WFILTU Chapter 157 – Sneak Away V

Yi Tianyu and Xue Jiao head out from the side gate. They had just run out for a few meters when they were frozen shocked.

“It’s snowing……”

Xue Jiao bit her teeth and her upper and lower lips trembled——

“YiYu! Me and you are mortal enemies!”

She was wearing a dress that exposed her arms and her neck. The snow was currently dusting her body, and she was blinded.

“I forgot that we placed all our clothes at the gatekeeper’s office!” Yi Tianyu patted his head and looked annoyed.

Xue Jiao’s face blackened further, even carrying some green.

Yi Tianyu quickly took off his suit coat and wrapped the person up.

“Let’s still go and eat. It’s only 100 meters from here. If we go back to the hall all crestfallen, we still can’t eat anything……”

“Lead the way!” Xue Jiao gritted her teeth.

Yi Tianyu touched his nose and said as he walked——

“You women, for the sake of being beautiful, you don’t even want your life anymore. It’s the middle of winter yet you only wear so much.”

Xue Jiao was angered till she gnawed at her teeth. If it wasn’t because of him, can she be freezing?!

But it’s truly too cold, so Xue Jiao doesn’t even want to talk.

“Run a little. It’s not cold once you start running!” Yi Tianyu raised his legs and said breathlessly.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She clenched her hand on the collar of the suit, gnashing her teeth as if she were pinching Yi Tianyu.

I’m wearing a skirt!!!

“Nerd, you run faster. I’m also cold, let’s……”

“YiYu.” Xue Jiao shouted while shuddering.

Yi Tianyu turned his head while huffing: “What’s the matter?”

“What are you wearing under your dress shirt?”

“It’s a vest. I’m not like you women!”

Xue Jiao gritted her teeth, and spat out a sentence: “Take off your shirt for me! !”



Yi Tianyu truly didn’t tell a lie. This store was really only 100 meters away. They only had to turn out from the small door of the hotel and walk back for 100 meters. It’s remote, but the conditions were okay.

It was a noodle shop.

Between the two of them, one was wearing a skirt, while hanging a dress shirt and a suit jacket, while the other was baring their shoulders, and stormed into the shop.

Yi Tianyu shouted as soon as he entered the door——

“Auntie!! Turn the temperature higher! ! ! Hurry, hurry, hurry, I’m about to freeze to death! “

Inside, an aunt in her fifties froze for a moment and then quickly turned on the heater——

“Aiyo, Xiaoyi, you sure have come late. I have just closed shop. Come, come, there’s a stove here and a throw! Hurry and cover with it!”

Yi Tianyu held his arms and rubbed it. When he heard those words, he subconsciously took the throw and sat on the chair.

In an instant, he remembered that there was a person behind him.

“Nerd, hurry, hurry, and sit.” He pressed Xue Jiao into the chair, and then covered her with the throw, wrapping her legs tightly.

Xue Jiao finally regained her breath.

The aunt only noticed now that there was a little girl, her eyes widened——

“Xiaoyi, why did you come running here with a girl! Don’t cause a cold to others!”

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Although she is just an ordinary shop employee, in front of her shop were all big hotels, so she still had some insight.

This little girl is wearing a skirt, which is obviously some delicate heiress brought out by Xiaoyi from the hotel!

Yi Tianyu touched his nose: “Mistake……mistake……”

Finally they regained a little temperature. Xue Jiao also warmed up a little bit, and when she heard this, she rolled her eyes, but still said to the aunt: “Thank you auntie*, for occupying your things.”

*Not biological aunt but used in politeness when referring to a older generation

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine as long as you don’t dislike it.” As she said this, as if she thought of something, “I will quickly go to create a bowl of hot noodles for you guys to eat to avoid getting a cold!”

Then she went straight inside, leaving the old heater to work and both Yi Tianyu and Xue Jiao.

Yi Tianyu approached Xue Jiao and his two fingers punched the throw, pulling it over himself.

“What are you doing?”

Yi Tianyu shook his hand and laughed: “That……please move over some of the blankets. I’m also cold, and this is warm……”

Xue Jiao paused for a moment, then quickly gave him his suit jacket. She then pulled on the blanket, and gave him half.

“The suit became a little wet. You’d better put it on the side and cook it a little.”

Yi Tianyu received it. Just as he wanted to say that he’ll cook it as he wears it when he saw Xue Jiao give him half of the blanket.

Immediately, Yi Tianyu swallowed his words and wrapped himself in the other half of the blanket.

Although this blanket is not small, it’s still hard to cover a person with only half of it.

But once Yi Tianyu thought of the fact that he and Xuejiao were covered with the same blanket, he would feel a little bit……hot?

Xue Jiao asked, “Are you covered yet? How about I give you the blanket, or you get closer to the stove.”

Yi Tianyu, who still had his back exposed, didn’t even think and said: “Covered, it’s all covered.”

The upper and lower teeth of Xue Jiao were still trembling slightly. Yi Tianyu heard it. Looking down, he saw Xue Jiao’s feet and exposed ankles in thin leather shoes.

He reached out quickly, took off her shoes, and tucked her feet into the blanket.

“Cover-up, cover-up!”

Xue Jiao was stunned, her face was a little red, “Thank……”

Her voice is light. Yi Tianyu spoke before he even heard——

“Speaking of, it’s quite wicked of you to let me take off my shirt even though you’re already wearing my suit jacket in such cold weather. I almost froze to death!”

Xue Jiao: “……”

If it wasn’t because she was too cold, and this person has still been saying “sarcastic remarks”, would she do such a thing?!

If the person were changed……

Person changed……

Alright, if the person were changed, she wouldn’t run out with the other person at the annual meeting, and still continue to run out when she saw the snow……

Was she infected by this fool with some unknown amazing infection?!

“Why don’t you talk? Are you still cold? “

“It’s not cold anymore.” Can Xue Jiao admit that she was still shaking?

“Then give me a bigger portion of the blankets.”


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