SOOEW Chapter 125 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga VII

Bathing was not completely impossible at the end of the world, but it needed an extremely powerful water system ability on hand nearby, which happened to be absent from the majestic sacred wind group. Hence, Qingniao has not taken a bath for a very long time.

The manga was simply black and white. Feng Sha used a special painting method to express, and will not cover the face Qingniao. On the contrary, she was very textured.

Of course, after the change from the second dimension to the third dimension, the texture is gone. Therefore, Jiang Tianye only sees a gray woman occupying his bed and rubbing his sheets full of dust.

Jiang Tianye heads to the bathroom to turn on the water, and Qingniao slowly recovers after her initial excitement.

After he turned the water on, he drove the person into the bathroom and reminded her: “Turning to the left is hot water, and to the right is cold water. On the shelf, I have placed disposable towels that you can use. Wear my T-shirt first while we wash your clothes. I only wear that one once……”

In the middle of the conversation, he only heard the sound of “gulugulu” coming from the inside, unlike the sound of water “dodo” flowing onto a person’s body.

He couldn’t be relieved. Under the situation where the question was not answered, he turned the handle and opened the door, “Qing……”

Under the shower nozzle, the girl’s clothes were still not taken off. She just raised her head and opened her mouth to happily drink the water. Hearing the door open, she looked back at him suspiciously.

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She was wet everywhere, while wearing simple hot pants and a small tank, exposing her exquisite curves. After all, she was a character drawn to attract male readers, no matter in appearance or body figure, there was nothing to pick at. Because the dust on her body had been washed away by the water, her white thigh was shaking in front of Jiang Tianye.

Wet! Body! Luring! Confusion!

The four words seemed glued to be on her forehead.

It was more thrilling than not wearing clothes.

Jiang Tianye took a breath of cool air. He just wanted to retreat, but he thought of it and felt it was wrong. He rushed to turn off the tap.

The water drops pressed Qingniao’s eyelashes and she blinked vaguely. Then she asked him in a soft voice: “What’s the matter?”

In the second dimension, she was already a very beautiful person. When she came to the third dimension, the beauty was not lessened by a cent, and even added a touch of flexibility to the rigid pictures. After the dust on her face was washed away, her white face appeared in front of him. Her nose was small and straight, her lips were ruddy, her cat’s eyes twinkled and her long eyelashes that were incredibly wrong were just a foul.

Therefore, even though Jiang Tianye never lacked beauties, he still held his breath a little. After a moment, he said helplessly: “This water is not clean. Don’t drink it first……”

“It’s very clean though.” She licked the dripping water from the back of her hand like a cat.

Jiang Tianye: “……”

Under the situation where he finally pressed her down making sure that she didn’t drink the water while she was showering, Jiang Tianye only felt that he was sweating. Even if he truly raised a pet, he probably won’t even be this tired.

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