WFILTU Chapter 151 – Annual Event VII

The man’s face turned red and it took him a while to speak.

“En……” His voice sounded like a mosquito.

“Hahaha, it’s really true! ! !” Xiao Chi laughed.

Jin Sui maintained her decent and helpless smile, making people unable to find any faults, she can only praise——calm and steady.

At the beginning of the second game, Gu Shiyun lost the round.

“Perform an act!!” Zheng Limin said it like this, and others began encouraging too.

Gu Shiyun blushed, a little embarrassed, and whispered, “Then, I’ll play the piano.”

The piano is right on the stage, close to them.

Gu Shiyun was at the professional level. She has passed the piano examination and plays really smoothly. It also sounded really nice.

The adults danced and exchanged greetings. What they look over, it was just temporary helplessness, and they let them play casually amongst themselves.

“Shiyun!! So excellent! ! !” Zheng Limin clapped his hands with emotion, and the other people also clapped their hands along.

“Alright, don’t praise me anymore.” Gu Shiyun embarrassedly laughed, “Let’s continue to play.”

And then the third game.

Xue Jiao truly couldn’t play. For the first two rounds, she was able to avoid it with her luck, but she lost this round.

“Younger sister Xue Jiao, truth or dare?” Xiao Chi smiled and blinked, his face itching for a go.

“Why don’t we play dare? We are still somewhat unfamiliar. It’s hard to tell whether it’s actually truthful. So we don’t know what to ask, right!” Gu Shiyun’s friend, Qiu Yijia suddenly said.

“I agree, then dare as you don’t go too far.” Zheng Lijin also said with a smile.

“I sure don’t mind. What about younger sister Jiao Jiao?” Xiao Chi asked Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao immediately swallowed the truth in her mouth. Obviously, these people want her to take a dare again.

“Anything is fine.”

As soon as her three words landed, someone on the other side said——

“We are not familiar with Xue Jiao yet, or how about Xue Jiao also plays the piano!”

Xue Jiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. At this time, if she couldn’t see that Gu Shiyun was aiming at her, then she was a fool.

“Jiao Jiao doesn’t like the piano.” Cheng Mingze frowned to explain. His eyes looked sharply at Zheng Lijin and the other several people.

“Never mind! Any random melody will be fine. Do a dare!” Zheng Limin said with a smile, seeming as if he made a casual remark.

“If she can’t, then she can’t——” Yi Tianyu had only angrily conveyed half a sentence, and Xue Jiao pressed him down.

“All right.” She stood up and walked forward. Her manner was bland, and nothing could be seen.

The others were stunned.

There’s no way she’s actually going up? She can’t actually play randomly, right?

Cheng Mingze’s sight towards Zheng Lijin’s cooled for the moment. Yi Tianyu was straightforward and sneered directly.

How dare these people give the nerd a hard time?

Alright, he, Yi Tianyu will remember this!

Gu Shiyun turned her head and looked at Xue Jiao. The corners of her mouth are slightly raised.

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She was behind her and even played randomly——this was just embarrassing.

“Lao Cheng, what is Xue Jiao doing? !” Li Sitong was extremely shocked.

Cheng Shuo was also stunned for a moment: “Xue Jiao doesn’t know how to play the piano, right?”

“She doesn’t!” Li Sitong gnashed her teeth, “She doesn’t yet she wants to go up now, what is she playing at?”

“It’s alright, it’s fine. They all know that the children are playing games and they won’t care.”

Li Sitong’s eyes were a little wet. She was really ashamed and embarrassed by Xue Jiao before that she was scared to death of losing her face again!

This time that she brought her out, will she again, have to……

Xue Jiao didn’t know the movements below.

At this time, Xue Jiao has already sat down on the stage. With a stretch of her fingers, a pleasant tone came out.

Cheng Mingze and the others were stunned, and Li Sitong was also dumbfounded.

Can Xue Jiao play the piano?

She only played a little bit, then she took back her hand and stepped down.

When she came to Gu Shiyun’s place, Gu Shiyun couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t you say you don’t know how to play?”

Her voice was a little urgent and hostile, and the eyes of those present became a little strange.


Xue Jiao slightly hooked her lips: “I truly can’t, this is the first time I played the piano.”

“Nonsense! It can’t be like this the first time! !” This was Zheng Limin. She became hurried.

Even the other people began to doubt that this is the first time she played the piano, this girl……does she like to lie?

Xue Jiao sat down calmly, looked at Gu Shiyun, and said, “I really can’t play the piano. I didn’t play the piano, I played math.”

The crowd was stunned.

Xue Jiao simply explained in two sentences: “The piano has an equal ratio sequence. Two equal ratio series can work out a formula. The answer is that music conforms to the aesthetic taste of most people. Normal people appreciate the value of 2 to 3. Pressing the key according to the proportional sequence is what I just played.”

Xue Jiao playfully blinked her eyes: “It wasn’t bad to hear, right?”


After a while, Xiao Chi swallowed and put up his thumb——

“You are amazing.*”

*The literal translation is “you cow”, but this is Chinese slang for you are amazing

After this round, most people were in awe of Xue Jiao, but their attitude towards the “questioning” Gu Shiyun became meaningful.

Gu Shiyun, who was watched by the crowd, couldn’t help shouting: “Elder sister……”

Her voice was stammering, and Zheng Lijin had a face full of heartache.

The other people’s eyes changed, especially Jin Sui. Her eyes flashed with dislike.

They are all millennial foxes. What kind of ghost story is she acting out?

Who doesn’t have an illegitimate child yet?

With a company at home, who would be friendly with illegitimate children?

Also calling elder sister……

It’s the enemy sister probably!

Feeling the change in the people’s attitude, Gu Shiyun suddenly kept a low profile.

Maybe Xue Jiao was really unlucky. In the next game, she lost again.

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