SOOEW Chapter 120 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga II

A university campus in province A. Shady green trees was planted on both sides of the road, and young students were running on the forest road, nosily, vigorously, and energetically.

Wen Ying is also walking along the avenue. She held several books in her arms and breathed the fresh air to enjoy the long lost peace.

She collated the data. The emissary of this world is Fang Ran, who is the year’s top student. She likes to wear black glasses with thick frames. She seems to be not outstanding and looks timid. However, soon, the emissary will carry out a counter-attack plan and become the university’s influential person.

And the owner of her body was the receiver of the first attack.

The original owner is a fresh and beautiful flower level figure. Her birth was not well, but she had a rich best friend, Xia Yi. Although her friend’s character is coquettish, she is surprisingly simple. When she was isolated by the class, she was comforted and encouraged by the original owner, and immediately became good friends with the original owner. However, she did not know that the reason why she was isolated was that the original owner used secret means.

Ever since then, the original owner has been keen on being a double-sided person. She has been sweet-talking to her in front of the person, but behind her back, she has been attacking and smearing her image.

It wasn’t until a certain time, Fang Ran had exposed her plot.

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After that, the image of the original owner plummeted. Fang Ran took the opportunity to become good friends with Xia Yi. With the help of each other, she entered the upper circle and got to know Jiang Tianye, the brightest spot in this world.

As soon as Wen Ying entered the classroom, a girl came up and pulled on her arm, quietly saying, “Hey, do you know, Xia Yi was caught acting closely with a man in a bar. Her face was covered in heavy makeup and her clothes seemed the same as if she was not wearing any. Tut tut……”

“Ah, I saw it too. Someone posted on the forum. Wow, so explosive! Wasn’t it said that she was infatuated with the class flower next door. If it were up to me to say……Xia, Xia Yi? “

The girl suddenly stopped in the middle of her speech.

Xia Yi stood at the door, her face was very angry under her heavy makeup, and glared at those girls.

As soon as she reached her side, Fang Ran stood up and looked around at the group of girls, saying sarcastically, “Now that the technology of PS is so advanced, do you really still not understand whether the photos are edited or not? Are you a policeman or a judge?”

The girls retorted.

The boys in the back row noticed what was going on here and looked over quickly.

“If you want me to say, it’s better to check the IP first to see what the informant has to say.”

Fang Ran was in everybody’s eyes. Once they change their line of sight, they can see Wen Ying who was comforting Xia Yi.

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