SOOEW Chapter 121 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga III

At the moment when Fang Ran’s words were spoken, the bell for the class began to ring. Behind them, the professor knocked on the blackboard with the blackboard eraser, “It’s time for class. If there are any private grudges, solve it in private.”

The students immediately dispersed.

Wen Ying also pulled Xia Yi to sit in their seats, imitating the tone of the original, comforting her with a few words.

Xia Yi’s facial features are very excellent, belonging to the bright and charming category. She is already glamorous without makeup and with heavy makeup, she seems more mature. However, she is naive and has no charm of a mature woman. Therefore, she seems especially out of place. Sitting side by side with Wen Ying, who has good facial features and a clean temperament, nine out of ten people will aim at Wen Ying. Therefore, it is clear that her appearance is more amazing, but instead, it was the original owner who wore a crown of flowers.

Needless to say, it was also encouraged by the owner.

Xia Yi suddenly whispered close to her, “What should I do? I forgot to bring my textbook!”

“It doesn’t matter. We can look at it together.” Wen Ying pushed the textbook to her, and immediately gained the sweet girl’s touching gaze.

Wen Ying’s “selfless” performance also moved the young man’s heart. He thought that the goddess was as kind as expected. The boys in the next row immediately handed the text over, indicating that he never listens to the professor’s class.

Fang Ran saw this scene and gave Wen Ying a meaningful look.

Wen Ying pretends to not see and opens her textbook.

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In fact, she felt it was a little funny in her heart. To a certain extent, the original owner is very suitable for the acting industry. Although her appearance is excellent, pure, and delicate, and her face is like a peach heart, her facial features are not delicate. However, every single part is delicate, small, and moving to people. But compared with her appearance, what makes her gain more popularity is the image she created for herself. It can be said that she is like a star, very clear, and restrained to control her own expressions, emotions, and even every word and deed.

To a certain extent, although she is a double-sided person, her level is really not what ordinary people can do. She has never been found out for more than ten years. Maybe even she has forgotten what she was originally like.

Wen Ying searched the memories of the original owner and sighed from the bottom of her heart, but she also felt that the other party had really created a lot of trouble for herself.

Every time she was launched into the new world, the timing was very delicate, and this time, it was also close to class time. She already delayed entering the classroom, so that Fang Ran’s action was interrupted by the bell, but this can only maintain peace for a while, and the other party will not give her more time to prepare.

The reason why she wants to do this futile “struggle” is to control public opinion to a small range.

Sure enough, as soon as the bell rang, many people forgot the beginning of the episode and went out one after another.

Xia Yi endured for a class, and finally couldn’t help it. She took the initiative to find Fang Ran, “Didn’t you just say you can check IP? How to check it? I’d like to see who’s the one creating the falsehoods from behind! “

“Hence, those pictures are really PS?” Fang Ran asked her deliberately.

Xia Yi took a look in the direction of Wen Ying, and said, a little faltering, “This……the picture is the truth, but it’s not what they said. It’s the man who pesters me all the time. It’s so annoying!”

In fact, Wen Ying saw that she was not happy these two days, so she specially invited her to the bar to relax, but she hesitated and didn’t say it. She always felt that speaking out was not good for Wen Ying.

“Oh——” Fang Ran uttered a long sigh, and gave her glasses a push. She implied to her with double meaning, “Next time, you’d better be more careful when making friends. Let’s go to find a computer, and I’ll check it for you.”

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