WFILTU Chapter 147 – Annual Event III

Yi Tianyu dawdled for a while, slowly approaching.

After three groups of people in a row have passed, Cheng Shuo said to Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao, “if you guys are too tired, go and have a rest. There is a sofa in the corner over there. Or, how about Mingze bring Xue Jiao to meet some friends. You have been here several times before. By the way, remember to bring Xue Jiao to eat. “


Cheng Shuo brought Li Sitong and plunged into the crowd.

“Let’s have some cake first.” Cheng Mingze looked at Xue Jiao.

It seemed to be a question, but it was also an imperative sentence.

“……Alright. “

But in fact, just as the two people went to the place with a variety of cakes, someone stopped Cheng Mingze.

“Mingze! You, this lad, finally knows to come. You xuebas don’t even know how to make an appointment this year? ” It was a boy about the same age as Cheng Mingze, followed by several men and women.

Gu Shiyun was also there.

She looked like a fairy in a long white dress.

“Isn’t it because I’m busy.” Cheng Mingze laughed, “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Seeing that they wanted to greet each other, Xue Jiao walked forward and stopped in front of the food.

At this kind of occasion, the appearance of eating can’t be too ugly. Xue Jiao took a small piece of cake, it was really small, and directly fed into her mouth.

Not too bad.

She picked up a second piece.

“Hey——” a sudden cry in her ear made Xue Jiao almost faint.

“Yi Tian Yu! ! !”

“Ai, what are you calling your brother for?” Yi Tianyu laughed and threw a piece of cake that Xue Jiao just ate into his mouth.

“This sweet? Do you like this kind of food? “

Xue Jiao was currently angry, and glared with big eyes: “It’s none of your business!”

Yi Tianyu continued to smile and approach her——

“Dressed……not too bad, but your words are still so rude. Nerd, how can you have the time to join this meeting today? No more studying? “

He laughed as his sight fell on Xue Jiao’s lip, stupefied.

Her lip shape was very good-looking, also very small, now slightly red, looked……

Very beautiful.

Yi Tianyu took two gulps of the red wine nearby.

Xue Jiao puffed up——

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“If I want to come then I will come.”

As she said this, she continued to eat a small cake. Yi Tianyu, this person, commonly known as——

Deserves to be beaten.

“Wei wei wei, don’t dress so well and come here anymore, it’s boring.”

“En?” Xue Jiao raised her brows.

“I used to hate coming here the most!”

“Then why are you here today?”

Yi Tianyu: “……my mother begged me.”

“Jiao Jiao!” Cheng Mingze’s voice had two points of anxiety. Xue Jiao turned back, and saw him hurrying over.

“You scared me to death!” His voice was a little nervous.

Xue Jiao gave an embarrassed smile: “That……I’m sorry. I saw that you were busy before, so I came here first. “

Cheng Mingze’s voice was filled with helplessness: “Don’t do this in the future.”


“This person is?” Cheng Mingze’s sight was on Yi Tianyu.

Xue Jiao quickly introduced: “This is my deskmate Yi Tianyu, this is my brother, Cheng Mingze.”

Cheng Mingze slightly frowned, Yi Tianyu grinned——

“Hello, brother. I’m Yi Tianyu.”


Cheng Mingze’s face was a little ugly, but he wanted face, so he just nodded and laughed, and did not speak.

“Mingze, what are you running away for so fast?” The man who stopped Cheng Mingze before came over, and he just glanced at Xue Jiao, “You won’t lose your sister. Look at how nervous you are.”

She didn’t know why, but Xue Jiao felt that man was not very friendly to her.

Cheng Mingze smiled and explained, “This is my friend Zheng Lijin, this is my sister Gu Xuejiao, and this is her classmate, Yi……yi……”

“Yi Tianyu.” Yi Tianyu exposed a smile. He is a good-looking man. When he smiles, he is sunny and handsome. In addition, his surname is Yi……

“Hello, Student Tianyu. You can call me brother Lijin. We’ve met before.” He had a good smile and looked easy to get along with, but he never said hello to his friend’s sister.

They all were not stupid.

Cheng Mingze frowned slightly.

Yi Tianyu raised his brows and laughed: “Why don’t you just let me call you brother Jing?”

How thick skinned.

Zheng Lijin was stunned for a moment, and could not figure out what he meant. He only said,

“Tianyu is really a jokester.”

Yi Tianyu does not speak, his hand was in his pocket and he stood on his tiptoes.

“Minmin, you guys come here.” Zheng Lijin gently waved to the other side, and Gu Shiyun and the two men and three women came over.

“This is my sister Zheng Limin, and this is her friends, Qiu Yijia and Gu Shiyun. This is my and Mingze’s friend Jiang Yijin and Yu Weiping.”

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    • Not in another 2 years? Or at least one and a half years.
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