SOOEW Chapter 116 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXIX

After about three months, the news of the victory came from the frontlines, and Wen Ying placed down the stone in her heart just like the others.

On this day, the clouds came in and the sky hung low, showing the trend of wind and rain. Luo Cheng paced over, rushing again to the residence, but more in a hurry than ever before. He was someone who experienced the storm with Shao Yifeng before, but Wen Ying has never seen his face so ugly before.


“What’s wrong, Deputy Luo?”

“It’s too late!” He seems to have completely forgotten the difference between men and women. He grabbed Wen Ying’s hand. “Madam should go with me first, or it will be too late later.”

Wen Ying frowned. Of course she would not let him bring herself away like this, “Explain  clearly first!”

Adjutant Luo quickly turned around to explain to her. A flash of lightning lit up the sky, shining through the glass window, onto his startled face, reflecting a pale color.

“The second young master wants to kill his father!”



The car drove all the way into the barracks, but Wen Ying still didn’t return to her senses.

“You said that Xiao Hu wants to kill the commander. Why?”

Deputy Luo looked uneasy, but he still had to explain to her, “Madam, ever since ancient times, what is the purpose of mutiny? Power, money, beauty……”

Wen Ying shook her head, “But how will he persuade the public?”

Deputy Luo looked at her and sighed: “Speaking of it, even the young commander has never thought of it. The young commander once told me that the second young master is not a thing of the pool, and his mind is not in the Shao family. In another six or seven years, He is afraid that he will set up his own house and even change the situation in the world. “

Wen Ying couldn’t help but think that Shao Tingyu really started from about 25 years old. With the help of the influence of other provinces, step by step, he became an influential figure.

“But we didn’t expect it to come so fast! To be honest with Madam, it was not only the powerful men in the army who were moved by him, but also the Kong family, who he had offended before and even Fang Tongkai worked together with him! If it wasn’t for the mutiny, I’m afraid our people still won’t know……” As he said this, he shivered with slight fright.

After hearing this, Wen Ying couldn’t help thinking of his angry appearance.

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Since things have already come so far, she can no longer deceive herself. What he thinks, she may be able to understand one or two points……she hadn’t raised this child well at all, or it can be said that she raised him too well!

It was even strange to speak of it. Even though there were layers of checkpoints in the barracks, when her car drove in, the road was unimpeded.

When she got out of the car and came to the main tent, she saw that the door of the tent was wide open, Shao Getian’s hands were bound, and there were still two people standing around him to suppress him. His spirit was not very good, but he was still cursing!

In addition to Shao Tingyu, there were also several officers standing behind him, old and young.

Hearing the movement, he glanced back, and his eyes were calm, “I knew he would go to find mother.”

Wen Ying approached, “Xiao Hu, why?”

“Doesn’t Mother understand?” He tilted his head, as if he were still a child, with dazed innocence. “If you can get everything you want only by standing at the highest point, then I might as well try it.”

“I didn’t teach you that……”

He cut off her words and said calmly, “But mother has never taught me how to keep you from being robbed by others.”

Wen Ying was temporarily speechless.

The rest of the people in the tent were Shao Tingyu’s confidants, but they were still shocked to hear that. However, they were all reckless people who did not care about etiquette and rules. As long as they were not of the same blood, there was nothing wrong with it.

Shao Getian was shocked by the sudden information, “You, you son of a bitch, you are a little beast. You are actually coveting your Laozi’s……”

Shao Tingyu raised his hand and shot Shao Getian’s in his leg abruptly. He said coldly, “the most unsuccessful thing in your life was to forcefully marry mother, but not treat her well.”

Shao Getian was very angry. Just as he opened his mouth, he was shot on his other leg, which was so painful that it made him sweat.

“The most wrong thing was to betray mother.”

“Also……the thing I’m most grateful for is that I was born. ” He stopped, the gun barrel aimed at Shao Getian’s head, “I will give you a good time——”

Watching his index finger bend down, Wen Ying, who was standing next to him suddenly rushed forward.

At the moment when she held his gun hand, “Bang——” the bullet flew out and nailed on into Shao Getian’s head.

Unsure of where Wen Ying’s strength came from, she took the gun from his hand and held it tightly in her hand. She steadied her beating heart that was beating like a drum. After scanning the surroundings, Her phoenix shaped eyes suddenly sharpened. “Remember, it was I who killed people. It has nothing to do with your commanding officer.”

At this time, she had only one idea in her heart. She could never let Xiao Hu bear the charge of killing his own father because of her!

There was silence in the main tent. Even Shao Tingyu looked at her and was completely stunned in place.

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