WFILTU Chapter 152 – Annual Event VIII

Xue Jiao: “……”

“Hahaha!! Younger sister Jiao Jiao! We’re not going to be merciful this time!”

Xue Jiao helplessly said: “Count it as my bad luck, you guys say it.”

Xiao Chi felt his chin: “Come on, pick a boy on this spot, take a group photo, and send it to your moments!”

* feature on WeChat, moments is kind of like a post that everyone on your friend group can see like an FB post

He continued to frantically express: “You can choose me, oh! !”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Since she’s willing to gamble, then she’s willing to admit defeat. Xue Jiao brought out her phone, preparing to take pictures with Cheng Mingze, after all, they are “brother and sister.”

Sending a picture is not a big deal. Besides, she doesn’t have any friends.

Just as she took out her phone, Yi Tianyu’s head has already leaned over——

“I’ll help you! The principle of proximity! “

Xue Jiao: “……”

She had no choice but to turn on the camera and take a picture.

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“Wait a minute. You’re making this grandpa look ugly!” He took out his phone and held it up. “Smile!”

Then he took a beautiful picture.

Xue Jiao: “……”

He handed the phone over to Xue Jiao. Xue Jiao took it and sent it out onto her moments.

Yi Tianyu revealed his QR code again, “Come, let’s add as friends.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

After the two became friends, Yi Tianyu took advantage of it when Xue Jiao collected her phone to enter her moments.

Open——save——a connected sequence.

Hei hei hei.

Afterward, Xue Jiao’s luck took a turn for the better. They played many rounds, and she didn’t lose once.

They played all the way until nine o’clock. Xue Jiao became a little impatient.

“How much longer before I can leave?”

Yi Tianyu turned around and said, “Leave? It will end at about ten o’clock.”

He paused. “Is it not fun? How about we go around? Or are you hungry? “

Xue Jiao shook her head, “It’s fine, let’s wait a little longer then.”

She had just said that when it seemed as if something had happened in the hall. All the dancing had stopped.

This group of young people who were playing immediately stopped their hands and stood up. Jin Sui went directly to Mister Jin.

Before she could get close, Mister Jin was already in a hurry to the door.

It’s not just him. Many people in the center are going there and whispering something.

“I seem to hear that someone is coming?”

“Who is coming at this time?”

“Mister Jin is heading over!”

The young people on their side also stood up and discussed in surprise——

“Who’s here?”

“I felt that Mister Jin’s attitude was a little anxious.”

“Is it some kind of big shot who’s coming here?”

“It’s probably an urgent matter?”

“There’s no way someone is coming at this time.”

“That’s right, who would have been impolite to be so late?”

“Let’s take a look.”


Mister Jin has already gone to the gate. The originally tightly shut doors were opened.

Before the person has even come in, Mister Jin has already gone to greet him with a smile and a respectful attitude.

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