WFILTU Chapter 145 – Annual Event I

Gu Xuejiao is going too?!

Yi Tianyu was stunned for the moment. He was still holding the basketball in his hand and standing stiffly in the same place.

After a moment, he turned his neck and stiffly said——

“I’d better go with you. It’s pretty embarrassing that you haven’t had children to accompany you to attend the annual event in recent years.”

Mother Yi: “……”

She swallowed and said coldly, “Then I will have to thank you instead.”

“Mom, you’re welcome. It’s my duty to be filial to you.” Yi Tianyu took a few shots with the basketball while laughing. He seemed very happy.

He didn’t find it himself, but when he heard that Xue Jiao was going, his mood was flying.

Mother Yi didn’t endure and smashed over the apple——

“Roll away!”

He patted the ball and was ready to go up the stairs. The paused at the entrance to the staircase.

“By the way, mom, how do you know she’s going?”

Mother Yi slowly picked up an apple again and said, “Mom and your dad went to get the  clothes today. Coincidentally, I met her, and even helped her pick out a dress. It’s a deep red with a neckline. It’s very pretty! Extremely beautiful! Xue Jiao is thin and her shoulders are exposed……”

“Wu——” Yi Tianyu held his head high and rushed up the stairs.

His movements were very big, even Yi Dafa was alarmed. He ran out of the room and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mother Yi blinked and said after a long while——

“Young people are very energetic. We’ll eat bitter gourd starting tomorrow——”Yi Dafa: “……”

Shit, this grandpa doesn’t like to eat bitter gourd either!

Day of December 29.

“Son! Are you all done yet? ” Yi Dafa shouted from downstairs.

“Soon, soon!” Mother Yi came down, completed with delicate make-up and a beautiful dress. Yi Dafa went up and placed her coat on her.

“Why is this boy so slow?”

Mother Yi shook her head, and said helplessly, “This boy is just like you used to be. He is very nervous when he sees his sweetheart. He has been trying on clothes.”

Yi Dafa laughed heihei: “If he doesn’t work hard, how can he get a wife?”

After waiting for a while, Yi Dafa asked——

“Has he finished trying it on now?”

“He’s wearing a blue suit, and he should be styling his hair now.” Mother Yi is also helpless. This boy heading out is more troublesome than a girl!

Yi Dafa was surprised: “Wasn’t his hair already settled? And doesn’t he not like blue suits? “

“Who understands him!”


Yi Tianyu tidied up his brand new blue suit. The boy in the mirror was handsome and full of spirit.

He grinned at the mirror——

Ever since ancient times, red and blue produce CPs.

It’s perfect. Very handsome.

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Cheng family.

“Jiao Jiao?”

“Coming, coming!” Xue Jiao came out while holding her skirt. “Mom, will it be troublesome to have loose hair? Can I tie it up?”

There was no sound. Xue Jiao looked up, three people were staring at her in surprise.

“What’s the matter?” She felt a little unnatural.

“Beautiful! My daughter is so beautiful!” Li Sitong went up.

They tried the skirt on last time, but they were outside that day, and her hair was tied up. She even looked a little less spirited because she was tired from walking.

However, today is not the same. The red dress with a feather skirt that fell to the lower leg, the belt was tied, her waist smaller than a grip, made her appear extremely petite.

Her hair was spread, her shoulder exposed, and her black hair approached her waist, randomly scattered.

She embarrassedly smiled, her appearance like a picture.

Cheng Mingze paused for a long time before saying: “Did you apply makeup?”

Before Xue Jiao said anything, Li Sitong replied with a smile, “No, I have only trimmed her eyebrows. Our family’s Jiao Jiao has black eyebrows. After a simple correction, it’s like a painting. Also, her eyelashes are thick. If we just curl them gently, they will curl upwards.”

While she said this, as if she thought of something, she brought out a lipstick, and gently smeared it on the lips of Xue Jiao.

“Come, spread it out.  You are still young, so we’ll just apply a little bit. This way there’s a little bit of color.” Li Sitong said it like this.

This was the first time that Xue Jiao has put on lipstick. She was embarrassed to spread it.

A face that was originally picturesque, suddenly became charming.

Li Sitong sometimes thinks that her daughter is even more beautiful than when she was young. Gu Jingxu really has some responsibility for her genes.

That guy has a bad character, but he has a good face.

When she was young, she was a rich young maiden. She only admitted that man because of his face.

After that, there were not many happy days.

But she was glad that she met the right person for the rest of her life, and Jiao Jiao was still with her……

“Put on your coat.” Cheng Mingze said it like so.

“Yes, that’s right, it’s still cold outside. Wear your coat, you can take it off when we arrive.”

When Xue Jiao put on her down jacket, Cheng Mingze immediately turned around.

“Let’s go.” He felt that he had been too absorbed just now, but this was obviously not right.

When he regained his spirits, he couldn’t help but turn around.

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