WFILTU Chapter 144 – Meal VII

Once the words fell, Li Sitong and Cheng Mingge looked at her in surprise, as if they heard something incredible.

Gu Jingxu was so angry that he glared, “Then what about me?”

“I don’t recognize.”

Gu Jingxu has provided no debt of gratitude to Xue Jiao, and didn’t provide much for the original owner, Gu Xuejiao either. These three words have caused zero guilty consciences in Xue Jiao.

“What’s wrong with you? Where’s your etiquette? Is this what your mother has taught you? !” Gu Jingxu was angry.

Li Sitong blew up.

“Gu Jingxu! What do you mean by this? !”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes were wide open: “I don’t mean much! You see what you teach your daughter all day! “

Several assistants were embarrassed enough to die. Although the two people’s affairs were always known, however, this mess still made them unsure of what to do!

The assistant who first received Li Sitong said with a stiff head: “Madam Li, Mister Gu, please don’t quarrel anymore!”

Immediately, both sides put away their voices.

After all, there were outsiders. Even if Gu Jingxu, Li Sitong, and Wu Wanjun were enemies, they still temporarily tried to suppress it.

“The designer’s new clothes are more suitable for these children’s styles. Would you like me to show them to you first? Once Lisa comes out and you can take another glance? ” The assistant asked tentatively.

The few people did not speak. Now it’s just gunpowder igniting.

“Take it out.” Cheng Mingze said.

As if the assistants were granted amnesty, they all hurried inside to get the clothes.

Gu Shiyun looked at Cheng Mingze with a bright eye, pretending not to feel embarrassed, and asked with a smile, “Brother Mingze also comes to see the clothes?”

Cheng Mingze nodded. Gu Jingxu was not happy just by seeing his daughter and those with the surname Cheng speaking: “Shiyun!”

Gu Shiyun immediately stopped speaking to Cheng Mingze. She looked towards Gu Xuejiao and was somewhat surprised: “Sister is going to the party this year, too? I haven’t seen sister go before. We can dance together this year!”

She said this happily, smiling while speaking to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao sneered: “Gu Shiyun, I feel like you can’t understand human words. I have said it many times before. Please don’t call me sister. My mother didn’t give birth to you.”

“Gu Xuejiao! ! !” Gu Jingxu was angry again.

It’s not that he likes to be angry, but Gu Xuejiao was really irritating people! Shiyun was inviting her with goodwill, yet she responded with such sarcasm.

“What are you yelling for!” Li Sitong is not willing to be outdone.

Xue Jiao is right. Gu Shiyun’s phrase of sister pricked her ears. In the past, Gu Xuejiao often stayed with that mother and daughter pair when she was not sensible. Now she is sensible and knows to avoid them. She can only be happy!

“Jingxu, don’t be angry……” Wu Wanjun held Gu Jingxu’s arm, and gently admonished him.

Wu Wanjun was happy in her heart. She was not afraid of Gu Jingxu and Li Sitong making a scene in public.  Anyway, the entire circle knows that she is a mistress, and her face has long been gone!

The worse the relationship between Gu Jingxu and the Li Sitong mother-daughter relationship was, the less Gu Xuejiao will receive of Gu Jingxu’s property in the future!

Everything will be Shiyun’s!

Gu Jingxu heard the admonition, and also thought that so many people were watching. He eased his mood and held Wu Wanjun closer.

Although she laughed gently, her posture does not fail to exhibit her happiness the entire time of her man spending time shopping with her.

Li Sitong’s husband did not accompany her!

The assistant was afraid of something wrong happening, so she went in and looked for Lisa.

“Aiyah, how can the distinguished guests come together today?” A woman with short hair and fashionable high heels stepped. She smiled confidently and looked good.

Wu Wanjun spoke in front of Li Sitong and said, “It’s like this, the gift before for Shiyun is broken, so I can only come to buy one urgently. Can you help me pick it out? Do you have any recommendations?”

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If it were someone else, she would let them go ahead, but it just had to be Wu Wanjun!

Li Sitong just doesn’t want to let go!

