WFILTU Chapter 156 – Sneak Away IV

Xue Jiao found an inconspicuous place and stood while eating a few pieces of cake. This thing really did not fill the stomach.

She felt like she couldn’t eat anymore, but she was still hungry.

“Hey——” a voice suddenly sounded in her ear, trying to scare her.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes, speechless——

“Yiyu, how many times do you want to play this childish trick?”

Yi Tianyu stood beside her, bent over and placed his face in front of her.

“Hahaha, are you angry?”

Xue Jiao glared at him: “I am not that bored.”

“Alright alright. It’s fine if you’re not angry.” She looked at the corner of her mouth and laughed, “Hahaha, you are hiding to eat again! Nerd, you actually are not just a nerd, but also a foodie!”

Xue Jiao’s eyes turn upward. Once she meets Yi Tianyu, she becomes very unbecoming.

Yi Tianyu reached out and wiped her mouth.

Xue Jiao was stunned.

“Er……it’s just cream……I wipe……” Yi Tianyu said with his heart rate increasing.

Then he scolded himself in his heart: Yi Tianyu, what are you doing again? What are you nervous for?!

You’re not allowed to blush!

In the distance, Lin Zhihua’s eyes narrowed slightly. His hand that was holding the cup gripped tightly.

Xue Jiao stared at Yi Tianyu. Yi Tianyu embarrassingly felt the tip of his nose and reached out again.

“What are you doing!” Xue Jiao flew into a fury.

Yi Tianyu subconsciously withdrew his hand and said, “That……I didn’t pay attention just now and wiped your lipstick crooked.”


Xuejiao reached out and wiped hard at the corner of her mouth. Then she did not hold back and hammered him with a fist——

“Yiyu! ! !”

In the distance, Lin Zhihua couldn’t help but walk this way.

“Mister Lin! Aiyo, I just wanted to talk with you!” A middle-aged man stopped him.

Mister Jin also came over: “Mister Lin, I saw that your steps were a little fast just now. What’s the matter? Are you uncomfortable? “

Lin Zhihua has always been calm, just his actions just now were a bit gaffe.

Lin Zhihua took a deep breath and only said, “……it’s nothing. “

Yi Tianyu was thick-skinned, continued to have a shy face and said with a smile: “Hey, bookworm, did you not eat?”

Xue Jiao nodded: “Nonsense, if I ate rice, will I be looking for food to eat here?”

“Then I’ll take you out to eat good food!”

“What can you even eat at this late hour?” Xue Jiao was speechless.

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Yi Tianyu pinched her wrist and pulled her away——

“Let’s go. That something Lin Zhihua is here. Today’s annual meeting may take another hour, enough time for us to eat!”

“Wei! What does it seem like to leave now? ” Xue Jiao hammered him.

“It’s fine. I’m used to running. There’s a small door, I’ll bring you over. There’s no fun here.” As he said this, he continued on.

Xue Jiao does not struggle. If it still requires a long time, then there was truly no need to stay in here the entire time.


The wine glass was crushed and fell to the ground.

“Mister Lin! You hurt your hand!” Jin Sui exclaimed, her face anxious while holding a piece of handkerchief wanting to go over to cover the wound.

Lin Zhihua let it go, didn’t let her touch himself, then took out his own handkerchief, and wrapped his hands.

“I apologize, everyone. I’m not feeling well, so I want to head back first.”

“Mister Lin really doesn’t need to be seen by a doctor? There are doctors waiting upstairs. Or how about going to the hospital? “

“No need, I want to go back first.” Lin Zhihua said faintly, but his hand was pinched together tightly as if he was enduring something.

“Then alright, Mister Lin must remember to bandage the wound!” As Mister Jin said this, he handed him another handkerchief.

Lin Zhihua received it, smiled, and strode out from the main gate.

When he got to the gate, he subconsciously looked around……

There was nothing.

There was no Yi Tianyu, and also no, Xue Jiao.

Chen Yan continued to rush up immediately: “Boss! What happened?!”

His voice was very anxious. He obviously saw Lin Zhihua’s hands dripping with blood.

Lin Zhihua slightly closed his eyes, covering all his emotions——

“It’s fine. Go back.”

In the car, Chen Yan carefully bandaged Lin Zhihua’s wound. He did not dare to say a word. The air pressure in the car was extremely low.

Lin Zhihua looked out of the window. No one knew what he was thinking. Only when the light was reflected on his face, could one see a layer of coldness.

Even carrying some loneliness.

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  1. Idiot lol. You shouldn’t have pretended not to know each other, the. You could’ve spend the time with her.

    • Yeah, but these people have a lot of speculations. His rumors would turn from being gay to liking underaged women, lol.

  2. Poor guy.
    Wanted to surprise her but got no time to hang out with her. Only eating vinegar :p
    Many thanks

  3. On one hand I’m enjoying this, on the other hand it feels really creepy for a grown adult to be obsessing over a high school minor like this…

    • I thought she was 18 or 19 though, I’m pretty sure you’re in high school longer in China.

      • He said that the reason he couldn’t be with her was because she was underaged in a previous chapter with the psychologist (?).

      • I thought he was 21-22 and she was 16. It’s not just the age gap but also the difference in stages of life. A grown businessman can’t focus on work and ends up cutting himself and going home because of his obsession with a high school girl. I know Yi Tianyu doesn’t stand a chance, but that relationship feels a lot more mormal.

      • One of the many problems the transmigrated face is that no matter what range they go for (old or young) someone would be considered a pedophile

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  5. Aahhh… An old cow wanting to eat fresh grass…lols… Omg.. its been more than a year I guess? Since I last read this novel…lols 😅

    Thanks alot translator-san for the hard work 🙇🏻‍♀️

  6. Ew. For the comments not the story.

    She‘s 18 going on 19, her body is 16 — he’s in his twenties presumably around 25/26. Yes there’s an age gap. No he’s not a pedophile. The problem is that she’s underage and still in school and he’s perfectly aware of that. Him waiting for her to become of age to pursue her might look creepy but it’s not a sign of pedophilia. 🤦

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