WFILTU Chapter 146 – Annual Event II

The Cheng family sat down to head to the place where the annual event was held. It was a little far away, so it took a long time to get there.

As soon as they got out of the car, several people came forward to greet them. Cheng Shuo handed the key over to the doorman. Li Sitong took out the invitation card and handed it to the older man in the middle.

The other side didn’t even glance at it, but said with a smile, “Mister Cheng, Madam Li, Young Master Cheng and Miss Gu, please come inside.”

Li Sitong nodded and laughed. Cheng Shuo shook hands with him: “Uncle Jin, you* can continue. Let’s go first.”

*polite form of you


Several people smiled while heading in. Cheng Shuo explained in a low voice next to Cheng Mingze.

Li Sitong explained in a low voice in Xue Jiao’s ear: “This is the Secretary for the W City Chamber of Commerce. Almost all people who work in business circles have to give him some face. His surname is Jin, and he has the same surname as Mister Jin, who is the sponsor of the Chamber of Commerce. He was a servant in his early years. Later, he became an adopted son. He has been working for Mister Jin. He is very loyal. Mister Jin is the person in charge of the Chamber of Commerce. His father is one of the first people in China to go into business, leaving a huge estate. Mister Jin is also good at business. You can just call him Uncle Jin later. “

Li Sitong didn’t want to tell Xue Jiao about these business circles earlier. This was what Cheng Shuo informed me before heading out today.

He thinks that children should know this when they are older. The family was just mixing in this circle. He doesn’t know whether children care or don’t care, but they should say something.

Xue Jiao nodded. She hasn’t seen these things in her last life. She doesn’t plan to go into business in this life, but she can still listen to gossip.

Several people were taken in by the waiter, the temperature began to rise, and a man and a woman came up to take their coats.

They only went into the innermost meeting place after all this.

“Aiyo! Old Cheng! You have come!” A middle-aged man with a big beard came up.

“Ha ha ha!” Cheng Shuo hastened to step forward, “Mister Jin! Truly long time no see!”

“It’s you, Old Cheng, who is too busy to care about me!”

“No no. It’s Mister Jin who is too busy. I can’t squeeze into your busy schedule.” Cheng Shuo jokes, such a “complaint” is not offensive at all.

They also held hands as if they were in a good relationship.

Xue Jiao only knew now that Uncle Cheng is usually like this.

They exchanged greetings. After Mrs. Jin came up to shake hands with Li Sitong, they placed their eyes on Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao.

“The young master and the young lady are talented people! Old Cheng, you are sure fortunate! “

“No no. Mister Jin, your* daughter is the true legend!”

*formal you

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“Uncle Cheng praised falsely.” A woman in a fishtail skirt came over with a smile and a glass in her hand. It was obvious that she had just exchanged greetings with others.

“This is your sister Jin Sui, Jin Sui. You take care of the two children, especially Xue Jiao. The little girl is still young.” Mister Jin patted Jin Sui on the shoulder.

Jin Sui said with a smile, “Hello, younger sister Xue Jiao.”

“Hello, sister Jin Sui.” Xue Jiao smiled slightly, although she was shy, but she looked generous and decent.

The two of the Jin family nodded to themselves.

Cheng Shuo’s stepdaughter, who appeared at the banquet for the first time, looked pretty and had good manners.

The couple of people clinked their cups to drink a little bit. It has to be said that Jin Sui was really considerate. From early on, she had already let a person carry juice over for Xue Jiao.

Mister Jin left after drinking and went to receive his other friends.

Li Sitong slightly tilted her head and explained next to Xue Jiao——

“Jin Sui graduated from Peking University, went on a 2+3 program, and studied in Oxford for three years. When she came back, she joined his father’s company and took over her father’s position. Although she was young, her strength was very strong.”

Xue Jiao was slightly surprised, this powerful?!

She looked so young, yet she was already so powerful?

At this time, there was someone else who came. They were all bringing along their families. Xue Jiao couldn’t leave and could only follow along and socialize.

Far away.

“Wei wei, old man Yi.” Yi Tianyu yelled in a low voice, then hit his father in the back.

Mother Yi turned her head and glared at him: “Don’t make a fuss. Your father is socializing.”

Yi Tianyu didn’t speak and protruded his lips towards the distance.

Mother Yi looked over in doubt, and then looked back at him.

Then she turned her head and said with a smile, “For sure, for sure. We’ll have a good chat later.”

The other side also understood, and immediately said goodbye with a smile.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Dafa asked.

“Your son’s little deskmate is here, and he’s out of his mind.”

Yi Dafa: “……”

“I’ve only heard of girls being extroverted. Why are you a man and……”

“Don’t say nonsense!” Yi Tianyu became angry.

“Alright, I won’t say anymore. You can go over there by yourself. If I’m too enthusiastic, people will spread gossip saying that our two families want to merge by marriage, which will have a bad influence on everyone.” Yi Dafa finished speaking, and let Yi Tianyu go over by himself.

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