WFILTU Chapter 158 – Sneak Away VI

The temperature of the heater rose, and auntie also brought out a bowl of noodles.

Xue Jiao was about to rise up, when auntie said, “Don’t get up, don’t get up. I’ll drag the table over and you guys can eat on the chair.”

“It’s fine, auntie. I’m not cold anymore.” Xue Jiao hurriedly said.

“No, no, girls can’t get cold. Little girl, you’d better cover it. I’ll just move the table over.” The auntie said, as she dragged the table over.

Yi Tianyu grinned: “Thank you, Auntie!”

“What are you being polite with me for?” As she said this, the auntie continued to say, “There is still another bowl, I will hasten to bring it out.”

Auntie went in. Yi Tianyu’s health replenished. With the temperature rising, he was alive and kicking in his tank top.

“Come, come, nerd. You eat first.”

Xue Jiao shook her head, unwilling: “You eat quickly, I am still covered with the throw. Your clothes are still wet, you eat some to warm up first.”

“It’s fine. I……”

“I let you eat!” Xue Jiao glared.

“Oh……” Yi Tianyu could only sit on the opposite side of the stove, holding a bowl while slurping.

Xue Jiao swallowed her saliva, her eyes staring eagerly at it.

Yi Tianyu took another sip of the soup and sighed, “Comfortable!”

And then……

A person sitting opposite Xue Jiao puchi puchi and ate happily.

Xue Jiao: “……”

Fortunately, after a moment, the auntie brought out another bowl of noodles and placed it in front of Xue Jiao.

“I always thought that Xiaoyi was still young, but he actually already has a girlfriend.”


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Xue Jiao’s words were not finished yet, when auntie said——

“You guys eat first. I’ll go clean up the back kitchen.”

“Alright. Auntie, you hurry and go!” Yi Tianyu had a cheerful voice.

Xue Jiao: “:…..”

She couldn’t explain it anymore?

Yi Tianyu lowered his head and ate the noodles happily, with a smile in his eyes.

Xue Jiao also hastened to eat the noodles, gulping the hot soup down. Her heart was heated up, dispelling the cold.

“Does it taste good?” Xue Jiao nodded.

She had to admit that it was very delicious. It was probably because she was hungry and she had to walk so hard. This bowl of chicken soup noodles, which instantly drove away the cold, was as delicious as the dishes that she ate with Lin Zhihua in that alley that day.

Xue Jiao actually finished such a big bowl of noodles, not even leaving the soup!

Xue Jiao blinked and looked at the empty bowl in disbelief.

“Wow! You, as a nerd, actually ate the same amount as me, a man!

Xue Jiao: “……”

“Fortunately, auntie could save lives here. Otherwise, we will starve to death when we go back tonight. You say, how can those older people feel that people can eat full solely based on those ghost things they feed us at the annual event? Old people really don’t understand a young person’s appetite……”

Xue Jiao: “…..:”

She doesn’t know how Uncle Yi and Aunt Yi feel when their son calls them old people?

Xue Jiao raised her brow: “Do you know the owner of this shop very well?”

“Of course, this store is mine!”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was really shocked.

Yi Tianyu raised his brows: “hey hey, are you shocked?”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes: “Don’t be poor!”

“Alright, that was my old nanny, who basically raised me up. Later, there was an accident in her family, leaving her alone with a little grandson, so auntie resigned.”

“And then?” Xue Jiao hurriedly continued to chase.

“My mother actually wanted auntie and her grandson to stay in my house, but auntie doesn’t want to. She thinks it’s not good for her grandson to live in the employer’s house, but leaving a child outside, she did not feel at ease, so she quit to work outside. However, the money she earned was not enough to support her grandson, hence I gave her advice to help me open this noodle shop. She lives here, and the child also lives here. I’ll give her a salary, and the profits will be stratified. “

Obviously, Yi Tianyu, the devil of the world, will open this kind of shop only for the sake of auntie……

For a moment, Xue Jiao looked at him with complicated eyes.

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