SOOEW Chapter 119 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga I

Like before Wen Ying was unable to see the ending. After the task was completed, she returned to the 123 romance space. She guessed that if there were no accidents, the world would eventually become a contest between those two people, but who lost and who won in the end was not what she could speculate upon.

However, after the power of faith was extracted, the mood in her heart lightened and she became relaxed and happy.

“21, long time no see!” She waved to her old acquaintance.

“The power of faith was graded as A, and the time condition is also added. This time, the task took a long time, so the score is reduced to A-.” Z942121 said coldly.

Wen Ying: “……”

Throw the table!

“I want to ask you instead, what’s the matter with that Mi Xi? Wasn’t she trapped in the same world? Why can she go to a different world after becoming a fallen god?”

Wouldn’t that be the same as them? It’s just that they are organized and disciplined emissaries, and she has become a jobless emissary instead.

“As long as you successfully attack other deities and gain the strength of their faith, you can get a “pass” and go to other worlds.”

“…… What???”

Wen Ying suddenly remembered the other party’s attitude at the beginning. She really treated her so well it was a little strange……

“I couldn’t see Fang Tongkai on the light source map. Did she use props?”

z942121 nodded to confirm: “It’s true. Now, you can go draw your reward. “

After two lucky draw experiences, Wen Ying has seen nothing strange. She also knows that no matter how long she lingers, it wouldn’t mean that she would receive a good prop, so she took one out carelessly.

This time, she received a fairy stick that only little girls play with.

“It comes from a technologically advanced world, where people imitate the magic wands of ancient witches to design children’s educational toys.” Z942121 gave her the answer.

“…… That’s very interesting. ” Wen Ying applauded.

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Z942121 automatically blocked her indignant sarcasm and continued: “It can lead people into novels, cartoons, TV series, and other two-dimensional worlds to become one of the characters. It can also bring the skills of the two-dimensional world back to the third dimension. It has a time limit, but there is no limit to the number of times used. “


This skill is very suitable for dangerous worlds. If you carry a novel and cartoon with you, you can at least protect your life.

“By the way, what about the prize I left with you last time?” She thought of the “cocoon”.

z942121 took it out and said, “It hasn’t obtained all its power yet. It’s still in its infancy, but the protective membrane has faded.”

Wen Ying fixed her eyes to it to take a look. Next to her leg, there was suddenly a creature that was considered the national treasure in her own world. It seemed like a sesame tangyuan that had a bite taken out of it, drowsily slumped there.

Pang Da? !

So, so lovely!

But……”Can this work?”

*LMAO, who cares about working??? It’s a cute panda omg <3

z942121 thought for a moment and said honestly, “There is no use for it at the moment. It can only be used as a pet. Do you need to bring it into the next world?”

Wen Ying’s view drifted downwards. She stared at the small animal that seemed like a panda. Its appearance of eating its own fingers was very happy.

Are you sure it’s just temporarily useless?

She shook her head firmly. “Can this waste wood actually provide some use?” Maybe she will be arrested for stealing national treasures!

“Are you sure you don’t want to bring it?”

“Not bringing!”

As soon as her voice fell, the familiar dizziness overcame her and she entered the next world.

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