SOOEW Chapter 115 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXVIII

Shao Yifeng was holding the bottom of his trousers, and currently rinsing his pet dog in the courtyard. The big dog shook the water all over his body, but he only laughed and rubbed its head.

Because he was too relaxed, he didn’t realize when Shao Tingyu approached him. Without precaution, a gun suddenly butted his head.

“Shao Tingyu? What are you doing? ” His expression did not change, but his smile faded, and the frightened valet led the dog away.

Shao Tingyu threw the cuff in front of him, “You know it in your heart!”

“Oh……” Shao Yifeng let out a meaningful sigh, with some laughter. What he said was true. The only thing that can let the other party lose their sense, was probably only Wen Ying. He dusted the water off his clothes and said, “Somethings that you can’t do doesn’t mean I can’t. Just because you dare not, doesn’t mean that I dare not. “

These words greatly stimulated Shao Tingyu’s nerves, but before he pulled the trigger, Shao Yifeng’s eyes lit up, and stretched out his hand towards Wen Ying, who had rushed over, “Suo’er, come and save me!” His attitude was so carefree as if he didn’t believe that he would really dare to do it.

Wen Ying glared at him and told him not to be arrogant.

Sure enough, the next moment, he was pressed down into the ground by the infuriated Shao Tingyu. His head was pressed against the lawn, and the gun was still against his temple.

“Beast!” Shao Tingyu scolded angrily.

“Shao Tingyu!” Wen Ying grasped the barrel of the gun and looked at him directly: “You have grown up, so you don’t want to listen to me anymore, right?”

He didn’t speak.

“Did I teach you like this before? If you are not happy, you can casually kill people? Did I teach you to bully unarmed people? And what you learned in the army is just to deal with your own brother? ” She gave him a sharp rebuke.

Until he reluctantly let go of the other, looked at her and said, “No……”

Wen Ying snatched the gun in his hand and threw it away, but his eyes were so aggrieved that she sighed and held him in her arms like when he was a child, “Xiao Hu, you have to know what you are doing.” She paused. “Regardless of whether there is or isn’t me.”

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On the lawn, the man was kneeling down on one knee and was held in the arms by a woman. She patted his back placidly. He changed from his wild appearance and became quiet and docile.

However, no one knows what he is thinking in his heart.

Shao Yifeng is relieved. He knew that the other party would not shoot, not because of his own identity or ability, but because he knew that as long as she was there, their guns might not be able to aim at each other for a lifetime.

Because if they really kill each other, it means that they will lose her.

But he saw Wen Ying hold him in her embrace, showing a concern that she had never had when she was with him, he also had a subtle uneasiness in his mind.


Even though Shao Tingyu didn’t shoot at the last minute, ever since then, he seems to have grown in the military camp and rarely returned to the commander’s mansion.

After a while, the situation became tense. There were gangs in Chen province and warlords in neighboring provinces that expanded and suppressed them outside. In addition, Shao Getian, the commander, was eroded by wine and lust when he was middle-aged, and fell into an awkward situation for a moment. Chen province has suffered several defeats, and the army has been defeated and retreated. It seems that it will not be able to defend the important checkpoint.

Shao Yifeng, as the lieutenant, was ordered to shoulder the heavy responsibility and was to lead his troops to the front line.

In the mansion, Wen Ying has already prepared his luggage for him, and the two said their final goodbyes.

“You should be if you stay in the commander’s mansion, but it’s not good if you don’t know the situation outside either……” He pondered, “I’ll leave Luo Cheng for you. If you have something to do, you can ask him to do it. If you want any information, you can have him look it up. I see that you have been paying attention to Fang Tongkai recently. Did you want to do something? “

“It’s nothing. Seeing that you are fighting against him and adding on that Mi Xi is involved with him, I naturally want to understand more.”

Shao Yifeng was thoughtful, but not too inquisitive, and only said: “I have more comprehensive information here, and will let Luo Cheng give it to you.”

“Alright……” Wen Ying arranged his collar for him.

She knew that in the original track, he took over the unfinished business of his father. At least in this battle, there would be no accident. However, the existence of her and Mi Xi are two accidents. Originally, the relationship between the warlords and gangs were friendly, but now it has evolved into a hostile relationship. She even suspected Mi Xi was the reason that exacerbated the deterioration, which also made the situation of Chen province critical.

So at this time, when he went out, her right eye jumped slightly, as if there was a bad omen.

Shao Yifeng naturally saw that she was full of worries. He laughed and took her hand to kiss it. “Don’t worry, I will return safely.”

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