WFILTU Chapter 154 – Sneak Away II

The two of them approached. After a long time, obviously, Cheng Shuo had something to say.

As soon as they approached, they heard Cheng Shuo’s low voice: “The newcomer is Lin Zhihua, a business tycoon. His strength is amazing and his means are amazing.”

Cheng Shuo was still afraid that someone would hear him, and continued to keep his voice down: “It’s the Stanford graduate I used to talk about before. He had good grades when he was in school, and became even more amazing after graduation. The whole Lin family has been in his hands, and his career is booming.”

“So there are many people who surround him?” Xue Jiao doubted that Lin Zhihua would usually come out to such an event?

Why did she think he was very free before?

“It’s not all because of that reason.” Cheng Mingze explained, “he is truly very admirable. These people are willing to get along well with him and hope to cooperate on a Lin project, but they will also not exaggerate. Now, because Lin is slowly moving the focus of their work to Beijing, and the branches in W city will not grasp comprehensively from the head office, so there will be an increase in opportunities for cooperation. There are many small projects in W City. If the interests are not enough, Lin will not take on the projects. “

Cheng Mingze coughed: “So these people all want to take on these projects, and after Lin Shi heads to the capital, the original contacts would not only be in their own hands. A strong and profitable company that will not compete fiercely with them can cooperate. Is that what they are making friends with now? “

Cheng Shuo nodded: “Yes, Mingze’s explanation is very on point.”

Xue Jiao’s face suddenly exposed realization: “So it is like this!”

No wonder these people are so passionate.

Cheng Shuo patted Cheng Mingze on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Not bad, not bad! You have a natural talent for business sensitivity! “

Xue Jiao asked again, “Then……does uncle Cheng not need to go there? “

Cheng Shuo, with a smile on his face, asked Cheng Mingze again, “You explain why I stay here and won’t head over to please him?”

Cheng Mingze looked at the crowd and whispered: “Two reasons. One is that our Pengcheng company can not get many benefits from having contact with Lin Shi. Furthermore, it can’t squeeze out those who are stronger. If we expose too much positivity, it may offend people, similar to Mister Jin. The second is because……”

“Because of?” Xue Jiao was curious.

Cheng Mingze laughed, “Because of dad’s character.”

“Hahaha! Not bad, not bad, Mingze. Your skill is increasing again!” Cheng Shuo laughed with delight.

Li Sitong also praised Cheng Mingze with a smile: “Mingze is certainly powerful! After managing Pengcheng, Pengcheng will definitely become even more brilliant! “

Cheng Shuo laughed, but still admonished: “However, you should still remember to guard against rashness and arrogance. Our Pengcheng is still a small company. Lin Zhihua backs a large consortium like Lin’s enterprise and constantly makes progress, without the slightest complacency, furthermore, us.”

Cheng Mingze nodded: “I have remembered this.”

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He will enter the company sooner or later. As long as the company does not close down, it will be the starting point of his future work.

She turned her head and looked at Cheng Mingze.

Xue Jiao suddenly remembered the male lead who took over Cheng Shuo’s company in the original text, and made the company’s business prosperous, becoming the company with the strongest comprehensive strength in W City!

In the original text, she almost never saw Lin Shi. Even if Lin Shi moved to Beijing, its branch office was still in W City. There was no reason to let Pengcheng become the leader?

Lin Shi, which is so popular now……was not in the book?

Or……did the original text just not mention Lin Shi?

Looking into the distance, Cheng Shuo sighed: “Lin Zhihua is really fierce. He is young and has made extraordinary achievements. Lin Shi was strong back in the day, but his grandfather and his parents couldn’t keep up and the company was going to fall. If he hadn’t taken over three years ago, I’m afraid Lin Shi would not have become anything! “

“His means are also the blessing of Lin Shi.”

Cheng Mingze’s words fell to the ground, and Xue Jiao even felt a little ironic.

Even outsiders know that it is Lin Shi’s blessing. So, Why didn’t Lin’s own family think so?

Xue Jiao still remembers Yi Tianyu saying……his own grandfather and his second uncle tried to murder him.

“Boss Cheng!” At this time, someone went to find Cheng Shuo to talk.

People around Lin Zhihua also slowly dispersed, waiting for one by one to talk, followed by another. Xue Jiao then followed Cheng Shuo, smiling falsely while dealing with “acquaintances” and “partners”.


Cheng Shuo and the others chat. He turned around, just in time to meet the face of a man.

He was stunned for a moment, ready to get out of the way, but heard the other side speak——


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