SOOEW Chapter 117 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XL

Shao Getian’s death caused a shock in Chen Province. Although Shao Tingyu used force to suppress and stabilize the situation in time, his superior position still touched the interests of many people. Some people were dissatisfied with him. However, under the situation where Shao Getian was already dead, they could only stay dormant and patiently wait for Shao Yifeng to come back and preside over the overall situation.

They did not wait for a long time. Very soon, the front line won a great victory, and Shao Yifeng led the army to completely force the enemy back and returned from a blood bath.

However, once Shao Tingyu chose to close the city, it would be the situation of splitting the Chen province into a civil war full of gunpowder. Shao Tingyu, however, was still willing to let him into the city after many considerations from his advisers.

On the other side, Shao Yifeng actually heard the news of his father’s death halfway on the road.

When he learned that his father was not a natural passing, but rather he died under Wen Ying’s gun, his heart and soul were shaken, and he was almost hit by someone sent by the enemy to assassinate him. Then he rushed the team back.

He rushed back on a fast horse the entire way back to the commander’s mansion. When he almost approached the mansion, he suddenly slowed down.

In the small living room where the guests were entertained, he heard the voice of Wen Ying. She spoke slowly and quietly, with the usual slow speed. Occasionally she spoke a little faster, seemingly lively, which made people smile.

Instead of going in to interrupt their conversation, he leaned his back against the wall and took the matchbox out of his pocket. When he went to strike the match, he found that his hand was shaking unconsciously, and only when he touched it for the third time did he ignite a light.

He lit the cigarette he held in his hand, taking a deep breath, and then exhaled a thin white smoke.

It seemed like it was just yesterday.

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The person who was talking to Wen Ying in the room is Mi Xi.

The conversation between them was very peaceful, after all the dust had settled down. There are a lot of people who are very graceful even if they lose. Mi Xi is one of them. Her gesture of holding up the coffee was still full of charm. After sipping it, she said to Wen Ying: “I still underestimated you. I didn’t expect you would guess the truth.”

“I also didn’t expect you to come and confess to me.”

Wen Ying said.

“It’s no use not to confess, isn’t it? He’s already dead, and we all know there’s no one here to replace him. She chuckled, “In fact, what I said to you before is not completely false. I defeated many people with this move. Some of them believed that I was telling the truth, some were still vigilant, but I was the one who finally won in the end. I’m truly really tired after winning for so long. “

Wen Ying shook her head. She glanced at Mi Xi and knew that she was not as calm as she showed. She did not know when the silk stockings on her leg were broken and a conspicuous cut was made.

She was obviously lost, and it was even more difficult for the proud and ever-victorious general to accept her defeat.

She also suddenly sighed, “In fact, a long time ago, my dream was to be a natural landscape photographer and travel around the world……”

Wen Ying gave her a surprised glance, “That’s pretty good.” Her starting point was unexpected.

Without her going on, Wen Ying can probably guess the process. She can not only travel around the world, but also have the opportunity to travel more. But gradually, she lost herself in the struggle with people and began to indulge in the enjoyment brought by hunting others.

“That’s right, it was pretty good back then……forget it……”

She smiled and shook her head, habitually wanting to smoke a cigarette. She opened the cigarette box, and was slightly stunned. The small iron box with exquisite patterns was not filled with cigarettes, but hard colored candy for children. The candy rolled in the box and made a light sound.

Wen Ying laughed, “Are you quitting smoking?”

“No. It was probably he who placed it in……he likes to smoke himself. He smokes particularly hard. Recently, he is not in good health. He always coughs badly. He told me not to smoke multiple times. I also don’t like to hear it. People who have smoked know that smoking is not so easy to quit. “

Ever since she entered the door, she did not mention Shao Getian head-on, and naturally, she did not express her sadness because of his death.

All the way until this moment, her eyes showed a bit of nostalgia. The person who didn’t like sweets held the sugar and brought it into her mouth. She laughed and shook her head, “It’s really to coax children.”

The two people sat for a while. They were never real friends. Now they are not even rivals. They soon have nothing to talk about. Mi Xi gets up and leaves.

Wen Ying watched her go to the door and turn the handle. Then she didn’t move for a long time. The picture seemed to be still. She called out “Mi Xi” in doubt and saw the person in front of her suddenly slip to the ground. Wen Ying was frightened and blurted out——

Mi Xi fell on the carpet, blood pooling from the corner of her mouth.

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  1. Did ML kill her? Or is she dying of shock that it’s all over? Or is she dying because she failed the war with MC?
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