“Lisa, we should have come first. It’s a matter of first come first serve, right?” Li Sitong gave a skin-deep smile while looking at the opposing person.

Lisa paused, then said with a smile, “That’s correct.”

She thought about it for a moment, but didn’t want to offend Gu Jingxu. She said with a smile, “These clothes have just been designed. Let’s see if you guys have any favorite styles! We can take a look at it together. I will provide you guys with an analysis. “

Lisa had a brilliant smile. She didn’t want to offend any of them.

“Lisa, don’t you want the first come first served rule?” Li Sitong said quietly.

“This——” Lisa turned to look at Gu Jingxu and hesitated.

“It’s fine, mom. Originally we were the ones who came later. Let them go first. I’m not in a hurry.” Gu Shiyun has a broad smile, warm and soft, which makes people feel heartache at a glance.

Li Sitong was angry!

Obviously, they came first. How did they say it in the end like it was their fault?

This Gu Shiyun! What a bad thing!

Li Sitong just wanted to leave but also felt that leaving in front of so many people has a little bit of the feeling of fleeing. She doesn’t want to end up in such dire straits!

“Lisa, then we’ll go first.” The two people inside also came out. It was a man and a woman, Gu Jingxu’s eyes brightened.

Yi Dafa!

“Boss Yi!” He grinned and went forward to shake hands.

Yi Dafa shook the hand back and said with a polite smile, “Hello, hello.”

As soon as the two hands were released, the corner of his view saw Li Sitong standing on the other side, and his eyes brightened.

“Classmate Gu Xuejiao!!!”

Gu Xuejiao was also stunned for a moment, and then returned a smile: “Uncle Yi!”


Mother Yi was stunned for a moment, and her eyes suddenly brightened: “Aiyah, you should be the deskmate of my son Yi Tianyu! Oh, my, what a beautiful child!”

She turned to Li Sitong and said, “This should be Xue Jiao’s mother right? And this one Xue Jiao’s brother? “

“That’s right.” Several people shook hands with a smile.

Looking at the ugly faces of Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun, Li Sitong suddenly wanted to smile.

You see, you want to flatter people, but because of Xue Jiao, the other would take the initiative to come over and greet!

Li Sitong smiled brightly.

Mother Yi didn’t care about these. She only cared about pulling Xue Jiao: “Oh, what a lovely person. I want to take her home as soon as I see her! Are you here to view the dresses? “

“Yes, Mama Yi.”

Mother Yi laughed even more brightly: “Come come, Mama Yi will help you to choose! Oh, how can this girl attract so many people’s care!”

Mother Yi’s intimacy made Xue Jiao’s eyes twitch and she smiled awkwardly.

Lisa naturally hastened to entertain them. How could Wu Wanjun and they be cared for. With only the assistant’s reply made them unable to hang on their faces and they left in anger.

Li Sitong smiled even more happily!


Mother Yi really helped to choose a dress. The opinions of Mother Yi, Li Sitong and Lisa were combined. Finally, they selected a bright red dress with feathers for Xue Jiao. It didn’t look like the best one, but Xue Jiao was gorgeous when she wore it.

Li Sitong thanked Mother Yi with Xue Jiao and left happily with the clothes.

“I really like this girl!” Sitting in the car, Mother Yi is still talking.

Yi Dafa nodded: “I know, I know, you have said this the entire way.”

“Excuse me! You’re not allowing me to speak? “

Yi Dafa admitted loss: “No, no, no, you can say whatever.”

In the evening, Yi Tianyu went home with a basketball.

Mother Yi ate an apple and said, “Son, let’s go to the annual meeting on the evening of the 29th.”

“I already said that I would not go.” Yi Tianyu refused mercilessly. He hated these occasions the most and preferred to play games alone at home.

Mother Yi took another bite of the apple and said quietly, “Your classmate, Gu Xuejiao, will also go.”

The author has something to say:

Lin Zhihua: I had food together with Xue Jiao!

Cheng Mingze:……I eat together every day.

Yi Tianyu:……We eat together in the canteen.

Lin Zhihua:…………………………………….

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