WFILTU Chapter 150 – Annual Event VI

She stretched out her hand, pinched him, and then gritted her teeth: “If I don’t do well, how can I help you? Can your grades rise? Can you have the current good days where your mom and dad indulge in you? “

The expression on Yi Tianyu’s face froze in seconds.

“That’s right oh! “

Xue Jiao: “……”

Alright, the complication and sadness from just now, with the stimulation from Yi Tianyu, and Xue Jiao’s mood was wiped away.

“Distinguished guests, good evening and welcome to……”

Mister Jin began to give a speech. Xue Jiao and they all stood up and walked to the middle.

This kind of annual event is simple, and Mister Jin was also not someone who favored troublesome things. He looked back on the past of W City’s business district and looked forward to the future, and immediately let everyone chat and dance freely.

Xue Jiao almost immediately saw Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo dancing in the crowd.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She didn’t go over to say hello. She went to the side and continued to sit on a sofa.

Yi Tianyu and his parents said a few words, and then he also followed over.

On the stage, Jin Sui was playing the violin.

Xue Jiao looked at it carelessly, Yi Tianyu also didn’t bother her and learned from her to look at the scene carelessly.

She tried to hide for peace and quiet but others didn’t let her go.

After a while, some more people came over. Cheng Mingze came, Zheng Lijin, Gu Shiyun, and the others followed.

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Xiao Chi and the others also came back. Even Jin Sui, who just stepped down from the stage had come back.

Whelp, they are all here.

“Let’s play games!”

“Play what game?” As soon as he heard playing, Xiao Chi immediately got excited.

“You guys suggest, I can’t think of anything temporarily.”

“Truth or dare?” Zheng Lijin suddenly said.

“Not bad! I agree. What about you guys? “

“I can, too. I haven’t played for a long time!”

“Agree, agree!”

“Then let’s play dice?”



“Please help collect the dice.”


Soon, the waiter delivered all the dice. Every person had a cup.

Although Xue Jiao doesn’t know how to play, she also won’t spoil everyone’s fun.

“The rules are very simple. There are three dice for one person. There are 13 of us, so there are 39 dice in total. The first one shouts how many, and the second one can add a number. If you feel that there is no problem with the one before, you can continue to shout. If you have any problems, you can open the lid! How about it, do you guys understand? “

Basically, they had all played this game before. Once Xiao Chi mentioned it, then they all knew how to play.

Xue Jiao was still a little confused, and Yi Tianyu explained it to her again.

In this way, the first round of play started.

For the first round, the person sitting next to Xiao Chi lost. Xiao Chi yelled: “Quick, quick! Truth or dare?”

“The truth then.” Generally speaking, it’s easy to tell the truth.

“Hey, hey, hey, do you think we’ll let you go if you chose the truth?” Xiao Chi became excited and said, “Say it, do you like sister Jin Sui?”

The person’s face reddened, as the others whistled: “Not allowed to tell lies! Quickly say it!”

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