WFILTU Chapter 148 – Annual Event IV

After introducing the group, Zheng Lijin looked at them and explained to Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu.

Jiang Yijin said with a smile, “Sister Xue Jiao is really beautiful! Tianyu, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Long time no see!” Yi Tianyu smiled, which was still counted as polite.

Xue Jiao just smiled and did not interrupt.

“By the way, Mingze, do you know where Mu Xuan has gone?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t come?”

“I seem to have heard a little bit.” Gu Shiyun said.

“What’s going on?”



Several people chatted about the people that Xue Jiao didn’t know. Xue Jiao became a little impatient. Zheng Lijin and Zheng Limin’s exclusion was especially obvious. Zheng Limin and Qiu Jiayi were close to Gu Shiyun.

Xue Jiao doesn’t feel much, just felt that it was a little boring.

Cheng Mingze also clearly felt that they were crowding out Xue Jiao, frowned and wanted to talk.

Yi Tianyu has made a sound——


“What? Yi Yu. ” Can only they give nicknames?

“Shall we go and chat over there? There seems to be some problems with your brother’s friends.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

His voice was not small, and those who were paying attention to them could hear them clearly.

There is something wrong with……

Immediately, Zheng Lijin’s face became ugly.

Gu Shiyun’s face was also not good-looking. After several times of public humiliation with Xue Jiao, she has no hope of maintaining superficial harmony with Xue Jiao.

This Gu Xuejiao is no longer a fool from before!

“How do you talk?” Zheng Limin was very angry when he heard the words of Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu raised his eyebrows: “What did I say? Didn’t you have a good time discussing? Why did you hear what I said? This concerned about me? “

His current words seemed to want a beating, but his face was so handsome that it didn’t make people feel that disgusted.


“Limin!” Zheng Lijin’s voice sounded and he pulled her, “Don’t make trouble.”

The Yi family has a high status in the business circle, and Yi Dafa is a person who protects his children with his life, so that his family has instructions to try not to have too much conflict with Yi Tianyu.

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They did not speak anymore. Jiang Yijin looked at Cheng Mingze with a smile: “Mingze, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s talk together.”

Cheng Mingze subconsciously shook his head: “Let’s make an appointment for next time, I’ll accompany……”

His words did not finish, but were interrupted by Xue Jiao: “Brother you go, I also chat with my classmates.”

She had a lovely smile, and her eyes bent into a crescent.

But Cheng Mingze knows that she was angry, and she wants them to stay away from her.

“Alright……if you need anything, you can come find me……” That’s all he can say.


Cheng Mingze then left. Gu Shiyun turned back and looked at her triumphantly as if she had won something.

Xue Jiao only felt that it was funny.

“Wei, nerd……” Yi Tianyu bumped her with his body.


“They don’t bring you to play, so brother will bring you to play!”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Yi Tianyu grabbed her wrist and headed in a direction.

“Pause!” Xue Jiao gnawed her teeth. She doesn’t want to play at all! !

Yi Tianyu pulled her and quickly went around to a sofa where they could sit. There were many people sitting here, some older than them and others younger than them.

Jin Sui seemed to be among them.

“Tianyu, you this lad who are you holding? This beautiful? ” The man sitting next to Jin Sui looked like he was in his twenties.

“This is uncle Cheng Shuo’s daughter, Xue Jiao.” Jin Sui explained to them.

It was unclear when she changed a set of clothes, but she was still very good-looking, and her temperament was very noble.

“Oh! It turns out to be younger sister Xue Jiao!” The man suddenly realized.

Xue Jiao:”……” She can bet a hundred points that this man didn’t remember anything.

After all, Gu Xuejiao has never been here.

“She’s also my deskmate.” Yi Tianyu pushed Xue Jiao to one side of the sofa, “Move over, give a little.”

The others all adjusted out some space. Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu sat down.

She smiled at the woman who gave up some space and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

That person also paused for a while, then hurriedly responded: “It’s nothing!”

“Deskmate! Protecting like this? ” The boy is still teasing.

“Xiao Chi, you can shut up for me and stop talking nonsense!”

Yi Tianyu rolled his eyes and felt that he was not convincing enough. He added: “This nerd doesn’t have a point and she’s so stupid.”

Xue Jiao stretched out her hand and pinched Yi Tianyu in a place that others could not see.

“Ah——” he had just opened his mouth when he thought of where they were now, and stopped abruptly.

Being pinched by people in public is a little shameless. Yi Tianyu tried to bear it and not cry out.

Xue Jiao smiled at the crowd: “Don’t listen to him talking nonsense.”

Yi Tianyu endured the pain, rather dying than surrendering, and asked, “Then why were you bullied by those people? Those people disgusted me to the extreme.”

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