitong brought the brother and sister pair to go shopping to buy New Year’s products. Cheng Shuo’s company has an annual meeting this evening and will officially have a holiday tomorrow.

In fact, most of the New Year’s products have been bought by the auntie. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong gave her a holiday in advance to let her head home for New Year’s Eve. She was grateful and bought the New Year’s products for home in advance.

If they have anything else to buy, they have to buy it themselves.

“Mingze, Jiao Jiao, there is an annual business meeting on the night of the 29th. Your father said that you would go with us this year.” While shopping around, Li Sitong suddenly said this.

In fact, there used to be this annual meeting every year. The top-ranked personnel in W City would attend the annual meeting with their children.

Li Sitong used to didn’t want to bring Xue Jiao for fear of humiliation.

Without Gu Xuejiao, Cheng Shuo also doesn’t bring Cheng Mingze. Otherwise, Xue Jiao would be at home alone, and they would leave her to head to the party, but Cheng Shuo was unwilling.

This is the first time that Xue Jiao has attended the annual meeting.

Basically, they both frowned and said together——

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