SOOEW Chapter 122 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga IV

Wen Ying did not go with them but found an excuse to head back to her dormitory. Of course, she was not passively resisting but had her own ideas.

When Xia Yi called, she was washing clothes on the balcony. As soon as she turned on the hands-free function, she heard Miss Xia stuttering and asking, “Ying Ying, Fang Ran, she found out! She said that it was your address. It’s not true, is it? How could you do that to me? “

Wen Ying did not speak, but instead, let the atmosphere of embarrassment ferment.

Then she heard Fang Ran persuading Xia Yi at the other end: “Ah Yi, think about it clearly, who took you to the bar and who just happened to take photos. Now she doesn’t defend herself. Don’t you believe the words that I said?”

“It really is you?” Xia Yi’s voice was puzzled and accusing.


After a long pause, Wen Ying hung up the phone.

As an actress, she knows very well that the less you say at this time, the more appropriate reasons can be found to interpret it in the future.

Because she did not explain it in time, she, who lived in the same room with Xia Yi, was treated like winter by her former best friend. Fortunately, the girl did not want to take revenge on her, and only began to walk in and out with Fang Ran instead.

But even if she didn’t say anything, after this incident was exposed, Wen Ying also fully experienced the feeling of her popularity plummeting. Although through her control, Fang Ran did not “decrypt” in front of everyone, nor could she show off her ability in the field of computers, but once it spread, most people’s eyes began to change.

Thanks to her previous high popularity, many people can recognize her. Walking on the road, she could not help being criticized.

“I didn’t see that she was actually such a person?”

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“I used to think that Xia Yi was sick with princess fever because of her rich family. Now she seems a little pitiful. She really carelessly makes friends. It is said that Wen Ying, relying on the relationship between two people, asked Xia Yi for a lot of famous brand shoes and bags! “

“Thinking about it, she was also looking for money. Wasn’t it said that Wen Ying’s family is poor. I tell you, she not only asked Xia Yi for things, but also suggested that her suitors would buy bags and shoes for her. Men are blind. They like this green tea X! “

Wen Ying felt that disregarding the collection for the power of faith, if she looked at the light source map, she may find that the power of faith has become a negative number.

In fact, this kind of idle talk is counted as good. There were even some fanatical worshippers who were originally goddess fans who couldn’t accept that the goddess in their minds had turned into a bad woman. When Wen Ying rushed to class, they threw a bottle of unidentifiable object on her face!

“I misjudged you!”

Wen Ying was able to avoid the majority but she was still splashed a little. It was simply just oily makeup remover.

As she wiped it off with a tissue, she asked him, “Who are you, classmate?”

It has to be said that in the eyes of the onlookers, even though she looks a little embarrassed now, the makeup remover dripped from her face, which wet the chest of her thin T-shirt, in addition to her gentle action really makes people think, which can be described as pure temptation.

Based on the beauty’s privilege, the male classmate’s tone softened, “You don’t know me, but I——”

“We don’t know each other. What obligation do I have to be the person you imagine?” Wen Ying interrupted him, asking suspiciously, “am I your inflatable doll?”

The crowd couldn’t help laughing. Holy shit, the goddess of the past opened her yellow cavity. Is it too explosive! Quickly take photos to post it on the forum!

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