WFILTU Chapter 160 – Sneak Away VIII

Yi Tianyu waved his hand carelessly and said, “let’s go, go out and then talk about it.”

As he said this, he opened the door and went out.

Xue Jiao could only catch up quickly.

The snow was getting bigger, and there were lots of big white flowers.

It was such heavy snow that just heading back would wet them.

“Gu Xuejiao!” Yi Tianyu’s voice was formal and serious.

“What?” Xue Jiao tremblingly answered.

They have not run into the snow yet. Xue Jiao was already frozen silly just by the winter air blowing onto her body.

Girls, it’s better not to freeze.

“Close your eyes!” Yi Tianyu shouted, and then his shirt covered her head. Her body shook, and then, Xue Jiao’s body was……

He carried her!

He carried her like her would carry sacks!

The shirt was covering over her head, blocking the snow and also her sight.

“Yi Tianyu! ! !”

“Are you moved? Ha ha ha, don’t talk! Come on, I’ll hug you to run faster!”


“Don’t be too moved! !”


“Oh, Huo——” Yi Tianyu yelled, feeling that he was brave and extraordinary.

He carried her to the hotel, 100 meters, arriving in a moment.

Yi Tianyu placed the person on the ground. Xue Jiao swayed.

He stood, ready to meet the touch of Xue Jiao.

However, Xue Jiao did not move.

“Wei?” Yi Tianyu doubted and gently opened the shirt.

At this moment, he was a little nervous and felt as if he was……exposing a cover-up?

She uncovered. Out of site, Xue Jiao bit her lower lips, her face paling.

She was full of tears and her face was aggrieved.

Yi Tianyu was anxious: “What’s the matter? What’s up? What’s wrong with you, nerd? !”

Xue Jiao did not speak, only pressing her hand on her stomach.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

What the f***! He forgot that her stomach just had a meal!!!

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Xue Jiao stood in the bathroom for a long time unable to vomit, before slowly warming over. Fortunately, the distance was short, so not vomiting was not a big problem.

Just taking a break will be fine.

Xue Jiao washed her face and arranged her hair. Then she washed her hands and went out.

Outside, Yi Tianyu stood against the wall with a nervous expression.

When Xue Jiao came out, he scratched his head and laughed. When facing Xue Jiao, he didn’t know why, but it was always easy to be nervous and turn stupid.

“Are you all right?” Yi Tianyu looked nervous and worried.

Xue Jiao shook her head and relaxed her tone: “It’s already fine.”

“Should we go to the hospital to take a look?”

“It’s really fine.” Xue Jiao shook her head, “We don’t have much time. It’s enough for me just to take a breath.”

Yi Tianyu finally released a breath in relief. It sure worried to death.

Xue Jiao looked up slightly: “oh right, by the way, how is it inside? They still haven’t scattered right? “

“No, I just peeked. Your parents are still chatting with people.” Yi Tianyu placed his hand in his pocket.

Xue Jiao also released a breath of relief.

Let’s hurry back, and don’t be discovered later.”

“Don’t worry about it. I used to sneak out a lot! We certainly would not be discovered.”

As they said this, the two-headed inside.

“Thank you for today.” Xue Jiao suddenly said.

Thank you for taking me to dinner, for lending me clothes, for……carrying me back.

Yi Tianyu was a little embarrassed when he said, “Don’t worry. Next time when we sneak out, I’ll count all these into it.”

In the past, he ran out in a suit, so he didn’t notice how cold it was. Girls would wear thin clothes so they would definitely be frozen.

Yi Tianyu was still thinking about whether to go out from the front door next time uprightly, otherwise when he doesn’t have his clothes……

Xue Jiao: “……”

There won’t be another time!

They had just stepped into the hall, when there were four people standing in front of

them, staring straight at them.

Yi Dafa, Mother Yi, and Cheng Shuo……Li Sitong.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Xue Jiao: “……”

“Where have you been?” Li Sitong had a cold expression.

The two answered in unison——


“The door!”

They said it again——

“At the door!”




The author has something to say:

Lin Zhihua expresses:

It’s better to not come……

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  1. Uh oh
    Catch red handed!!
    At least she looking kinda sick from just vomiting so she can play it off lolol
    Many thanks

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  3. These last few chapters really changed my opinion of Tianyu. Before I liked him more than the ML. Now I like him much less. From his rubbing the FL’s lips without permission, to grabbing her wrist and pulling her outside into the snow in the middle of a party she was attending with her parents, to carrying her without her permission EVERYTHING was done for his own selfish desires. He was just really offputting in these last few chapters.I am a bit meh on the male lead so far but my opinion of Tianyu just dropped like a stone after this adventure. At least the Male Lead actually considers what the Female Lead’s thoughts are.

    • I’ll admit, they both have terrible qualities, but I’m at least grateful Yi Tianyu didn’t turn into a Bai Zhou. He wanted to help with cream (eh, still bad) and to get her out of a stuffy party she didn’t even seem to enjoy. I like mature people, they allow us to slack off, but there is some merit to these kind of cute hot-blooded kids allowing lonely people like me see how extroverts work. Not all of us can be LZ god-tier, so it’s better to have less expectations. Yes it does seem like he did things without her consent, but the MC seemed to enjoy it, so I don’t mind. If she didn’t then your comment would be 1000% approved

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