SOOEW Chapter 112 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXV

Even if her personality and thoughts yearned for a new world. In the end, there was a moral boundary. He did not expect that she would really be willing to.

So after the initial uncontrollable excitement, he began to look for clues to her change. When he learned the truth, he had a feeling of admiration for her.

The purpose of Mi Xi’s friendship towards her is not pure. Even though the other side shows no harm to human beings and animals, her gesture of wandering around the world makes him feel a hard to explain premonition. He once thought that Wen Ying was deceived by the other party’s rhetoric, but after admonishment, he did not intervene further. After all, she had her own right to make friends.

Only when he saw the divorce agreement which his father had insisted on not signing lay quietly in her drawer, did he realize that she not only understood, but also thought very clearly.

Since she doesn’t like his father, why should she care about the woman around him? So she never minded Mi Xi as her friend. When she thought the time was right, she used Mi Xi’s influence on Shao Getian to achieve her goal.

“Our Suo’er is so strong.” His head leaned down, and gently rubbed against her nose. Once again, he kissed her, unable to tolerate her mind treating him clearly. He only controlled the atmosphere to become even more ambiguous.

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She was like a ball of flour, which he vigorously kneaded between the soft quilt. Her delicate cheongsam buttons were untied, her hair was disorderly, her neck was gently tilted back, and her face was crimson, which was very attractive compared to her ascetic and conservative appearance.

Wen Ying let out a light “um” sound. When the strength he used to knead her waist increased, her breath became slightly disorderly, “I still can’t……”

“Why?”  Being interrupted several times, the man’s patience is about to run out, his wolf eyes fiercely fixated on her.

She said instead, “……I’m not feeling well.” He had to lift up his heart, afraid that he was crushing her, and also backed away a little.

“Where are you uncomfortable?”

She stretched out her arm to show him. It was snow-white, covered with small marks after being stimulated. “It’s swelling.”

He was slightly stunned, and then he couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” She hit him on the shoulder and looked at him discontentedly, “You are not allowed to laugh!”

“I didn’t laugh. I am just happy.”

“……I’m not feeling well. Yet, you are happy? “

“Fool, I suddenly feel lucky to have Mi Xi’s existence. Thanks to her, my father can’t see you.” He chuckled and went to kiss her arm, enjoying the trembling appearance of the person under him. The more he kissed, the more he liked her, “You are not uncomfortable. You just extremely like how I treat you……”

Wen Ying bit her lips, bearing his stormy offensive, but she still did not forget to murmur at him: “You don’t want any face……”

Shao Yifeng also felt willing to be scolded. She doesn’t understand anything, so she could only let him teach her.

Fortunately, the night is still long and they have a lot of time.

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