WFILTU Chapter 159 – Sneak Away VII

“Why do you look at me like this?” Yi Tianyu looked at himself unnaturally.

There was no problem ah.

Is it possible that…… nerd was moved by his own spirit and fell in love with himself?

Yi Tianyu’s face turned red.

Xue Jiao sighed: “I didn’t expect that you, who never does good deeds, actually had a day of kindness……”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

He choked for a while and then after a while, choked out: “I have done other good deeds.”

“What else have you done?” Xue Jiao’s eyebrows shot up.

Yi Tianyu: “I……I……”

“Picked up the money and gave it to the police uncle?”

Yi Tianyu: “……” No……When he sees money on the road, he would trample on it.

“Helped a granny cross the road?”

Yi Tianyu: “……” He hasn’t even helped his father before.

“Gladly helped others?”

Yi Tianyu: “……” He hasn’t been happy before.

“So……what have you done? “

Yi Tianyu became dumb. When Xue Jiao said it like that, he suddenly felt that he was a social scum!

Xue Jiao took a sip of the boiled water from the auntie and lowered her head to smile.

This idiot.

It wasn’t until they were ready to go, Yi Tianyu didn’t think of anything good he had done except for aunt.

“It’s so cold outside, leave tomorrow instead.” Auntie worriedly looked at the snow outside.

This time, Xue Jiao didn’t even say anything for Yi Tianyu knew: “Her and I ran out of the house secretly. I have to send her back before the end of the event.”

“Alas.” Auntie sighed, “but it’s so snowing so heavy outside, why don’t you guys put the blankets on.”

“No need, no need!” Xue Jiao quickly refused.

For Yi Tianyu and her now, a blanket is nothing, but Xue Jiao has also lived a hard life before. She knew that when life is in short supply, even a blanket can’t be wasted.

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She and Yi Tianyu will definitely not be able to bring blankets into the annual meeting, so they can only throw them away.

“Alas.” The auntie sighed again.

Xue Jiao smiled: “Auntie, your1formal you addressed for elders noodles are so delicious! I will definitely come back next time. “

“Good, good, alright!” Auntie smiled until her eyes were squinting, and continuously nodded.

Xue Jiao continued to smile and said, “My name is Gu Xuejiao. Auntie can call me Xue Jiao.”

“Good, good, Xue Jiao good……” Auntie laughed even more lovingly.

She turned around, Xue Jiao stared at Yi Tianyu: “Pay up.”

“Ai, no need to pay money!” Auntie hurriedly said.

Yi Tianyu also said, “No need to pay. There are not much……”

Xue Jiao glared at him and lowered his voice: “Aren’t you going to pay dividends to Auntie? What’s the matter if you don’t give the money! “

“Oh, oh, oh.” Yi Tianyu suddenly realized that he had to pay for it., and hurriedly looked for money.

He touched his pockets.


Xue Jiao: “……”

“You pay by mobile phone!”

After Xue Jiao finished speaking, Yi Tianyu patted his head and quickly took out his mobile phone and paid for the two bowls of noodles.

“Oh, my, how can you pay money at your own shop?”

Xue Jiao gently smiled: “This is auntie’s hard-earned money. It should be so.”

If it’s just Yi Tianyu’s, then it’s fine. However, after knowing auntie’s situation, Xue Jiao can’t eat an overlord meal.

However, her phone was in the bag, so Yi Tianyu could only pay in advance and give it back to him tonight when they returned.

“Then we’ll be leaving first auntie.” Xue Jiao said her farewells.

“Walk slower. The snow is heavy. Be careful on the way back.”


As they said this, the two people headed out. When they walked to the door, Yi Tianyu suddenly stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

Yi Tianyu glanced at her and began to take off the clothes he had just put on.

Xue Jiao: “……no need, don’t freeze yourself. I’ll run straight back. It’s not far.”

“That won’t work. I’m not a man without manners.”

He took off his coat and then his shirt.

“Oh! You really don’t need to take this off! ” Xue Jiao said in a hurry.

Yi Tianyu continued on, placing the suit jacket on her body, and then said, “Let’s go.”

“Put on your shirt first!” Xue Jiao stared at him.

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